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Southwest Mobile Storage - Best Mobile Storage & Office Containers In Green Valley, AZ

Southwest Mobile Storage is a family-owned shipping container business founded in 1995. Our strength for more than 25 years comes from the specialized knowledge and passion of our people, along with serving over 24,000 commercial, construction and residential customers. Our facility and expertise in maintaining, manufacturing, and delivering corrugated steel containers is unrivaled in the industry.

While the rental side of our business is regional with branches throughout the Southwest, our container sales and modification operations are nationwide and becoming global. Green Valley, AZ offers a wide selection of portable offices and mobile storage containers you can rent, buy or modify.

Our experts in container rental, sales and customization are committed to providing you the highest quality and best experience from service to delivery - our reputation depends on it.

Whether your need is for storage, office space, moving, multi-purpose or custom use, we've got your back. Here's how:

Storage Containers Green Valley, AZ



We bring your storage container to you for convenient, easy access at your home, business or jobsite. Plus, you'll get more choice in storage space and better security, for a fraction of the cost of a pod or add on building, saving money and energy.


Not enough room to keep a storage container at your business, home or construction site? No problem - we can store it for you. Plus, you get 70% more space and better security, for a fraction of the cost of public storage units.


Need a permanent storage solution for your business, residence or construction? We sell new and used shipping containers in many sizes with a variety of add-ons. Or customize a container to your specific storage needs with our certified fabrication experts.


Take your time packing with our moving containers. We'll deliver to your business or home and pick it up whenever you're ready to move. So, you don't have to stress about moving or making multiple trips in one day, like if you rented a moving truck.


Our moving container solutions ensure the long-distance move of your home or business is highly efficient and affordable throughout the southwest. In fact, we usually cost 20%-40% less than full-service movers.


We understand move-in and move-out dates might be different. We can store your moving container at our highly secure facilities until you're ready to move to your new home or business location, and you can conveniently access it at any time.


Whether you need a workspace, conference room, or other office requirement, our ground-mounted mobile offices meet any and all of your business needs. Plus, it's faster and easier than building additions.


If you need your shipping container to serve multiple uses, such as office-storage combos, breakrooms and even utilities, we've got you covered. We'll modify a custom container to fit your business needs and bring your business to the next level


We'll create a custom container to fit your unique needs anywhere in the US. With our container modification expertise, we make any idea a reality. From pop-up stores to multi-story structures, our unrivaled facilities and fabrication experts do it all.

You'll get your own dedicated storage and container expert to serve as your one point of contact for easy, convenient service you can trust.
With our wide selection of intermodal containers for sale and rent, you'll find exactly what you need, from size, to type and condition.
We maintain our rental fleet to the highest standard - our integrity depends on it.
Our certified, experienced Conex container modification experts have more than 500 years combined experience modifying ISO containers.
All of our containers come with high security dual-locking system for no additional charge, so you can rest assured your stored items stay safe and that you don't have to pay extra for it.
At our unrivaled 90,000 sq ft indoor fabrication facility, ensuring your custom shipping container is made exactly to your specifications.
With our level of service, quality and expertise, you won't find a better value anywhere else.
Our portable offices include lighting and electrical outlets, internet hookups, HVAC and were crafted by our in-house steel container fabrication experts for top-quality construction.

Premium Quality - High Security

With Southwest Mobile Storage, you get much more than a POD or typical Conex box. You also get high security, unparalleled service and unmatched container modification expertise and facilities. No other company offers that much.

Shipping containers and storage containers come in a range of sizes. The most common external lengths are 20ft and 40ft with a width of 8ft. ISO Containers are typically 8ft 6in tall, but high cube containers are 9ft 6in tall. We also have steel containers in a variety of sizes from 10ft long to 45ft long to rent or buy, and we can modify shipping containers into any size you want.

 Rent Storage Containers Green Valley, AZ

SMS Mobile Storage Containers have these high quality features:

1/8" thick steel plate bottom side rails
High strength steel supporting cross members
1 1/8" thick hardwood floor with galvanized self-tapping screws
16-gauge corrugated steel walls
16-gauge roof
270-degree swing cargo door(s)
High security dual-locking system*
Spot-grinded, primed & repainted with a beige high-grade water reducible alkyd direct-to-metal enamel*
* Comes standard on all rental units

SMS portable workspace containers have these structural features:

High security window bars, lever & deadbolt set with lock box
Studs & R-19 Insulation covered with wood paneling
1 1/8" marine board floor is covered with a durable single part gray epoxy coating
Dual pane low-E horizontal sliding windows with screens and miniblinds
18 Gauge steel polystyrene core 3-hour fire rated personnel door
All of our workspaces are manufactured in-house and arrive new or restored to factory specifications
Exterior load center operating on 100 Amp single phase 230 Volt power
Light switch, receptacles and 4' light fixtures; all wiring is Romex 12/2
CAT-6 voice and data lines with electrical junction box
HVAC units ranging from 1 ton to 2 ton on rentals; ability to customize up to 10 tons of cooling

Having flexible storage containers options is important, but security is crucial to protect your peace of mind and your possessions.

