How Hardware Stores Can Use Shipping Containers

Can hardware stores use shipping containers?


A haven for construction workers, hobbyists, and do-it-yourselfers, hardware stores can be an endless supplier for creativity.

Whether it’s the corner hardware store or the major corporate store, these sellers can benefit from the addition of a shipping container.

In this blog, we’ll look at how hardware stores can use shipping containers.

How Hardware Stores Can Use Shipping Containers


How Hardware Stores Can Use Shipping Containers
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The most common way hardware stores can use shipping containers is with storage.

Shipping storage containers act as additional storage for both professional and personal projects.

Because they range in different sizes, shipping storage containers can also hold a variety of inventory stock.

For example, if there is an abundance of paint supplies, a shipping storage container is a great place to store them.

Inventory isn’t the only option for hardware stores.

Workshops are another popular option for using shipping containers.

Hardware Store Shipping Container Workshop

Workshop containers allow for open space to work on smaller projects, like wood or metal working. The below video showcases one Florida resident’s own shop.

For hardware stores, an addition of a workshop could give customers the ability to sample certain items. Consider our paint example from earlier.

Regardless of the painting project, customers want to know how the chosen color will look.

A workshop container is great for trying out paint colors or even cutting materials to specifications.

Store employees can also use a workshop for combining paint or cutting materials for customers.

Inventory and workshops are only some of the options hardware stores have when using shipping containers.

Let’s look at a few more.


What type of equipment could a hardware store have that could work well with a shipping container?


Depending on the size of the hardware store, a shipping container can be used to either store or showcase equipment.

As with inventory, various equipment and supplies can be stored within a shipping container.

From small items like axes and chainsaws to larger items, such as lawn mowers. Keeping these items in a separate can also help keep small children from harming themselves in store.

andres siimon zfwyrIA6bFw unsplash
andres siimon zfwyrIA6bFw unsplash


We mentioned being able to showcase hardware items using shipping containers.

This can be great during sales events, but there’s another way to not only reveal products, but you can also promote your hardware store.

Shipping containers are moveable, which allows them to be ported from one location to another.

This means you can set up a temporary shop called a pop up shop. Pop up shops are storefronts that only last for a limited amount of time.

During a sales event, a hardware store could put up a pop up shop in another area of town.

Not only does this help to sell products, but it promotes the store’s brand to potential customers. If there is interested in that location, you can start another site.

Satellite locations, for example, are great ways to expand a business in different areas.

When done with shipping containers, you can build in areas that may not be suitable for traditional buildings.

Best of all, shipping containers are affordable options versus high cost that comes from renting or buying building office space.

In this article, we looked at how hardware stores can use shipping containers.

We looked at ways to store inventory, using them as workshops, and creating separate spaces for equipment.

We also looked at the concept of pop up hardware shops and using containers for satellite offices.

No longer thought of as just cargo transport vessels, shipping containers are now being used for other things.

Using shipping containers, especially as an alternative to traditional building materials, can create a new experience for customers and businesses alike.

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