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Solve Common Warehouse Storage Issues With a Custom Solution

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Warehouses play a pivotal role in the supply chain, serving as the backbone of modern commerce. However, they often grapple with a range of storage-related challenges that can disrupt operations, increase costs and hinder overall efficiency.

Issues like false inventory counts, disorganized workspaces, and challenging access to personal protective equipment (PPE) threaten to upend even the best managed warehouses.

In this blog, we will delve into common warehouse storage management problems and explore how warehouse storage containers are the ultimate solution to transform your warehouse into a well-organized and productive space.

Common Warehouse Storage Issues

Warehouses face a myriad of storage challenges that lead to operational inefficiencies. Let’s examine some of the most common issues and how they impact your warehouse:

Inaccurate Inventories

Accurate inventory management is key to an efficient warehouse. Inaccurate inventories lead to missed shipments, overstocking, and ultimately, unhappy customers. These issues snowball into larger problems, increasing costs and decreasing profits.

Disorganized Space

A disorganized warehouse results in chaos, making it difficult to locate and retrieve items. This disarray wastes time and increases the risk of errors, leading to inefficient workflows and frustrated employees.

Additionally, a messy space means more falls, slips and other injuries for your staff. Keeping your staff healthy is crucial to keeping your operations efficient.

Difficult Access to PPE

When managing a warehouse, maintaining a safe working environment is paramount, so quick access to PPE is essential. Inefficient storage and retrieval of PPE can put workers at risk and hinder compliance with safety regulations.

The interior of a double-wide container. Gorilla racks line the side of the container, and florescent lighting shines from outlets on the roof.
The interior of a double-wide container. These containers are made by cutting the outside walls of two containers, then attaching the two sides together. This creates a wider space than a typical container, which is great for warehouse usage.

Benefits of Using a Warehouse Storage Container

With common warehouse storage issues in mind, let’s explore how storage containers help alleviate these problems.

Easy to Track Inventory

The modular and stackable design of storage containers simplifies inventory tracking within warehouses. Each container becomes a dedicated unit for specific items, facilitating systematic categorization.

This organization minimizes the risk of misplaced inventory and errors in order fulfillment. The result is a more responsive and organized warehouse, saving time and improving overall accuracy.

Easy to Organize

Storage containers provide a practical solution to the challenge of maintaining order in vast storage spaces. Their modular nature facilitates the creation of structured storage zones based on product categories or sizes.

This ensures that items are neatly arranged, optimizing available space and enabling quick retrieval. The stack-ability of containers maximizes vertical storage capacity, allowing warehouses to expand without the need for additional physical space.

Controlled Access to Essential PPE

Storage containers provide a secure and controlled environment for vital PPE items. With locking features, access to PPE is restricted to authorized personnel, reducing the risk of theft or misuse after work hours.

This controlled access not only safeguards the well-being of warehouse staff but also contributes to a more organized and compliant workplace.

The exterior of a container with two roll up doors.
Whether indoor or outdoor, containers are secure and durable enough to last for many years, keeping equipment and inventory safe and well-preserved.

How Warehouse Storage Containers Can Organize Your Warehouse

Storage containers come in various sizes, ranging from 20ft to 45ft in length and featuring up to 8’10” of vertical storage space. They’re also designed to cater to a wide range of needs, from fabricators that require tool storage to logistics teams that need to manage the delivery of materials.

Containers are stackable, allowing you to optimize your storage space efficiently. By vertically stacking containers, you can make better use of the vertical dimensions of a storage area, making it possible to store a larger quantity of goods or items in a relatively compact footprint.

Their durability ensures longevity, which makes it no surprise that containers can continue storing materials upwards of 25 years or longer.

They’re made from rust resistant Corten steel, meaning you can use them indoors and outdoors for storage. With anywhere from 2,720 cubed feet to 3,420 cubed feet of storage volume, these secure boxes can help organize specific parts of your warehouse.

Containers for Tool Storage

One of the most common warehouse storage issues is disorganized tools and equipment. Lost tools result in downtime and lost productivity. Warehouse storage containers are an ideal solution for organizing tools. You can designate specific containers for various types of tools, making them easy to locate and retrieve.

We utilize containers as equipment storage inside our fabrication facility. This helps our directors coordinate the flow of material, keeping track of our tools amid the hustle and bustle of daily work.

Containers for Bulk Material Storage

Bulk material storage is a complex aspect of warehouse management. Storing materials like raw goods, small parts or components efficiently is crucial when maintaining a well-organized warehouse.

Storage containers can be used to separate and store bulk materials, keeping them organized and in good shape.

Containers for PPE

Access to personal protective equipment is essential for ensuring worker safety. However, improper storage leads to PPE items becoming damaged, lost or simply hard to find when needed. Items like safety glasses, hard hats, work gloves, hearing protection, face masks and respirators need to be stored in an organized space to maintain their quality.

Storage containers provide a dedicated and accessible storage space for PPE, ensuring that employees will quickly and easily retrieve the necessary safety gear. This not only enhances worker safety but also promotes compliance with safety regulations.


In conclusion, common warehouse storage issues, such as inaccurate inventories, disorganized space and difficulty accessing PPE are daunting challenges. However, with the right approach and the use of storage containers, these problems will be effectively addressed.

Storage containers offer a versatile, cost-effective and efficient solution to streamline warehouse operations. They help in organizing tools, efficiently storing bulk materials and ensuring quick access to PPE.

By incorporating these containers into your warehouse management strategy, you’ll transform your warehouse into a well-organized and productive space, reducing costs and improving overall efficiency.

Don’t let warehouse storage issues hold you back. Storage containers will transform your warehouse into a well-oiled machine that supports your business’s success.

If you’re curious about how you can obtain a storage container for your warehouse, get your quote from us today. Our experienced container sales representatives will guide you to the right storage solution for your project, answering any questions that you have and facilitating a smooth delivery process.

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