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How to Keep Your Storage Container Secure

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One of the key benefits of a steel storage container is security. When you rent or buy a storage container from Southwest Mobile Storage, you can rest assured that your items will remain safe at your home, business or construction site. Our steel containers are wind- and weather-resistant and have a multi-point locking system.

Our containers have a standard four-bar, eight-cam locking system with a hidden-shackle puck lock for added security. They are considerably more secure than a traditional wood or plastic shed. Having your property stolen costs time and money. In some cases, it may be impossible to replace what was taken. This blog offers tips for securing your storage container at your home, business or construction site.

Storage Container Security for Home

Burglary is the second most common type of property crime in the United States. It is second only to larceny, also known as theft. Both include taking property belonging to someone else, but burglary involves unlawfully entering a building or structure, and theft doesn’t.  Whether you’re going on vacation, to work or anywhere else, ensuring your storage container is secure while you’re away from home is important. Getting dual security locking systems, as well as having your home perimeter secured, helps to keep thieves away from your stuff.

Southwest Mobile Storage container security locking mechanism.
High security, multi-point locking systems come standard on all Southwest Mobile Storage shipping containers at no additional cost.

Storage Container Lockboxes

Most new one-trip storage containers come with a small lockbox. However, for the best storage container security, it is best to have a slide bolt system in addition to the lockbox. Lockboxes hide the lock to deter tampering and picking. The slide-bolt system is designed with a heavy-duty puck lock, the most secure option. It has a hidden shackle to prevent burglars from cutting or prying it open.

At Southwest Mobile Storage, all our containers have our vault-like slide-bolt locking system and extra-long lockboxes as a standard feature. The extra-long lockboxes make it harder for burglars to reach the lock to break it. We also offer heavy-duty puck locks for extra security.

Security Cameras

Another deterrent to protect against your container is using security cameras. Depending on the placement of your system, you can have your storage container positioned so that it’s within your camera’s view. Security signs and security lighting also help prevent theft, giving a clear warning to thieves that the area is monitored.

Tips and Tricks

When your storage container is at your business, lock it up when you aren’t using anything inside. Some crime experts suggest placing valuable items near the back of the container, making it harder for thieves to find and reach them.

Storage Container Security for Retail Businesses

For retail businesses, storage containers allow more room to store and organize inventory. This is important because retail businesses often must balance between having enough stock to need demand and not taking up too much storage space. Anyone who owns or manages a retail business knows extra space is hard to find. It also does not come cheap. A storage container helps keep your items nearby at an affordable rate. They are ideal for storing tools, electronics, dry goods, auto parts, furniture, supplies and more. An on-site container is also useful for storing seasonal and holiday items when it’s not that time of year.

How to Improve Retail Container Security

Before you rent or buy a storage container for your commercial or retail business, you’ll want to make sure it comes with secure locking systems so that you don’t have to find a way to replace the locks later. High-quality locking systems keep out thieves by hindering efforts to break into your storage container. You should also look for a storage container with a second locking method. This makes it twice as complicated and time-consuming for thieves to break in. Consequently, it makes it less likely that they’ll even try in the first place.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can also help deter potential thieves. Some of these devices having the ability to send notifications to your smartphone, so you’re aware of what is happening while you’re not at work.


Storage container security lock from Southwest Mobile Storage.
Our sturdy puck locks provide an extra layer of security for your storage container.

Storage Container Security at Construction Sites

Having strong storage container security is essential on any construction site, as theft cuts your profits down and can push a project’s timeframe back as you try to replace any stolen equipment, materials and tools. Construction site thefts have increased over the last five years. Still, according to the National Equipment Register, they have significantly grown during the pandemic, adding to the annual loss of between $300 million and $1 billion.

The moment to think about the security of your construction site is before work begins and before you bring your storage container to the site. In this post, you’ll learn tips for storage container security to further prevent equipment theft during your construction project.

Construction Site Lockboxes

Lockboxes are one security option that hides an optional second lock. Many one-trip containers come with small lockboxes, but these don’t do much to prevent the lock from being tampered with. Using extra-long lockboxes prevents tampering and lock picking by holding the lock too far up for bolt cutters to reach, so the lock cannot be broken. Additionally, the type of lock you use can significantly improve the security of your storage container on your construction site. We recommend using heavy-duty puck locks with a hidden shackle so they can’t be cut or pried open.

Other Deterrents

Simple deterrents like a fence, signs or security lighting can also help prevent theft, giving clear warnings that the area is monitored. Depending on your construction project, having a security fence around the property will also help avoid unwanted trespassers and block off access to your equipment during the project. Taking steps to secure both your container and your construction site guarantees protection that helps to ward off thieves from wanting to be on-site after hours.

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