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Advantages of Using Storage Containers for Business

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Storage containers are an easy, affordable way to expand your business without the hassle and expense of building more space. You need enough room for your products to quickly meet your customers’ expectations and respond to sudden market changes. Otherwise, you must eliminate excess inventory or let it build up and clutter your workspace. But getting rid of inventory costs you money and time — now and when you need to repurchase them later — and clutter lowers productivity.

Constructing additional space is a logical next step. Still, you may not have the money, time, energy and resources to go through the long, complicated process of getting permits, hiring crews and waiting for it to finish. Using storage containers for sale to expand your business is an affordable, easy way to increase revenue and productivity while saving money, time and stress.

A steel container adds more than 320 square feet of space to your existing location. It doesn’t cost you tens of thousands of dollars or take months for construction. Plus, you can bring it whenever you’re ready to move to or open another location. You won’t keep running into the same growing pains again and again. In this article, we’ll tell you about how you can use storage containers for business expansion.

Buy a business shipping container and add your logo.
If you buy a shipping container for business use, you can have it painted with your company colors and logo.

6 Ways to Use Storage Containers for Business Growth

1. Use Custom Paint

A freight container might not match the appearance of your building, so you may be worried about how it will look to your customers. Luckily, business storage containers don’t have to be plain metal. You can even use your steel container to enhance the appearance of your building. This helps you impress your customers while gaining additional business space. Custom paint your storage container to match your building or brand colors. You could get creative and add a mural to beautify your space.

2. Add Your Logo

Custom painting your storage container isn’t only for appearances. Keeping it plain risks missing out on a valuable opportunity to grow your business. You can use the exterior of your business shipping container for advertising. The extra signage gives you a time-proven, inexpensive and high-impact way of spreading awareness of your brand. Plus, you still get to use the interior for your business expansion. So, you get to draw in more customers while increasing productivity. It’s a win-win.

Paint your logo, business name, contact information or offers onto the outside of your storage container to spread the word about your business.

3. Install Roll-Up Doors

When your employees constantly go in and out of your business storage container, it’s tedious to unlock, open and relock the cargo doors over and over. But leaving the doors open between trips leaves you susceptible to theft. Steel containers with roll-up doors make access faster and easier, boosting efficiency and productivity without leaving it open. Add roll-up doors to your storage container for everyday use. You can add up to six roll-ups to one container depending on the size of your ISO container and desired doors.

A storage container for business modified with roll-up doors.
One of our most popular modifications at Southwest Mobile Storage is adding convenient roll-up doors. These doors cut the time it takes to open and close your container, and can make your storage more accessible for hand trucks.

4. Combo Storage Containers for Business

Buy an office/storage combo container rather than a basic one to solve your business storage and office needs instantly. Not having a break room hurts productivity and increases turnover, but renovating your building to add a break room is expensive and time-consuming. Some storage containers for business include office space, making them the perfect affordable, fast and construction-free solution to your storage and break room needs. Office and storage combo containers come with dedicated storage space and a separate room with a renovated interior, HVAC system and electric hookups.

5. Double Doors Maximize Storage Space

Standard storage containers only have doors on one side, so you have to leave a walkway to reach items in the back, reducing your storage space. Otherwise, you can only access recently stored items or spend precious time moving everything out of the way first. Buying a storage containers with doors on both ends helps you access items from either side without a walkway so that you can store more. Request a roll-up door on the other end for even more efficiency instead of another cargo door. Choose a shipping container for business with doors on either end for access to both ends of the container without sacrificing space.

A storage container for business. This mobile office has a personnel door and barred windows, in addition to the standard cargo doors.
A combo container gives you extra storage and workspace, helpful if you’re choosing between storage and ground-level office units.

6. You Can Take It With You

When you eventually move to a new location, you lose any add-ons to the building you constructed. So, if you need more storage space again, you have to make that investment all over again. With storage containers, you can take your investment with you wherever and whenever you go. Plus, your products are already stored inside, so you don’t have to unpack and repack them. Use your portable container to make moving painless and cheaper.

Summary of Storage Containers for Business

As you can see, you don’t need to spend excessive money, time and energy on construction to expand your business environment. Storage containers for commercial use are an easy, budget-friendly way to grow and increase revenue and productivity without a hassle.

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