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Tips for Navigating Construction Supply Chain Shortages Using Storage Containers

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The ongoing construction supply chain shortages with building materials might mean your construction company has to stock up, but you may not have space on your construction site or in your current storage containers to do so.

Without a secure place at the jobsite to store your building materials, you either risk theft, have to spend time and money transporting the materials, or can’t stock up on them at all, costing you more money later and potentially delaying your projects due to limited availability.

Currently, 71% of contractors face a shortage in building materials, according to the United States Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction. Navigating these widespread supply chain shortages successfully helps you ensure you have the materials for all your projects, keeping your profits up and projects on time.

In this blog, you’ll discover how to better organize excess building materials for the supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

Demand for new homes and remodeling projects increased because more people are working from home due to the pandemic. But the building material supply chain shortages in the US makes it difficult to fill this new demand.

Lumber, steel, windows and more are in short supply because mills and factories overseas have stayed closed or at reduced production and shipping has been delayed since the pandemic started. With supplies in short order and costs rising, experts predict the industry is once again facing a difficult challenge.

Construction supply chain shortages are predicted to continue into the year, but that doesn’t mean your construction business can’t be proactive to ensure you’re able to navigate it safely and effectively.

Tips for Navigating Construction Supply Shortages

Tip #1: Buy a storage container

If your construction site is already overflowing with tools, supplies and other resources, adding more items clutters that space. Searching for items or accidently trashing them costs time and money for both your and your client’s businesses.

Buying a storage container for your construction project gives you more cubic feet of storage space, without the need for loading and unloading equipment and tools multiple times a day. This not only saves you time and money, but it also increases productivity and ensures you have enough building materials to keep your project on time.

Buy a shipping container for your excess building materials so you can rest easy knowing you have what you need for your construction project.

Tip #2: Organize Your Storage Containers

With the influx of materials, keeping your storage containers organized is crucial. Clutter only makes it harder to find what you need.

By organizing your storage containers, you’ll not only be able to store excess supplies, but have them ready when needed. Having easy, convenient access to your building materials will keep your productivity levels high and stress levels low.

Organize your storage containers with shelving, racks, cabinets, and more to keep materials in distinct areas that can easily be found.

Tip #3: Use Specialty Containers

As a subcontractor, you may have cords or piping that are slightly too big to fit into a 20-foot storage container. Or you may be running out of room to store your excess materials, but only by a few feet.

With other companies, this may mean having to store your materials outside or shelling out for a 40-foot container instead, but we custom create specialty containers in a variety of sizes for subcontractors.

These modified storage containers for construction give your business a dedicated space built to your specifications. This is beneficial for your construction business as it allows you to keep larger equipment and materials onsite without having to take up more space than needed, saving you money and precious space on the construction site.

Buy a specialty sized container or fully modify one to your specifications to save yourself the hassle of not having enough storage space.

Tip #4: Stack Your Storage Containers

If construction site space is limited, stacking storage containers can provide you twice as much space using the same square footage of your construction site as a single container.

Stacking shipping containers allows you to keep a reserve stock of supplies, while still being able to access tools and equipment while on-site. Plus, you’re able to use the space that one container would take up while still enjoying the cubic feet of both containers.

Stack your storage containers to double your storage capacity when you have limited construction space. Learn how to stack storage containers safely.

As construction supply chain shortages continue, you should take advantage of new opportunities to invest and further your success.

Ready to put those tips in action? Buy storage containers and portable offices for your construction site.

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