Could Your Business Use a Pop Up Shop?

Could your business use a pop up shop?

Pop up shops have grown increasingly popular in the last few years, becoming a new technique for business marketing.

Pop up shops are great for both online and brick and mortar stores, in all types of industries.

In this article, we’ll look at what pop up shops are, why they’re popular, and how your business can benefit from using one.

What exactly are pop up shops?


A pop up shop is a temporary store that’s opened for a limited time. Time frames can go as little as a few hours or a day to upwards of a year.

The reasons behind them are many, including:

  • Launching a new product
  • Testing new target locations
  • Seasonal sales
  • Bringing online products offline

We take a deeper dive into the history of pop up shops in our ultimate pop up shop guide.

If pop up shops are only opened for a short time, then why are they so popular? Why do consumers and businesses continue using them?

Third Love Pop Up Shop

Why pop up shops are incredibly popular


According to the 2019 Retail Trends Market Report from The Store Front, the projected global retail sales market was predicted to reach $27.73 trillion dollars in 2020.

Despite the popularity of online shopping in recent years, consumers still want physical stores where they can visit. 90% of worldwide retail sales are still done in a physical store!

It’s not the physical location that’s changed, it’s the consumer experience that’s evolved:

Pop up shops are great at creating buzz and interest for products and a company brand. But do they actually work?

How businesses can benefit with a pop up shop


We’ve looked at what pop up shops are and how the consumer experience has changed shopping.

Now let’s look at how companies can benefit from using pop up shops.

As mentioned, pop up shops are great for marketing a company’s brand. This helps to get customers – both current and potential – interested in what the company does or sells.

While pop up shops may suggest online stores wanting to showcase items offline, many brick and mortar companies have used pop up shops as well.

Take Taco Bell, who created a Taco Bell Hotel in Palm Springs. When announced, reservations were sold out within a few minutes.

The Taco Bell Hotel

The hotel, which offered exclusive Taco Bell drinks and food, allowed fans to enjoy branded food, merchandise, and a resort from the company.

Athletic companies, such as Nike and Adidas, will often use pop up shops to market new partnerships, new products, or new designs.

Adidas Pop-Up Shop

And because pop up shops are temporary, you can have fun with the creation and promotion.

Take Replay Lincoln Park arcade, which does a variety of themed pop up shops. In July of 2019, they recreated the Krusty Krab restaurant from popular cartoon Spongebob Squarepants.

Replay Lincoln Krusty Krab

Over 20,000 people came to see a pineapple under the sea and experience eating at the popular Bikini Bottom burger joint.

Spongebob Squarepants isn’t the only television show that has used this idea. Popular animated cartoon Bob’s Burgers routinely turns diners into the title restaurant for a day.

Only about three restaurants are chosen in different cities, with each restaurant making one of the signature burgers that’s a popular fixture on the show.

Both of these examples demonstrate how a pop up shop can generate buzz and create interest, which leads to an influx of customers.

Social media exposure helps to further the interest. Not only that, but customers can – and do – share their experiences online, spreading the interest in the brand.

Another benefit for pop up shops is cost. Pop up shops are less expensive than traditional storefronts. Because they are temporary, that means a shorter rental period.

You also have a lower overhead, meaning you’ll spend less on inventory, staff, utilities, and as we mentioned, rent.

And speaking of inventory, pop up shops are great ways to sell off excess supplies.

You can also test out a new location site by hosting a pop up shop for a few days or a few months. This can help determine if an area is a good fit for your business.

Could your business use a pop up shop?


In this article, we looked at what pop shops are, their popularity, and how a business can benefit from using one.

At Southwest Mobile Storage, we’ve created many types of pop up shops using ISO steel shipping containers. You can even customize the size you need to perfectly fit the layout you require.

If you’re in search of a pop up shop, give our shipping container experts a call at 800.686.9114 or fill out our form below and we can help discuss different options and features with you.