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Rent Commercial Containers

We understand how important it is to have efficient, affordable ways to expand your business and quickly adapt to changes in the market.

Our rental storage containers eliminate the cost and inconvenience of sending staff out to an offsite storage unit or dealing with small, less secure pods, and our mobile offices provide extra workspace whenever you need it.

We’ve got your back, whether your business is commercial, government, healthcare or education.

Here’s How:

SMS Commercial Storage Solutions


Graphic of a container with 1 window and a check mark.

Choose Your Container Type

Whether you need storage, office or combo space, determine how many containers, what sizes and door types your business needs.

Calendar graphic. Southwest Mobile Storage.

What’s Your Timeframe

Standard delivery is within 3-5 days of order. If you need it sooner, we’ll do our best to accommodate

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Choose What Options
You Need

Select what add-ons, accessories and utilities you’d like.

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Pick Up Planning

Are we taking your packed container directly to your new location? Or do you need to store it at our location until you’re ready?

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Determine Security Needs

All of our storage containers come standard with dual-lock vault-like security


Commercial containers to rent

Standard Storage Containers for Rent




SMS Mobile Storage pipe racks

Adjustable, riveted shelves to organize tools and equipment.

Pipe Racks

SMS Mobile Storage Pipe racks

Adjustable racks to keep pipes or other round materials secure.

Desk Top

White desk top inside ISO container. Southwest Mobile Storage.

This easy built-in provides extra workspace.

Folding Plan Table

Folding Plan Table in Shipping Container. Southwest Mobile Storage.

Save space with this convenient fold-down.

Puck Lock

SMS Mobile Storage Puck Lock New

Hidden shackle of this lock can’t be cut or pried, providing greater security.

Custom Paint

SMS Custom Painted Containers

Choose your color and we can also add your logo.


Packing Blankets

Purple packing blankets for storage containers. Southwest Mobile Storage.

Protect inventory, furniture and equipment from damage.

Dolly Ramp

Dolly going up ramp into ISO container. Southwest Mobile Storage.

Makes it easier to move things in and out.

File Cabinet

Black file cabinet - Southwest Mobile Storage.

Easily store personal items and organize documents.


SMS Padlock with Keychain

Visible shackle provides security but not as much as a puck lock.



HVAC unit outside of shipping container. Southwest Mobile Storage.

All of our portable offices and storage/office combos, including split bays, come with insulated walls and HVAC.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation unit inside shipping container. Southwest Mobile Storage.

Provides temperature and moisture control as well as reduces noise.


Do you have climate control storage containers?

We offer rental containers that are temperature controlled, which are units that offer thermostat control up to 10 degrees of the outside temperature using heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) that you just have to plug into a power source or extension cord. All our mobile offices for rent come with insulation and HVAC installed. 


We designed these insulated containers with HVAC with restoration companies in mind because we know your clients need extra protection for their items.

Do you offer modular offices?

All our portable offices are ground-mounted. Modular offices are built onto a foundation that keeps your office above ground level. They often require assembly and installation once delivered to your desired location. Our mobile offices rest on the ground and do not need to be assembled or installed on delivery. Simply hook it up to a generator or other power source instead.

Can I rent more than one shipping container from you?

You sure can. Contact the branch nearest your shipping container delivery location to speak to one of our experts about renting multiple conexes.

Can I alter the rental container or add to it myself?

You can alter our rental containers and portable offices. Any alterations must be undone and the unit must be in original condition upon return. You can also choose add-ons, accessories and utilities for your rental storage and office containers from our list of rental options.

Do you have containers with side access doors to rent?

We have a limited amount of containers with roll up doors for side access available to rent. Speak to your dedicated container expert for more information. 

Do you rent containers nationwide?

We offer the ability to purchase or modify shipping containers nationwide. You can rent, buy or modify ISO containers at our branches in Arizona, California and Colorado. 

How long can I keep my storage container at my location?

Keep your rental storage container at your location for as long as you need. Once you’re finished using the container, let your dedicated container expert know and we will pick it up for you.

Do you have wet offices with plumbing to rent?

We don’t rent out mobile offices with plumbing, but we can modify portable offices and storage containers to have it for you.

Do you offer spray foam insulation in any of the units?

We can add spray foam insulation to 20-foot and 40-foot storage containers for rent. All of our mobile offices come with insulation and HVAC already installed.

How much are rental rates for a 20ft container?

The cost to rent 20-foot storage and office containers depends on many factors, like your location, current inventory, market prices and any rental options you add. Plus, the type of rental unit, such as storage or workspace, will influence your rate.


Get a Quote or contact the branch closest to your delivery location for 20-foot container rental prices.

How much does it cost to rent a 40ft container?

Rental rates for 40-foot storage and office containers depends on your location, our current availability, market rates and the rental options you choose to add. It also depends on the type of rental unit you need, such as whether you are renting a storage container or one of our mobile offices.


Get a Quote or contact the branch closest to your delivery location for 40-foot container rental prices.

Is there a minimum amount of time I can rent a container for?

We require a minimum one month rental period. If you only need your container for a few days or weeks past the first 28-day billing cycle, we’ll prorate your rent.

Do you rent containers long-term?

We sure do. You can rent our shipping containers as long as you need.

What size containers do you rent?

We have shipping containers for rent in a variety of sizes starting at 10 feet up to 45 feet long and portable offices from 10 feet to 40 feet long. We can also modify containers to fit whatever size you need.



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