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How Car Washes Can Use Shipping Containers

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Your car wash business might be struggling with a lack of storage, including your inventory, equipment, and even new hires, using ISO shipping container rentals can support your business with more storage square feet. Overflowing inventory can create disorganization in your office, which prevents finding supplies effectively and efficiently and can cause a lack of productivity or low morale for your employees.

By using shipping storage containers, your car wash business can save both time and money with a convenient way to access inventory and equipment, while keeping an organized shopfront that is appealing to customers and employees. Experts have noted disorganization is a factor in employee dissatisfaction, lack of productivity, and low office morale.

In this article, we’ll look at a few ways that car washes can use shipping containers.



Lack of storage space can create clutter around your shop, making it hard for your employees to find what they need and restricting space that could be used for displays. With overflowing inventory, you might be using additional office space, making them impossible to use for other options.

Storage container rentals are one of the most common reasons business industries use shipping containers. Even when using a 10′ shipping container, that’s 680 cubic feet of extra storage that’s easily available versus the need to build an addition to your location or having to use an off-site storage facility.

Shipping containers are moveable, so if you have multiple locations, you can move your rented storage container to another location.

Shipping Storage Container


Shipping storage rentals for mobile offices & waiting rooms

Cramped space is always a likelihood with a busy car wash. Customers either walking in or even just waiting for their cars to be finished can create uncomfortable bottle necks, alongside employees trying to move about.

Creating another office or lengthening the office with a shipping container can be a great way to help alleviate high customer capacity. Mobile office containers can either be used by you or your employees or can be turned into comfortable waiting rooms for customers. Several businesses, including Australia’s Blue Star Hand Car Wash, have turned shipping containers into unique buildings to better serve their customers.

Southwest Mobile Storage not only rents mobile office containers and shipping storage containers, but we also create modified containers to better help our business customers promote themselves, like Blue Star Hand Car Wash. We can do basic modifications, such as adding filing cabinets and desktops, as well as complete shipping container customizations.


Custom containers

A few years ago, one of the challenges car washes faced was marketing to their customer segment. Competition from other car was businesses, as well as combination businesses that began to operate their own car washes, made it difficult for these businesses to find a way to differentiate themselves from the rest.

We spoke earlier about modified shipping containers, which are creative uses to help businesses like car washes promote themselves or display a unique way to engage and encourage customers to use their products. This facility, for instance, used two 20 ft’ shipping containers and two 40 ft’ shipping containers to create an innovative car wash.

Modified containers can help set your car wash apart from your competition and there are a wide variety of different options to do so. Use a shipping container as a unique hallway or place windows inside, so that customers can watch the washing process!

Shipping container rentals can offer your car wash business opportunities to further your success. As a storage container, you can place current and incoming inventory without reducing the space in your front or back offices; as a mobile office, you can create an office environment for your admin staff or use them to extend your customer waiting room; and if you want to further your use of shipping containers, you can go with a customized container to further promote your business.

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