At Southwest Mobile Storage, we don't believe in leaving things to chance. We want you to rest easy knowing your inventory, documents, tools, equipment and other items are safe 24/7. That is why we equip SMS high-security slide bolt locking systems and lockboxes on our entire fleet of rental freight containers.


High-security slide-bolt locking system and extra-long lock box, giving you twice the security and peace of mind.
No holes to ensure your rental shipping container is wind and water-tight.
No rust for your safety.
14-gauge corrugated steel for strength and reinforcement.

Contact us to speak with a helpful, friendly representative to better understand our full range of capabilities. We are happy to answer any questions you have, go over pricing and set up a time and place to deliver your Conex box. Our quotes are 100% free and you are under no obligation to pay for your consultation.


When you own a business or manage one, it's crucial to have efficient, affordable ways to store inventory and supplies, whether it's to grow your business or adapt to changes in the market, like the many caused by the pandemic.

Renting storage containers to keep at your business eliminates the cost and hassles of sending your staff to offsite storage facilities. Steel containers with roll up doors make storing and retrieving items faster and easier. Auto repair shops and other businesses that need easy access throughout the workday to secure storage for tools, parts, equipment or supplies find renting shipping containers to be the best solution for their business storage needs. Southwest Mobile Storage has your back.

 Storage Containers For Rent Green Valley, AZ

Renting portable offices gives your business more workspace, breakrooms, pop up stores, security booths and more, without the cost and red tape associated with constructing building additions. Plus, a steel storage container fits neatly into one parking space and provides much stronger security than Pods and way more convenience than self-storage units.

If you have a specific need, we can modify shipping containers to build whatever you need to grow your business. Whether it's a portable workspace to run your business, like a pop-up container bar, or a durable facility for scientific research, like a container laboratory, or even a container gym, our unrivaled fabrication facility and modification experts got you covered. Our full-time, in-house staff of certified welders, engineers, electricians, carpenters and painters have over 500 years combined experience modifying thousands of container projects for just about any business use you can imagine.


Offsite storage alternatives cause a mess of hassles and headaches. Expanding office space and storage capacity at your location saves time, money and hassle of making multiple trips offsite.
We offer more choice in security, size and features in steel Conex boxes or ISO shipping containers than a public storage unit or Pod for less cost and far greater service.
We offer flexible, month-to-month rental agreements and prorate by the day after your first 28-day billing cycle.
With us, you get a dedicated account manager you can rely on, so you can focus on running your business than waste time with a different person every time you call that doesn't know or care as much.
While other companies may have some staff for modifying containers, most outsource the work, so you don't know who is actually doing the modifications or how much they're marking up the price.
 Mobile Storage Containers Green Valley, AZ
When you modify a shipping container for your business, you won't have to worry about expensive, lengthy and complicated construction.
We have modified thousands of containers nationwide and internationally for more than 25 years for NASA, US Navy, GCP Applied Technologies, Helix and Sundt to name a few. And rent containers to Amazon, Walmart and many of other nationally recognized brands.
Our extensive staff makes it possible to custom build multiple projects simultaneously and our 90,000 sq ft indoor fabrication facility prevents contaminants from interfering with fabrication, which delivers better quality and precision.


With an extensive in-house staff and 90,000 sq ft container modification facility, we're able to deliver consistently high quality and work on multiple projects simultaneously for a fast turnaround.

Other companies don't have the facility, staff or resources to modify shipping containers and will outsource the work to various shops who may not have the special experience or tools needed to modify the right way.

You can rest assured knowing your custom container is safe in our hands. Our certified weld and quality control inspectors ensure everything is structurally sound and built to your specifications through every step of the process.

Renting a moving container from us makes your move much less stressful because you won't have to rush to pack your whole house into a moving truck in one day. Instead, you can take your time packing over the course of a month.

Our ISO shipping containers are weatherproof and come with vault-like security, so you don't have to worry about theft or damage to your belongings.

You won't get that level of security from U-Haul or other moving truck companies.

