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The Ultimate Guide to Storage Containers

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Storage containers, or conex boxes, have played a key role around the world in shipping, storing and securing materials since their creation by Malcom McLean in the 1950s. They’ve been used in every country in the world and are an essential part of modern globalized supply chains.

In this ultimate guide to storage containers, we’ll discuss how you can use containers for mobile storage, the differences between ISO container grades and how renting a storage container can help you keep important items secure.

Container Sizes

Storage containers vary in size, from compact 10ft containers to towering 45ft “high cube” containers. ISO shipping containers are standardized cargo containers used for international trade. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) sets the container standards. These allow containers to fit together, regardless of where they’re made.

Standard sizes include 20ft and 40ft containers, and 40ft high-cube containers. These sizes cater to various industries and cargo types around the world. The 20ft container holds 1,170 cubic feet, while the 40ft container holds 2,370 cubic feet.

The 40ft high-cube container has an extra foot of height and holds 2,670 cubic feet.

How Weatherproof are Storage Containers?

Containers are weatherproof, protecting stored items from rain, harsh wind and more. They can endure wind speeds up to 60 mph. Contains have gaskets and other weather-resistant components. For example, louver vents and specialized rust-proof paints help containers maintain their quality despite extreme weather events.

When secured to a foundation, containers are incredibly sturdy against severe weather.

How Secure are Storage Containers?

Shipping containers have exceptional security features, making them highly secure for transporting goods long distances or protecting on-site materials. These containers have durable steel walls and reinforced corners, providing robust protection against external elements and potential thefts.

Standardized locking mechanisms on shipping containers, such as padlocks and twist locks, ensure that the contents remain secure during transit. While they offer a high level of security, additional security measures such as puck locks can further enhance the safety of the container’s contents.

Overall, shipping containers are widely trusted for their secure design and are preferred for international cargo transportation.

The front of a modified storage container. It has a lock box and sliding bolt that adds security for stored material inside.
A storage container can be a temporary solution for your moving or storage needs or it can be a long-term solution for your belongings.

How Portable are Storage Containers?

Portable storage containers offer unparalleled flexibility when it comes to transportation. You can move containers easily from one location to another, making them an ideal solution for a variety of situations.

Whether you’re relocating to a new home, embarking on a long-distance move, or need temporary storage for a construction project, you can transport portable storage containers to your desired destination. The ability to move your storage container with ease ensures that you have access to your belongings wherever and whenever you need them.

Renting Storage Containers

Renting a storage container is a popular option for people trying to secure their storage for shorter periods or to get a container for a more affordable upfront cost. A rental is the most flexible purchase option because we allow customers to pro-rate rentals following the first 28-day billing cycle.

Rentals give you peace of mind. At the end of the day, you don’t have to worry about container maintenance or upkeep. We maintain our rental fleet, adding security features like lock boxes and puck locks.

Buying Storage Containers

A red storage container with a bright white sign that reads "Southwest Mobile Storage".
Storage containers are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs.

Buying storage containers might present more up-front costs than renting one, but it offers the most customizable storage option. Because you own the container, you have the freedom to do what you want with it. With the right skills and equipment, you can modify a container for almost any use.

While our rental fleet comes in a standardized, high-quality condition, the containers we have available for sale come in various conditions. If you don’t mind having a container with dents or surface rust, an as-is container might help you save money on your purchase.

We guarantee that all our containers are wind and weather-tight. Regardless of whether you buy or rent, you’ll have a container that can reliably keep stored material safe.

How Can I Get a Storage Container?

If you’re interested in buying or renting a storage container, you’ve come to the right place. Our history with shipping container sales and modifications is extensive. If you’ve got a container need, we can help you.

First, you’ll want to speak with a dedicated container sales representative, describe your container needs and receive a free quote.

Next, you’ll want to schedule your container delivery. Let us know which way you’d prefer the doors to face, and ensure that no gates will hinder the movement of our delivery truck. It is also important to make sure that the ground is level and free of mud and debris.

Our professional CDL drivers begin container delivery as early as 6 a.m. and continue until 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you need another time, we will do our best to accommodate. We provide a two-hour delivery window and, if needed, a call 30 minutes before arrival.

What Makes Southwest Mobile Storage Different From Other Container Providers?

Two Southwest Mobile Storage fabricators work on modifying storage containers.
Our modifications are made to last, so you can be confident that your storage container will be secure and functional for years to come.

When looking for secure storage containers, you’ll find that there are many container sellers. At Southwest Mobile Storage, we differentiate our service from other container providers by offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

We pride ourselves on our dedicated sales representatives. When you work with Southwest Mobile Storage, you can rest assured that you can call your personal sales representative instead of being directed between different people that don’t understand your situation. Our representatives have experience helping people like you find what you need for storage.

We also have specialized modification space at our facilities, providing our modification experts with everything they need to make your ideal container a reality.


Storage containers have revolutionized the way we store and transport materials globally. With their versatility, weatherproof qualities, security features, portability and customizable options, storage containers are a trusted and preferred choice for those seeking efficient and secure storage solutions.

If you’re interested in buying or renting a storage container today, talk to a representative about your storage needs and receive your free quote.

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