Container Spotlight: iDEA Technopark

What is a technopark?

Science parks, also known as technoparks and university research parks, are buildings or property areas that help to accommodate and foster knowledge and innovation.

One of the most famous technoparks is Silicon Valley, a region in San Francisco that largely serves as the global center of high technology.

carles rabada FouyeA9HH5U unsplash
carles rabada FouyeA9HH5U unsplash

In the downtown city of Izmir in western Turkey, the iDEA Technopark has created their own emerging technology hub.

iDEA Technopark (IDE.EGE Teknopark)


iDEA Technopark wanted to create productive relationships between education, research, and the tech industry within the downtown area of Izmir.

Izmir is the third most popular city in the country and is the second largest urban area after Athens, Greece.

The city itself is home to not only urban history, but human settlement history since the Neolithic period.

Hoping to generate and grow a cultural magnet for creative talent for those on Ege University campus, as well as in the Aegean region, iDEA contacted Atolye Labs.

Atolye Labs begin the project, which encompasses over 10,000 square feet, by purchasing shipping containers from the nearby port.

35 recycled shipping containers were used to build the centerpiece of the new research facility and was constructed using a demolished building on the campus.

iDE.EGE Technopark in Turkey

The technopark will house the independent research and development facilities from larger Turkish and international companies.

These businesses purely focus on biotechnology, energy, materials, and software research.

The purpose of the buildings is to further the interactions and collaboration potential of researchers, students, and the community in general.

iDE.EGE Technopark Plans

Much of the technopark features two story buildings, incorporating:

  • Offices
  • Labs
  • Gallery
  • Cafeteria
  • Restaurant
  • Exhibition room
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Garden

Keeping with the idea of reuse and recycling, the design team made sure to use the surrounding area to help promote the eco-friendly design.

The container buildings use solar strategies, along with natural ventilation, thanks to its optimal exposure and narrow cross sections.

Existing landscapes, efficiently designed sunscreens, solar coated windows, thick insulation, natural materials, and LED lights all help to minimize the environmental impact of the park.

Another highlight for the technopark is the unique design itself. Not only is the park able to build upon itself if needed, but it is now a role model for other institutions.

Similar buildings in Turkey can use the same design idea and structure for future buildings.

And because the construction only took a little under a year to complete, businesses and educational organizations can begin work almost immediately.

Shipping Container Architecture


The iDEA Technopark is just one example of shipping container architecture, otherwise known as cargotecture or arkitainer design.

The concept of using ISO steel containers as been around for a long time, but has only recently gained increased popularity.

Pop Up Shop Shipping Container Architecture

School facilities, like Ege University, have also created cargotecture buildings on their campus or in some cases, have been built with containers.

And it’s not just schools that have used conex boxes; we’ve showcased a number of different restaurants, hospitals, and hotels that are using containers.

There are many reasons why using shipping containers has become so popular:

  • They’re low-cost alternatives to that of traditional building and construction
  • They’re portable, allowing them to be moved to other locations
  • They’re customizable, so you can design them to fit your business or project

Shipping storage containers are another option for projects that require extra storage, without the need to rent or buy additional building space.

iDEA Technopark hopes to galvanize their talented community, with a growing future of researchers, scientists, designers, and more.

If you’d like to learn more about the iDE.EGE Teknopark, as well as the creative team at Atolye, visit their project website here –

And if you’d like to start using shipping containers for your business, contact us at 800.686.9114 or fill out the contact form below.


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