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How Office Container Workspaces Can Improve Your Business

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If you are an employer that needs a temporary workspace, renting a mobile office can provide your business and employees with a productive space to work. Many employees are now working remotely from home (WFH), providing opportunities for your team to connect outside the office. Office container workspaces emerged in recent years because of changes in how people and businesses operate. Not only because of the 2020 global pandemic but the recent rise of the internet and online software allows instant collaboration with video conferencing.

Temporary Workspace Portable Container Office
Renting a mobile office container from Southwest Mobile Storage can give your business extra space for employees. This blog tells you everything you need to know about temporary workspaces.

Many business leaders and employees found the transition to working from home difficult, needing a more dedicated workspace and sharing that space with spouses also based at home. Office container workspaces allow businesses to reduce their building rental costs and provide a comfortable office environment for their employees. For remote workers, a mobile office container gives them a quiet, productive space without the high cost of travel, professional workspace charges, or spending excessive time at the local coffee shop for free Wi-Fi.

Renting a temporary office container workspace from Southwest Mobile Storage can give your business more room for employees. This blog post tells you everything you need to know about container workspaces. Whether you’re a WFH/remote employee, freelancer, startup company, small to medium enterprises (SMEs), or multinational firm, office container workspaces enhance your business model.

Benefits of Temporary Office Container Workspaces

Even before the 2020 pandemic, temporary office container workspaces were a liberating change compared to traditional building environments. These spaces often have costly building rental fees, with long-term contacts, high utility, networking costs and space limitations.

If you run a small business, your current location might need more space to hire employees or store extra inventory. If you’re running a larger enterprise, you may be paying more for additional building square footage you aren’t using. With a office container workspace rental, you get affordable office space, the flexibility to choose the size of portable container that best fits your workforce, and the ability to move the container to another location if needed.

The portable office containers at Southwest Mobile Storage are equipped with a storage area for any tools or office materials that need to be stored nearby. We also have add-ons like desktops and filing cabinets so you can easily recreate your office setting. Our larger combination offices also have conference rooms to hold meetings with staff or clients.

What Businesses Rent Office Container Workspace?

Various types of businesses can thrive with a office container workspace rental. This includes independent contractors and freelancers, new companies, emerging enterprises and multinational firms. Here, we outline the benefits of each.


Freelancers have the freedom to work anywhere in the world. However, it can be challenging to meet with clients at your home or avoid loud background noise and distractions at a coffee shop. A temporary office container workspace gives you a professional office environment to hold meetings and interviews and work productively without the distractions of home or an outdoor location. This can be an excellent solution for beginners and advanced freelancers. It helps to reduce financial strain with a low-cost alternative to renting building space.

Startup Companies

If you are running a startup company, you’re trying to stretch your dollar as far as possible. You want low-cost operations while still being flexible. A building lease agreement may be out of your budget if you’ve recently started your company. Plus, it may not offer the flexibility of ending the lease when you’d like. Renting a mobile office container workspace manages those hurdles, with an affordable option to traditional building leasing also giving you the advantage of growing your office environment. For instance, if you hire more employees, you can move to a larger mobile office, like a combination office.

Small to Medium Enterprises (SME)

Due to cost, SMEs often need help to keep up with larger companies. Like startup companies, SMEs want to grow their business without spending or going over their monthly or yearly budgets. Again, office container workspaces help offset the cost of renting a traditional building or adding to your office location. In the case of building construction, like remodels or renovations, a temporary office workspace allows you and your employees to continue working without distraction.

Multinational Firms

Multinational companies will often expand their business into different sectors. But securing a building requires leasing agreements. Or, in the case of building a new office, permits as dictated by that region or country. This can sometimes create delays for business openings or deployments. With a office container workspace, your multinational company can have a temporary space for employees to work while your office location is being built. You can also use these workspaces as satellite offices. This eliminates the need for construction and lowers the cost of an office building.

Office Container Recap

An office rental as a temporary workspace gives your business a low-cost option that won’t empty your budget while providing a professional workspace for employees and clients. The portability of these offices also gives you the flexibility of moving to a new location if needed.

Now that you know what a temporary workspace is see what kinds of projects can benefit from temporary storage.

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