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4 Industries That Should Use Shipping Containers

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Shipping containers for sale can offer many business industries an affordable way of storing documents, equipment, or tools.

Losing time and money searching through clutter diminishes employee productivity and makes customers believe your business is disorganized, while also causing space issues with new and current inventory. For some industries, disorganization can be even more costly in terms of lost personal or historical documentation and lost customers.

ISO steel containers often provide an alternative option to costly and timely building construction, while also delivering a flexible means to create a design that works with their business.

In this blog, we’ll look at 4 business industries that should be using shipping containers.


4 Industries that Should Use Shipping Containers

1. Government

Governmental buildings used to store highly sensitive documents, everything from personal records of citizens to historical documents. While many of these have been transferred into digital copies, there are still records that are in paper or other forms, like recovered military dog tags or audio recordings. The US National Archives and Records Administration list current missing or stolen historic government documents.

The loss of these items isn’t just significant to local or national history, it’s also significant to any surviving family members. These types of documents are prone to not only theft, but also natural disasters, like earthquakes, floods, or fire.

Using shipping containers allow these agencies to expand their storage capacity, which removes any clutter and prevents disorganization. Containers are also portable and durable, so they can be moved off or on a different location and can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

Government buildings aren’t the only law agencies that can benefit from shipping containers. Other public services industries, like fire departments, can also use shipping containers in their line of work too.

A great example of this is our sister company, Fire Training Structures, who creates and manufactures fire training facilities for fire departments. These facilities are customized to help fire departments train personnel through fire situations without going over budget restrictions.

Modified containers for fire training can be stationary, those that stay at a particular station, or mobile so they are able to be used for several fire departments. And because they’re customized, fire chiefs can request to have the layouts changed, which allows firefighters to experience different fire scenarios and increasing their training and knowledge.


2. Automotive

The auto industry has used conex boxes to transport vehicles, but have also used them for storing items and equipment. Dealerships and auto shops become inefficient if they aren’t able to get a part or equipment on-site and distributors need quick access to deliver and retrieve items, sometimes before or after regular business hours.

One of our clients, Earnhardt Jeep, purchased shipping storage containers to store heavy parts and large items and customized them with roll-up doors. This allows their employees to easily go in and out, while also giving quick and easy access for their distributors to deliver parts or pick up parts.

Rent-Commercial-Containers Southwest Mobile Storage

Storage containers are just one use the auto industry takes advantage of – another is for vehicle showcases or displays. During car shows or exhibitions, conex boxes can eliminate trade show fees for booths and delivery fees for moving vehicles to and from the staging area.


3. Agriculture

Traditional farming plays a pivotal rule within the food industry, however it also suffers from many struggles and challenges. Harsh weather conditions and pests can damage or destroy crops, while the use of pesticides has been linked to harmful effects, which can affect not only the farmer but those who receive the produce or crop that was sprayed.

Vertical container farms, like the ones from Pure Greens, have begun a new methodology for beginning and experienced farmers, giving them the ability to grow their own leafy greens and vegetables. These container farms generate larger yields than traditional farming, while also eliminating the stresses of harsh weather, pests, and pesticides.

Traditional farmers can also use container farms to increase seasonal outputs, while also using steel containers to store farming equipment, feed, and grains


4. Manufacturing

Lack of storage is a big challenge for manufacturing and grew harder due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Manufacturing, especially industrial operations, requires solid and resilient storage capacity to hold equipment and supplies. This can be problematic, when considering hazardous materials and heavy equipment, along with the challenge of budget costs associated with purchasing additional building space.

ISO steel containers can be used to store manufacturing equipment and hazardous materials. As with the other industries, the durability of containers makes them ideal to protect wiring, pipes, or chemicals from the elements.

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