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Southwest Mobile Storage in Phoenix, Arizona

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Whether you are looking for container solution to Rent, Buy or Modify, our custom container solutions will be perfect for you!

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Southwest Mobile Storage is a family-owned business founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1995. We’re staffed by a dedicated team of more than 150 employees. This includes more than 40 engineers, welders, fabricators, electricians, carpenters and painters who all specialize in modifying shipping containers for a wide variety of applications.

Our enduring success spanning more than a quarter of a century is rooted in the unwavering dedication our team members have for customer satisfaction. We have proudly served a vast and diverse clientele of over 24,000 customers in commercial, construction and residential sectors.

In this blog, we’ll explain the products we offer, how you can find our branch locations, and how you can contact us to buy, rent and modify shipping containers.

What We Offer

Southwest Mobile Storage in Phoenix, Arizona, is your go-to destination for getting the shipping containers you need. Whether you need to buy, rent or modify a container, we’ll make it happen.

Southwest Mobile Storage was founded in 1995. We now have locations in Arizona, California and Colorado.


Looking for a flexible solution to your storage or shipping needs? Our rental services have

Here’s a short list of the container sizes we offer, subject to availability:

  • 15ft containers
  • 20ft Containers
  • 24ft Containers
  • 40ft Containers

We also offer mobile offices for rent, including split offices that offer both storage and office space.

  • 20ft Mobile Office
  • 40ft Mobile Office
  • 40ft Combination Office/Storage Container
  • 40ft Mobile Office with Split Rooms

We offer month-to-month rental agreements, prorating by the day after the first 28-day billing period, providing you with flexibility and helping you save money.


For those looking to invest in durable, reliable, and cost-effective storage solutions, our container options are second to none.

When you buy a container from Southwest Mobile Storage, you’re investing in a dependable asset that will serve you well for years to come. Our containers, excluding As-Is containers, are wind and weather-tight, meaning they can reliably keep wind, rain and moisture from damaging your storage. We offer a variety of sizes and conditions to match your unique needs, and our team is ready to guide you through the buying process.

In addition to standard 20ft and 40ft containers, we also offer high-cube containers, depending on availability. We can also customize containers into any size you need.


Customization is key in today’s ever-evolving world, and our modification services are here to help you adapt. We offer:

  • Roll up doors
  • Shelving & racks
  • Custom paint
  • Wind turbines
  • Sky Lights
  • Windows
  • Personnel doors
  • Electrical packages
  • Lights
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Vents
  • HVAC units

At Southwest Mobile Storage, we don’t just provide shipping containers; we provide solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you’re renting, buying, or modifying, we’re your trusted partner in the world of mobile storage.

At Southwest Mobile Storage, we have containers that can serve a variety of needs. These containers, for instance, don’t only have cargo doors on the ends of the container, but also along the side. This allows for more access points to your container, and can be extremely beneficial in specific circumstances, like when transporting heavy equipment inside the container with a forklift.

How to Rent, Buy or Modify

1. Consult with a Container Sales Expert

Your first essential step is to have a conversation with a sales representative. They’ll guide you through the process and can provide you with a quote. Their expertise allows them to assess your specific needs and recommend the ideal container size and type tailored to you.

2. Prepare the Container Site

Once you’ve settled on the perfect container, it’s time to prepare its designated location. This preparation might involve clearing the area, ensuring a level surface and confirming that our delivery truck can access your preferred location. A properly prepared site ensures the safe and stable placement of your container, smoothing the delivery process.

3. Receiving Your Storage Container

After completing all the necessary preparations, it’s time to receive your storage container. We try to provide advanced notice before delivery, helping you plan around our delivery.

Whether you choose to buy or rent, these steps will ensure a smooth and efficient process, ultimately providing you with the convenience and peace of mind that accompanies hassle-free storage.

Touring the Container Yard

At Southwest Mobile Storage in Phoenix, Arizona, we understand that buying a container sight unseen can be difficult, or even dangerous. Some organizations list containers available for sale on sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace, while they’re selling nothing more than false promises. These scammers can take your hard-earned money, so we advise coming down to our office and looking at our containers in person before making a decision.

Give us a heads-up so we can greet you appropriately, and our experienced container sales representatives will be happy to show you around.

If you want a tour of our container yard, we can show you the different container conditions and types we have for sale or rent. Give us a heads up before you visist so that we can meet you appropriately.

How to Contact Us

Contacting us is easy, you can request a quote, or give us a call. After contacting us, we’ll connect you with a sales representative. They can answer any questions you have, tell you about the details of our delivery and billing process and bring up considerations you hadn’t thought of.

At Southwest Mobile Storage, you’ll always be connected with your dedicated sales representative, helping our team better serve your unique needs.

Where We’re Located

While our rental services have a regional reach with branches across Arizona, California and Colorado, our sales and modification operations extend nationwide and are progressively going global.

Our location in Phoenix is close to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, located north of the 202 and east of state route 143. To get to our office, turn onto Roosevelt Street from 48th or 52nd Streets. Our office is on the northern side of Roosevelt. If you have trouble finding us, you can see signs promoting Southwest Mobile Storage, Pure Greens and Fire Training Structures along the wire fence near the entrance to our lot.

Drive inside the gates, and park to the right in the designated customer parking spots in front of the building. Once inside, our stairs and elevator are password protected, so give us a call to let us know you’ve arrived and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Map of Southwest Mobile Storage in Phoenix, Arizona

Where Else Can You Find Us?

Although the Southwest Mobile Storage headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona, we’re expanding quickly. We have five branches in three different states, including California and Colorado. Even if we don’t have a location close to you, our staff can accommodate out-of-state modification requests. We’re prepared to help with whatever project you’re working on.

In addition to the Phoenix area, we also serve Flagstaff, Sedona, Holbrook and other Arizona locales. If we can’t service you in Arizona from our Phoenix branch, our Tuscon branch can assist you.

Here’s where to find our other branches:

Tucson, Arizona

Our office in Tucson is located at 9635 N. Casa Grande Hwy, Tucson, Arizona 85743.

Los Angeles, California (Rancho Cucamonga)

Our office in Los Angeles is located at 9551 Lucas Ranch Rd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730.

San Diego, California

Our office in San Diego is located at 9379 Frost-Mar Pl, CA 92121.

Denver, Colorado (Henderson)

Our office in Denver is located at 9595 Brighton Rd, Henderson, CO 80640.

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