How Much Do Portable Storage Units Cost?

how much do portable storage units cost 1
how much do portable storage units cost 1

Have a move or construction project coming up?

No matter what the reason is, needing to rent storage space can be a confusing process.

You probably have questions like:

“How much do portable storage units’ cost?”


“Am I getting ripped off?”

In this article, we’re going to answer those questions, so that you can make a smart, informed decision.

Let’s start by looking at the difference between Self-Storage and Portable Storage.

Self-Storage Vs Portable Storage.

how much do portable storage units cost 2
how much do portable storage units cost 2
  1. Self-Storage. With self-storage, you are going to rent a room in a storage facility. While self-storage seems inexpensive there are hidden costs that most people don’t factor in. One example of these hidden costs is truck rental and fuel. Unlike a portable storage unit, you will have to load your belongings onto a truck and physically move them to the self-storage location. This means if you don’t have a truck, you’ll have to rent one and either way you’ll have to spend money on fuel for the transport process. Plus, you have to spend your precious time driving your stuff to or from the storage unit. Using a portable storage unit saves you unnecessary trips and time!
  2. Portable Storage. With portable storage, you don’t have to drive your stuff all over town. A professional driver will drop off and pick up your portable storage unit at a time that’s convenient for you. Plus, if you need something in your unit you can just walk outside and get it. You don’t have to hope that it’s within the operating hours of the self-storage facility, and you don’t have to leave your location.

Now that you know what the differences are between self-storage and portable storage units, let’s move on to cost.

How Much Do Portable Storage Units Cost?

As with questions about playing poker, the answer to the question “How much do portable storage units cost?”, is it depends.

The price of your portable storage unit depends on two things:

  1. The Type of Portable Storage Unit you need. Obviously, if you need a bigger storage unit or special features like portable office space or extra rollup doors, then that costs more.
  2. How long you need it for. The second factor in how much it costs to rent a portable storage unit is how long you need it for. Unlike self-storage facilities which generally have at least 3-month contracts you can rent a portable storage unit for as little as a few hours, however, we do require payment for a 1 month minimum on standard storage units and a 2 month minimum on office units.

Let’s quickly look at the types of portable storage units and some common rental lengths.

how much do portable storage units cost 3
how much do portable storage units cost 3

Types of Portable Storage Units:

  1. Commercial. Whether you need commercial construction storage containers on-site, more warehousing space, or long-term product storage, commercial storage containers are the way to go.
  2. Residential. Residential containers are storage containers that can be dropped off and kept at your house or brought back for storage at our high-security facility.
  3. Office Containers. Need a temporary office? Portable storage containers make great temporary workspaces.
  4. Custom Containers. In addition to mobile offices, portable shipping containers can also be customized to create nearly anything from portable dorms, double-wide’s, tack rooms, tool sheds, concession stands, security booths, etc.

How Long Do You Need Portable Storage For?

The second factor in how much a portable storage unit costs is how long you need the portable storage unit.

Most portable storage companies rent units by the month, week, day and even hour.

This flexibility allows you to pay only for the amount of time you need, rather than locking you into a long-term contract as most self-storage facilities do.

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So, how much does a portable storage unit cost?

Less than self-storage, that’s for sure!

By now the choice is clear, portable storage units offer better pricing, more options, greater customization, and shorter contracts than self-storage facilities.

Plus, you don’t have to waste time (and money) driving your stuff all over town.

If you’re ready to find out exactly how easy it can be to rent a portable storage unit, give our award-winning team of storage experts a call today at 1–800–686–9114 and get the storage you want at a price you love!