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How Hardware Stores Can Use a Shipping Container Rental

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Your hardware store is a haven for construction workers, hobbyists, and do-it-yourselfers and the addition of a shipping container rental can support your customers in finding the tools they need, while helping your store maximize profits by creating new environments for those customers.

WIth the current supply chain shortage, your hardware business might be trying to find ways to increase your location’s storage capacity. Or perhaps you want to cater to your customers and provide a way for them to test supplies.

Whether you own the corner store or you run a major corporate store, adding a shipping storage container to your business can provide more efficiency, convenience, and a distinguished look that separates you from your competitors.

In this post, we’ll look at how hardware stores can use shipping containers.

Shelf with cans of paint
Photo by Jacob Campbell on Unsplash

Using a Shipping Container Rental

Hardware stores receive an influx of inventory to keep up their stock. This can cause clutter within your own store, reducing the amount of space capacity and restricting movement of employees and customers, especially at a small location.

Shipping storage containers act as an additional storage space for your hardware store, giving you more cubic footage without the need to build an extra room or move to a larger building. This is also a convenient way to restock items, as the storage container is on your property, minimizing the time to bring items back to the store.

Another popular options for shipping containers are workshops.

An addition of a workshop to your hardware store gives customers the ability to sample or test certain items. Paint samples, for instance, can be mixed by staff to get the right color for customers, while also showing what the paint will look like on a surface.

Woodworking can also be done without a workshop, which can allow for cutting of wood or other materials. This ensures customers are able to get the right cut for their project.

Other Uses

Storage and workshops aren’t the only things that your hardware store can use a shipping container rental for. Consider the pop up shop, a temporary storefront that can be used to display various items for a limited time.

A hardware pop up shop can help you showcase new tools, paint, or other equipment without disrupting your current location. You can also preview area interest if you’re looking to expand your business with a pop up shop, to gage customer engagement and store potential.

This helps to promote your business brand, so more customers are aware of your business and your location.

Mobile office containers can also be used by hardware stores for administrative tasks or even as a satellite location. Using a shipping container rental can eliminate the cost of renting more office space or buying an additional office. Now that you know how your hardware store can use rented shipping containers, see what other ways businesses are using them by viewing our gallery.


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