How Liquor Stores Can Use Shipping Containers

How can liquor stores use shipping containers?

The popularity of using shipping containers continues to grow, as businesses and individuals use them in a variety of ways.

Shipping containers are being used for homes, bars, schools, and more!

In this article, we’ll look at how liquor stores can use shipping containers.

How Liquor Stores Can Use Shipping Containers


Liquor stores, like shipping containers, have also grown into more than what they were originally intended for.

While the main focus is to sell alcohol, many liquor stores have expanded to fulfill other customer convenience options.

These options usually include selling gas or food.

The reverse is true for stores that normally sell other goods and products, but also sell alcohol, like grocery stores.

How Liquor Stores Can Use Shipping Containers
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As liquor stores continue to incorporate other areas, let’s look at a few ways they can use shipping containers to achieve this.

Storage containers

Regardless of whether a liquor store is large or small, they will eventually meet the challenge of storage.

When new items and bottles come in, where will they be stored?

Often, a back storeroom is where most items are kept, but smaller stores may run out of space due to growth or having too much inventory.

Even larger liquor businesses may have opted to use warehouses or offsite storage for their alcohol storage.

Shipping storage containers can help both store sizes in multiple ways –

  • Readily available expanded storage for alcohol, food, items, etc.
  • Storage containers are portable, making it easy to move around or from one location to another
  • Adding cigar bars

Having a shipping storage container onsite allows for liquor stores to expand their space without the expensive of buying or renting building space.

Cigar bars have become a popular trend to include inside liquor stores, especially those that have been established to offer wider varieties of alcohol.

Larger liquor stores, such as Total Wine and BevMo, feature small portions of their stores to sell cigars and cigarillos.

Using a storage container, your liquor store can provide a separate area for their cigar enthusiasts.

Pop up shops

A cigar bar as part of a liquor shop isn’t just a great idea to use a shipping storage container, but it’s also a great way to develop a pop up shop.

A pop up shop is typically a temporary storefront that is in operation for a limited amount of time.

There are many reasons for businesses to invest in using a pop up shop:

  • New product launches
  • Test new locations
  • Seasonal sales
  • Promotion of online products and services in an offline environment

While retail stores are primarily the businesses that will often use a pop up shop, liquor businesses and stores can as well.

Busch Beer, for instance, took the idea of a pop up shop and combined it with a scavenger hunt in the summer of 2019.

For one week, Busch Beer tweeted clues to discover which national forest they were in. Followers who got the clues could find the pop up shop.

How Liquor Stores Can Use Shipping Containers - Busch Beer Pop Up Shop

Busch’s pop up shop not only gave a unique and fun incentive for their followers, but it also helped to grow the company’s brand on social media.

Using a shipping container, a liquor store can set up a pop up shop to help promote themselves, as well as their drink offerings.

The portability of a container means that a liquor can travel to other locations to further promote their store and original location.

And though pop up shops are typically for a short time, there have been some that have ended up becoming permanent.

Business locations

We’ve looked at how liquor stores can use shipping containers, both for storage options and even moveable pop up shops.

Combining both of these ideas together can create a custom built liquor store.

As we mentioned earlier, shipping containers have been used for many alternative buildings, even liquor stores.

Shipping containers are effective alternate materials for buildings because of their low-cost pricing and availability.

Containers on a ship

This makes them the perfect choice to create stores, shops, and more.

Shipping container bars are a great example of this.

Avenue Eat & Drink in Tampa Bay, Oak & Ivy in Las Vegas, and the aptly named Container Bar in Austin are bars that have been made from shipping containers.

As with a pop up shop, a liquor store that’s been constructed from a shipping container can help not only promote the business, but give it a distinctive style.

Shipping container architecture or cargotecture is a growing trend, allowing businesses to show off their creativity and uniqueness.

In this article, we looked at how liquor stores can use shipping containers. They can use them for storage and for promotion and branding via pop up shops.

They can also be built from shipping containers, bringing together areas for storage and inventiveness.

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Customized shipping container

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