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How We Drop Off Storage Containers (with Video)

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Knowing what to expect when we drop off your storage containers or mobile offices will help you avoid frustrating fees or delays. We want to help you stay on schedule and under budget. We put together this guide to help you have a game plan for the arrival of your shipping container. In this article, you’ll learn how to choose a location for your container, what to tell your representative before delivery day, and what to expect when it comes.

Choosing a Delivery Spot

The first thing to consider is where you want us to drop off your container. The surface you choose must be:

  • Hard and flat. Grass is fine, but mud isn’t. Even empty containers can weigh more than 8,000 lbs. Having a solid foundation for your container is crucial to avoid sinking and ensure you always have access to your stored contents.
  • Remove any items in the way and ensure you have enough clearance space for the container truck. We can’t drive over curbs, so place ramps as needed before delivery.
  • Level; not slanted. Our drivers can place dunnage under the container for a rough level, if needed. Tell your dedicated representative before delivery day if you have an uneven site.

Consider how your location will change over time or with weather effects. Heavy rains may transform your sturdy container foundation into a muddy mess. Choose a flat and paved surface for the best results.

Graphic with clearance requirements to drop off storage containers
What size of shipping container you rent or buy affects how it is delivered at placed at your location. Smaller containers need less space for delivery, while larger ones require more room. This chart shows how we successfully unload our shipping containers.

You’ll also need enough room for the delivery truck to drop off your storage containers. Make sure your space is at least:

  • 12ft W by 13ft H (14ft H for high cube shipping containers)
  • 135ft L for 45ft containers
  • 120ft L for 30-40ft containers
  • 60ft L for 20-24ft containers
  • 50ft L for containers 15ft or smaller

Keep any trees, roof overhangs, wires, arches and other overhead objects in mind when deciding if you have enough height clearance. Clear the ground and surrounding area and mark off where you want your containers placed for delivery.

Preparing for Container Drop Off

There are a few things to tell your representative before delivery day to avoid the possibility of delays or fees. Before we drop off your storage containers, let us know:

  • If there are any gates the truck will need to drive through to reach your location. Unlock and open these gates before delivery.
  • For storage containers: If the cargo doors should come off the truck first or last.
  • For mobile offices: If the doors and windows should face the driver’s or the passenger’s side of the truck.
  • If you need any add-ons, like shelving, locks, pipe racks or packing blankets.

We need to know which direction to load your containers onto our trucks so we can deliver it facing the way you need it. There may be an additional charge if we need to reposition it during delivery. Never try to reposition a container yourself. Improper handling may result in severe injury to yourself or damage to your container’s contents. Check with your HOA and local regulators to ensure you can have a storage container onsite.

YouTube video

During Delivery

We’ll give you a 2-hour window upon scheduling delivery and call 30 minutes before container drop off to give a heads-up. You don’t need to be there when we drop off your storage container, so long as you’ve cleared the area and tell us where to place it. However, it always helps to have a member of your team meet us at your location. That way, it’s easy to get everything exactly right, so nothing’s out of place or forgotten. When our truck arrives, it will tilt the bed holding your container, and gently pull forward, leaving your container exactly where you need it.

Watch our instructional video to see an example of what delivery day looks like in action.


Preparing for delivery day and knowing what to expect when your container will save you time and money. If you have any other questions, your knowledgeable representative will be happy to assist you.

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