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Why You Should Customize a Shipping Container for Your Construction Company

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When you customize a shipping container for your construction company, it provides advertising, space for your industry-specific materials and higher productivity.

From tailored mobile offices to extra secure storage to indoor workspaces and more, you can fill any need with a custom shipping container. In this article, you’ll find out why you should customize a shipping container for your construction company.

Mobile offices are the most popular form of modified shipping containers in the construction industry, as they provide a comfortable environment for superintendents to conduct business onsite, eliminating the need for driving back and forth between the project location and company office.

But these are so common, they’re hardly considered custom containers. There’s so much more you can do to benefit your construction company with storage containers.

For example, 24/7 passive advertising is only one reason to customize a shipping container for your construction company.

Signage is a time-proven advertising tactic that helps you get more clients for your business, and you can customize a shipping container with paint that displays your business’ logo and contact information, so it will be seen by people passing by.

As you go from project to project, your mobile storage container is seen by drivers and pedestrians alike, giving you considerable leverage over your competitors and their plain Conex boxes.

Another reason to customize is for organization. Having an organized layout improves productivity and minimizes frustration when your employees struggle to find items and get work done in cramped spaces.

Tool cribs are a great option to keep tools and equipment organized, using shelving and cabinets.

Custom Shipping Container Tool Crib for a Construction Project

With organization that you can’t beat, you’ll be saving plenty of time and money paying employees to dig around for what they need along with loading and unloading, while boosting employee productivity.

Turning a shipping container into a portable tool crib lets you secure your building materials, tools and equipment in a container and take them with you from site to site without having to unload and reload every time.

For restoration companies, storing the furniture and personal items of your clients is essential. Not keeping your clients’ belongings safe costs you both money and your reputation.

Custom shipping containers with HVAC and insulation helps you keep your clients’ belongings safe from rain, heat and cold, so you can ensure the restoration process goes smoothly and your customers are satisfied.

How to Start Customizing Shipping Containers for Your Construction Company

Southwest Mobile Storage has more than 500 years combined experience through thousands of custom shipping container projects, including unique mobile offices, highly specific tool cribs and more. No matter what you need, our in-house, highly experienced team of engineers, welders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and painters will make your custom container become a reality.

First, list all of the features and specifications you want your custom container to have. Provide us this list and an initial design, so we can start the estimating to give you a quote. Once we finalize the specifications and you sign off, we’ll start building your custom container.

At every stage of the build, our weld and quality control inspectors will examine and review your custom shipping container to ensure it’s built to the highest quality. Then, we will deliver and set up the container for you once it’s finished.

Shipping container customization isn’t a new concept, but it is one that had become more popular in the last few years. A custom container can help advertise your construction business to others and solve your specific needs. Discover how you can start customizing shipping containers for your commercial business.

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