Do I Need an Emergency Mobile Office?

Wondering if you need an emergency mobile office? With rising and ongoing concerns about COVID-19 around the world, both information and testing centers are needed to help ease the uncertainty and panic that many of us are feeling. For medical professionals, the ability to test people for the virus is limited in not only the number of tests, but the number of locations that can administer it. With public gatherings being postponed or cancelled, it’s important that hospitals aren’t overrun with patients needing to be tested and eclipsing other cases. The best option in this case is deploying an emergency mobile office. In this article, we’ll look at current information on COVID-19, what the health situation stands at, and how using emergency mobile offices can help to attend to all health matters for people and their loved ones.

What is COVID-19?

  Many of us know the name of COVID-19 or corona virus, but what is it exactly? Coronavirus is a term that is used to describe a large set of respiratory type viruses, which include SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (middle east respiratory syndrome). Here’s a very informative video that goes more into depth about the virus:
As of the writing of this blog, there have been over 179,800 reported cases of the virus, with about 7,000 deaths attributed to it. However, the outlook is good as over 78,200 individuals have recovered from the illness. The World Health Organization (WHO) has continuously updated their website and newsfeeds to ensure that the public is aware of what is happening. The website itself is extremely informative, not only detailing the current status of the virus, but offering advice to the public, such as protective and preventative measures against COVID-19.

Issues with Testing for COVID-19

  Revise this sentence. Does not make sense. WHO has found that countries who have been aggressively confronting the COVID-19 outbreak have been able to slow the spread of the virus. This is largely in part to getting suspected individuals tested as soon as possible. One of the reasons that testing has been slow in the US is due to the lack of available testing centers. This lack of testing centers means that hospitals and health professionals might not have enough room to treat patients suffering from COVID-19. This is where emergency mobile offices come in.

What is an Emergency Mobile Office?

  What exactly is an emergency mobile office? Also called a shipping container clinic, these clinics use shipping containers as a mobile medical unit that can be deployed to remote regions in the world. In 2005, the Hospitals of Hope organization created the ‘Clinic in a Can’ mobile unit’  to deploy to Haiti to provide medical relief. They would repeat this process in 2010 in response to the country’s devastating earthquake. Clinic in a Can These emergency mobile offices allow for treatment in areas that may not have adequate health care facilities or where these facilities are not easily reached by residents. And because they are made from steel shipping containers, they can be big enough or small enough to treat patients with the latest medical equipment. Emergency mobile offices have been used in many different countries, especially those in rural and underdeveloped areas, to help provide treatment to patients. In light of the struggles in obtaining testing facilities, emergency mobile offices are a great way of providing the needed medical facility for certain areas. These containers can also be used as an expansion of a hospital, allowing for a separate triage area or event testing facility. This frees up the urgent care and emergency rooms of people needing to be tested for COVID-19 without turning away patients with other ailments. In this article, we looked at how emergency mobile offices could be used to help test and treat those worried or concerned about COVID-19. While information about the virus is still ongoing, an important aspect of curbing and slowing the virus is to be tested. If you’re a medical facility or a lab that needs a temporary mobile office, give our experts at Southwest Mobile Storage a call. We offer a variety of sizes and customizations to fit your hospital or clinic. We always take our customers safety and health in consideration, which is why we always clean and sterilize our containers, both used and refurbished. If you’re in need of an emergency mobile office, give us a call at 800.686.9114 today.