Renting a storage container at your home keeps your belongings close and gives you convenient 24/7 access, so you're always able to retrieve the contents of your container when you need to.

We know move in and move out dates don't always line up. We can store your packed rental container at our secure facility until your new home is ready.

With our mobile storage containers for rent in Green Valley, AZ, you can save up to 40% when compared to full-service long-distance movers, while gaining more flexibility in your schedule.


We know your needs may change suddenly. With our extensive inventory and variety of sizes of portable offices and shipping containers to rent, buy or modify in Green Valley, AZ, we provide fast service and the best value possible so it's easy for you to get whatever you need when you need it.

Renting storage containers and portable offices from us gives you more flexibility when it comes to your schedule and options. If you don't have enough space at your current location or simply would prefer offsite storage, you can keep your rental storage and office containers at your location or ours - whichever is most convenient for you. You also get more options to choose from when it comes to size and features, like portable offices with divided rooms for private meetings or office/storage combos for storage and office space in one container. All while costing a fraction of the price of a pod or self-storage facility.

You can also buy new or used freight containers from us and choose from a variety of add-ons, including lights, electricity, doors and windows. Or fully customize a shipping container to save time, money and energy by skipping the expensive, lengthy process of constructing building additions. We can modify a Conex box into whatever you can imagine for any use you need, from construction tool cribs to office buildings, monitoring stations, mobile communication towers and much more. The possibilities are endless.


You'll never face hidden fees or surprises with us. We give you transparent billing up front at the best prices.

With us, you get a reliable, dedicated point of contact, who keeps you updated every step of the way. You can rest assured knowing you'll always get what you need, when you need it.

No other company has the breadth and depth of staff and experience that we do when it comes to modifying shipping containers. Our certified welders, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and painters have more than 500 years of combined experience in fabricating custom steel containers.

We prorate your rent by the day after the first 28-day billing cycle, so you don't have to pay for a full month when you only have your mobile containers and offices for a few days.

While other companies may be able to do small container modifications, most don't have an in-house fabrication staff or 90,000 sq ft fabrication facility like we do. As a result, they outsource the work on your custom container, so you don't know who's actually building it.

Rest assured knowing your modified shipping container will be built to the highest quality standards. Our certified weld and quality control inspectors check every step of the fabrication process to ensure everything is structurally sound and built to your specifications.


Whether you're in need of a storage container for your commercial business, a portable office for your construction site, or a moving container for your home, our process is simple and straightforward.

Choose Your Container

Choose the mobile storage solution that works best for your needs. In this step, you will let us know the number of containers you need, their sizes and what types of doors to equip.

Choose Your Options

Let us know if you would like to add any of our rental options, like a folding table or shelving.

Choose Your Security

Choose from padlocks, puck locks and other enhanced security options. All of our storage containers come standard with dual-locking, vault-like security.

Choose Your Delivery Timeframe

You can expect standard delivery within 3-5 days of your order. If you need expedited delivery, we will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs.

Pick-Up Planning

Do you need to keep your shipping container at our location? Prefer to have our team deliver your packed container to a location of your choice? Let us know, and we'll be by your side to work out the logistics.




Let our team know where we should deliver your mobile storage container for rent in Green Valley, AZ. Be sure to let us know if there are any special conditions that might prevent our drivers from entering your chosen destination. Before you schedule your delivery, let us know which direction you would like the doors of your container to face.



Our drivers can deliver your storage container Monday-Friday, between the hours of 6AM and 2PM local time. Our two-hour delivery window is the most precise in the industry. If you desire another delivery time outside of our standard delivery options, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. As a courtesy, our driver will call you at least 30 minutes before they arrive at your drop-off destination.



Before we deliver your Conex box, prepare your delivery area by ensuring that there are no low overhangs, arches, wires, trees or any other obstacles that could interfere with your delivery. It's a good idea to mark the space where you would like your steel container placed.



When our driver arrives, they will back our truck into the space where you would like your shipping container placed. Once we arrive, we will ensure that your container is delivered safely and securely. If placed on asphalt or pavement, we will use wood dunnage pads to make sure your ground surface is protected and the container is level.


Check out our FAQ page or reach out to our helpful customer service team today @


Latest News in Green Valley, AZ

Unidentified woman dies in fiery crash in Green Valley


74-year-old Arizona man in critical condition after Gila monster bite

The Green Valley Fire Department said the man was bitten during an effort to move the Gila monster from the roadway.GREEN VALLEY, Ariz — On Tuesday, a 74-year-old man was bitten by a Gila monster, leaving him in critical condition.Firefighters arrived around 9 a.m. to the 100 block of South Paseo Tierra, after receiving a report of an animal...

