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How Buying Shipping Containers Helped Businesses Adapt to Economic Change from COVID-19

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Buying shipping containers helped businesses adapt quickly and efficiently to the sudden market changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic through the last year.

The economic changes during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic saw many businesses close, with nearly 200,000 businesses permanently closing. This created supply and demand challenges across the board, leading to many businesses needing to overstock inventory and supplies in response.

Getting mobile storage containers is an inexpensive and timely way of expanding your business’ storage capacity as you stock up on inventory, supplies, and equipment. In this article, we’ll explore how buying shipping containers helped one of our commercial customers adapt to changing times quickly.

Adapting to Economic Changes

OAP Packaging is packaging supplies distributor located in San Diego, CA. Its supply chain was disrupted by the widespread pandemic lockdowns, causing demand for certain products start to change and prices to increase.

As demand for shipping packages increased, OAP required as much space as possible to store its packing materials and merchandise. The overstock inventory started to quickly overtake its warehouse, causing an unproductive and hazardous work environment.

The owners’ first idea to solve the overflow issue was constructing additional space on their property. However, this was an expensive and lengthy process that involved submitting building and property permits. The extra space was needed sooner rather than later so that they could adapt to the changing economic times quickly.

Buying shipping containers for their business instead would allow long-term storage, enough space for their bulk supplies and protection from water damage, which was necessary for the paper packaging supplies they needed to store.

A Storage Container for Commercial Business Use

Using a portable container increased OAP’s productivity by reducing the amount of stress its employees felt due to the disorganized warehouse. Plus, we custom painted their commercial storage containers to match the business, making it look like it belonged on the property. Buying shipping containers also proved to be a much easier process than construction as the owners didn’t have to get building permits and Southwest Mobile Storage delivered a quick turnaround.

So, OAP Packaging decided to buy storage containers for their business, adding 1,200 square feet of storage space in only one week, when construction would’ve taken months.

While vaccinations have become more widely distributed, the effect on businesses is still filled with some uncertainty. One ongoing effect of the pandemic is the various supply shortages that different industries are facing.

While our San Diego customer was able to gain greater efficiency with their shipping container purchase in response to the pandemic, shipping containers proved beneficial for commercial industries well before 2020 as well.

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