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5 Easy Steps to Guarantee a Stress-Free Mobile Storage Container Delivery!

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You’ve rented a mobile storage container either for an upcoming move or a home renovation project and now you just have to wait for it to be delivered. But sometimes on delivery day, drivers can run into issues – inability to gain access to the delivery area, obstructions preventing delivery, or not enough room for the container to be placed. Understanding how the delivery process works here at Southwest Mobile Storage, makes it easier for you and our drivers to ensure your delivery day goes smoothly. Here’s 5 easy steps to prepare for your mobile storage delivery.

How Storage Container Delivery Works

1. Choose the destination for your mobile storage container

Before your conex box is delivered, choose the spot that you want it to sit. The best area is one that will give you ease of access, where bringing items back and forth is convenient for you or anyone who will be helping you move items. Make sure that the spot doesn’t block any entrances or exits, such as an alleyway or a driveway.

Also, consider which way you’d like the container doors to face. Choosing a door direction should, again, make it easier for you to place and retrieve your belongings from the container. This also aids in delivery, as your driver will place the container on the truck with the doors facing the way you want.

2. Make sure the surface is flat and even

Once you’ve chosen the spot for your storage container rental, make sure that the area is level. When storage containers are placed on uneven surfaces, you can experience issues with opening the doors, your belongings shifting, and other problems.

Asphalt, gravel, and concrete are all great surfaces to place your container.

But if you don’t have a level surface? Not a problem! When renting one of our storage containers, ask if we can provide blocks or planks; these help to keep the container level on a surface.

3. Make sure there is enough space for both the container and the delivery truck

After choosing the destination for your mobile storage container and making sure that the surface area is flat, the next thing you should make sure of is that there’s enough space for not just the container, but also the delivery truck.

Storage Container Being Delivered in LA

There needs to be a minimum of 15 feet of height clearance and at least 12′ feet of width clearance for our delivery trucks; this means you should be aware of any type of obstacle that’s above or on the side of where you want your container. These include:

  • Trees, bushes, & plants
  • Power lines
  • Rooftops
  • Fences

You can view our How Delivery Works infographic to see container placement, height, and width requirements.

Our 20’ storage containers and offices require 60-feet of straight space and 120-feet of straight space for our 40’ storage containers and offices so the truck is able to deliver.

4. Consider site changes

After you’ve gone through the first three steps, take a few minutes to consider all the factors that might change while you are in possession of the storage container. This will depend on the home project you’re renting a storage container for; as an example, if you’re moving, you may only need a container for a few weeks.

However, if you’re doing a home renovation or a remodel, or if your new home won’t be ready by the time you leave your current one, you should think about any type of upcoming site changes. For instance, are you in a location that gets snow or seasonal flooding? While your items inside will remain safe, these weather changes may affect a delivery or a pickup.

Landscaping can also impact your container’s area. Remember, there are height and width requirements for our trucks to deliver your storage container, so if you have any upcoming project or known weather conditions that may affect your delivery, let your account manager know, so we can help you schedule a date and time that works for you.

5. Give your account manager any further instructions

Does the deliver drive need to get through a gate to gain entrance to your property? Is there a specific direction you want the doors to face once delivered? Before your storage container is delivered, let your dedicated account manager know of any instructions to give to the driver.

For example, if you live in a gate community, make sure you let your account manager know what the gate code is or give instructions on how the driver can get through. Our drivers will contact you 30 minutes before your delivery, so you can let them of any gate or access codes.

These five steps can help make your delivery day as smooth and simple as possible, so you can being to move your belongings in or out of your storage container rental. Still curious about using portable storage containers? Discover 6 things you can use them for!


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