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What is a Mobile Office Container?

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If your work schedule had changed due to the coronavirus, a mobile office container rental might be the solution to maintaining your work/home life balance.

You may have found yourself working at your kitchen table or living room couch. Many homes turned into workspaces during the 2020 pandemic, forcing residents to create home offices, which was difficult for those with spouses also working from home or children having to take classes.

Even with vaccinations becoming readily available, several companies have either remained a remote workforce or have offered a hybrid type of schedule for their employees. For some employees, telecommuting was a preferred method of workstyle, however it still meant having to work at a space that was not designed for an office.

What is a mobile office container and how can it help further your work success away from the busy background of your home or coffee shop?

In this post, we’ll describe mobile office containers, how they’re used, and how they can expand and boost the office environment.

What is a mobile office container?

So what is a mobile office container? They are moveable office environments that can been made from shipping containers. Due to their mobility, these offices can be moved from one location to another, which can be beneficial in the event of a move.

Mobile office containers can be set up like a typical office – desktops and filing cabinets are add-on options that allow for documents and technology. You can also have windows, security doors, storage areas, heating, lighting, and more installed to make the office more comfortable.

The appeal of mobile offices is their ability to continue your daily business even when not in the physical office. Mobile offices come in different sizes, from small offices to larger ones equipped with conference areas and all feature a storage area for extra supplies, tools, or equipment depending on your job or business.

Portable Office Rental from Southwest Mobile Storage

What can a mobile office container be used for?

Mobile office containers help to take the office out of the home, giving you back the balance that many remote workers felt during 2020. If you found it difficult to work or hold meetings at the same time your teenager is looking for breakfast or your spouse was also having a meeting, then a mobile office would allow you the ability to conduct meeting, business conferences, or interviews without distraction.

Container offices can be placed on your property, giving you the ability to quickly travel from your house to the office. This cuts down the daily commute immensely, one of the positives many employees experienced when quarantined at home, not to mention the cost savings of not driving or being stuck in rush hour traffic before and after work.


How do I keep my container office secure?

If you rent a mobile office, how do you keep it secure? While most shipping containers come with some form of security locks on them, having inadequate locking systems poses the danger of having them broken into and vandalized. This can be a loss of items, like computers, printers, TV, or files.

Our mobile container offices come with a dual locking system, including a lockbox, that prevents and deters thieves from breaking in. For added security, our puck locks are heavy duty and many of our mobile offices come with security windows.

Depending on your home property, you can also set additional security, like security cameras or an alarm system. If you already have a security set up, your office container should fall within that protection. If you use a security alarm company, make sure that you contact them to mention the addition of your office.

Whether you’re working fully remote or just a few days a week, having a mobile office container gives you a familiar office environment that helps to reduce any disruptions caused by other members of the household. This also gives you the convenience of not dealing with the long commute, while also saving on gas going back and forth.

Now that you’ve learned what a mobile office container is, discover how to get one set up in 3 quick steps!

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