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Container Spotlight: Hoonigan Racing Division

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If your auto shop is looking for better ways to promote and market your brand to potential customers, then a modified steel container could be an interesting option to get customers to engage with you. Competing against other auto shops can be time consuming, as you’ll need to take away time from your business to market and promote or hire staff members that can help. It can also be costly, as customer preferences have changed in regard to ads, especially online.

However, using modified containers gives you the flexibility to fully design and customize a shipping storage container to your auto shop’s style. This is exactly what champion rally racer Ken Block did with the Hoonigan Racing Division home office.

In this post, we’ll look at why the use of customized containers sets this racing team apart and how it can help your auto business.


Modified Shipping Containers

When your auto shop is involved in a local or state event, the time and money spent by renting a booth or transporting display vehicles can grow past your yearly budget.

Your auto stop can use customized containers as part of your car show to not only show off your new vehicles, custom vehicles, or classic cars without the need for costly booth fees, but you can create a visual ad for customers to remember your brand.

Modified shipping containers are used across several different business industries, including automotive. They have been used for mobile offices, satellite offices, and even actual building locations. This is exactly what the Hoonigan Racing Division did.

Hoonigan Racing Division

Hoonigan Racing Division HQ

Champion rally racer Ken Block is a 5 time X-Games medalist and a silver medalist at the 2013 Global X Games Barcelona Rallycross, continuing a career that began in 2005. Block’s main goal and dream was to drive in the 2010 World Rally Championship, which led to his forming his own team, the Monster World Rally Team.

When Block signed a partnership with automaker Ford, he renamed the team in 2012 to the Hoonigan Racing Division in 2012 and began to look at creating a unique environment that was environmentally friendly, but also had the flexibility to have additions made to it without having to construct a traditional building.

Instead, Block decided to use recycled modified shipping containers to build the new Hoonigan headquarters.

Block stated –

“I wanted to build a fun and inspirational creative space that would not only reset the industry standard for a motorsports facility, but also have a place that rivaled the modern workspaces of top ad agencies.”

The facility is split into two spaces, with one side consisting of a creative office space, with separate marketing and administration departments. The other side is a top-level workshop for serving the team’s race cars. The building itself boasts:

  • 12,000 square feet
  • 17 shipping containers
  • 2 stories
  • 10 refrigerators
  • Giant stuffed bear

Block wanted to have a facility that can inspire his employees and foster their creativity. The office is a fun place when everyone needs a break – from a ping pong table to an entertainment area with a bar. The workshop was designed with the feel and functionality of a World Rally Championship level facility, enabling the technicians to work on the team’s cars.

The racing team also helps to promote their partnerships by proudly displaying their logos around the office.

In this sense, the fun atmosphere helps the team as they help pursue their racing goals, but this is just one example of a business using custom containers to create unique environments for employees and customers alike. Southwest Mobile Storage has a full team of container fabrication experts that can take your modified steel container idea and make it a reality, ensuring that it meets the standards and requirements of our welders and quality inspectors.

We’ve created thousands of custom containers for our clients, helping businesses find new and creative ways to promote themselves, while saving costs when it comes to storing, displaying, and transporting. To see some of the modified containers we’ve created, view our gallery.

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