Buy Commercial Containers

When your business needs to expand quickly, buying storage containers and mobile offices is the perfect solution.

It not only eliminates having to go through the hassle and expense of adding onto your existing building, but it also allows you to quickly and efficiently respond to your changing needs.

Our portable offices and storage containers for sale fit any business need, whether it’s commercial, nonprofit, government, healthcare or education.

This is how buying containers from us helps you:

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Check Out Our Showyards

See and feel containers before you buy in the Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego, Los Angeles or Denver areas.

Determine Security Needs

All of our storage containers come standard with dual-lock vault-like security.

Choose Your Container Type

Whether you need storage, office or combo space, determine how many containers and what sizes, types and doors you need

What’s Your Timeframe

Standard delivery is within 3-5 days of order. If you need it sooner, we’ll do our best to accommodate. 

What Options Do You Need

Select what add-ons, accessories and utilities you need.`


To deliver your container as efficiently as possible, consider what conditions your roads are in, what direction the doors should face, and any barriers that will prevent our drivers from entering the property.

Commercial Containers to Buy

When buying storage containers, the first consideration is determining whether a cargo-worthy, refurbished or one trip fits your needs and budget. Cargo-worthy containers are a good value. They are wind-resistant and water-tight and typically under 10 years old. Refurbished containers are a better value. They are spot-grinded, primed and repainted with a high-grade industrial enamel and come wind and watertight with standard 4 bar, 8 cam locking system. One trip (new) containers are the best value. They only made one cargo trip. This is the newest possible option to buy. ISO shipping containers are not manufactured in the US.

Standard Storage Containers To Buy



Cargo Removal/Replacement

Remove original cargo doors to replace with your choice of personnel or roll up.


For internal use, when open access is not preferred.

Roll Up

For frequent loading and unloading. Or if open access is preferred.



Divide and create additional rooms inside your containers.


Affordable, simple way to partition your containers.


For frequent loading and unloading. Or if open access is preferred.



Provides décor, ventilation, natural daylight and outside visibility.


Provides natural daylight without the need for electricity.

Security Bars

Increases security & prevents window break-ins.



Adjustable, riveted shelves to organize tools and equipment.

Pipe Racks

Pipe racks

Adjustable racks to keep pipes or other round materials secure.

Desk Top

This easy built-in provides extra workspace.

Custom Paint

Custom Painting for Commercial Business Storage Container

Choose your color and we can also add your logo.

Folding Plan Table

Save space with this convenient fold-down.


Packing Blankets

Adjustable, riveted shelves to organize tools and equipment.

Dolly Ramp

Makes it easier to move things in and out.

File Cabinet

Easily store personal items and organize documents.

Puck Lock

Hidden shackle of this lock can’t be cut or pried, providing greater security.


Visible shackle provides security but not as much as a puck lock.


Wind Turbine

Storage Container Ventilation Wind Turbine

Adds ventilation and prevents condensation.

Spray Foam Insulation

Provides temperature and moisture control as well as reduces noise.

Lights & Electric

Breakers, power outlets, switches & fluorescent light fixtures.


All of our portable offices and storage/office combos, including split bays, come with insulated walls and HVAC.

FRequently asked questions

Yes, we can pick up and relocate your owned storage containers and mobile offices within 3 to 5 days of your request. Contact us for a quote.

We sure do.

Steel and labor are too expensive in the US to compete against Asian manufacturers.

No. While other companies often do require customers to pay all fees up front, regardless if they have storage containers for sale in stock, we do not require a deposit on your storage container, you just need to pay for it when scheduling delivery.

Check out our containers for sale at any of our branch show yards in Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego, Los Angeles and Denver areas. This allows you to see the different types of containers, helping you choose the right container for your business.

The industry wide requirement for transporting loaded shipping containers is 20 ft due to the weight of both the container and the trailer.

See standard classifications chart for shipping containers.

Absolutely. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Learn more about our commercial container modifications.

Our portable offices for rent are all ground-mounted at this time, but many other options are available when you buy modified portable offices.

Yes, we do a rough level to ensure the doors can open and close correctly.

Yes, we do with our modified portable offices.

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