The Green Valley Fire Department said the man was bitten during an effort to move the Gila monster from the roadway.

GREEN VALLEY, Ariz — On Tuesday, a 74-year-old man was bitten by a Gila monster, leaving him in critical condition.

Firefighters arrived around 9 a.m. to the 100 block of South Paseo Tierra, after receiving a report of an animal bite.

At the scene, they discovered the man had been bitten on both hands.

According to the Green Valley Fire Department, the man was bitten during an effort to move the Gila monster from the roadway and save it from oncoming traffic.

The man was transported to Banner-University Medical Center in Tucson for treatment, and the latest information we have says he is still in critical condition.

According to the AZ Desert Museum, Gila monsters are one of only two venomous lizards in the world. Their bite is rarely deadly to humans, but it can cause extreme pain and other symptoms such as edema, bleeding, nausea, and vomiting.

It’s important to remember that Gila monsters are protected by law, so if you see one, leave it alone. If it’s in danger and might need to be relocated, call Arizona Game and Fish at (602) 942-3000.

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Re-Up Your Stash At Hana Dispensaries In Phoenix & Green Valley, AZ

Arizona cannabis space is thriving. As more dispensaries enter the scene, we’ll help connect you with the best shops in the state.After all, your dispensary experiences should not only be efficient but enjoyable. From the moment you step through the door to the second you leave, you should feel nothing but satisfied with your purchase and pleased with the shop’s customer service.For Arizonans in search of the best dispensaries, we’ve got you covered. Actually, ...

Arizona cannabis space is thriving. As more dispensaries enter the scene, we’ll help connect you with the best shops in the state.

After all, your dispensary experiences should not only be efficient but enjoyable. From the moment you step through the door to the second you leave, you should feel nothing but satisfied with your purchase and pleased with the shop’s customer service.

For Arizonans in search of the best dispensaries, we’ve got you covered. Actually, Hana Dispensaries have you covered. These shops in Phoenix and Green Valley take pride in helping beginners, medical patients, and seasoned users access products that make a difference.

Read on to learn more about Hana Dispensaries and a few product recommendations at both locations.

About Hana Dispensaries

Hana Dispensaries are all about convenience. In 2015, the brand became one of the first licensed medical dispensaries. Today, Hana serves both medical patients and recreational users from two easy-accessible locations in Arizona:

The team at Hana takes pride in being an Arizona original while sharing top-rated cannabis products with patients and casual users alike.

With a profound passion for the natural benefits of cannabis, Hana Dispensaries are where quality and education combine. The budtenders are eager to answer your questions to ensure your experience with cannabis is exactly how you desire.

The shops are contemporary and clean, kept together by the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Their team knows each product like the back of their hand to ensure you find something worthwhile for your specific situation.

Expect ample parking, easy-to-find locations, and the utmost convenience you could possibly receive from a dispensary. See below for some product recommendations at Hana’s two Arizona dispensaries.

Your Favorite Products Await

GMO Cookies Shake: Do you prefer the convenient, already-ground nature of shake? No grinding needed. Get right into the action with this GMO Cookies Shake from Hana Meds, available at Hana Dispensaries. It’s a hefty Indica strain with an impressive THC content of 28.19%, making for a total cannabinoid content of 33.92%. Get yours today and experience the finest of the dispensary’s in-house brand, Hana Meds.

King Louis XIII [1000mg]: Available in 500mg and 1000mg, this King Louis XIII Vape Cartridge is brought to you by DRIP Oils + Extracts, and it’s a heavy hitter. This premium distillate vape cartridge features a generous THC content of 96%. Needless to say, it’s one of the strongest available options at Hana Dispensaries, so why wait? Experience potency, purity, and flavor in one sleek cartridge.

Amy & Al’s Snickerdoodle Cookie: It doesn’t get much tastier (and stronger) than this delicious Snickerdoodle Cookie from Amy & Al’s, available at Hana Dispensaries. It contains hybrid genetics from medical-grade cannabis, and the entire cookie contains 100mg THC. Just ensure you’re careful with the dosing, as this sweet, innocent cookie has more than what meets the eye.

For more products and information about Hana Dispensaries, visit their website at

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Sahuarita Mission apartments in Green Valley sell for $8.8M

Northmarq Phoenix’s Investment Sales team of Trevor Koskovich, Jesse Hudson, Ryan Boyle and Logan Baca brokered the $8.8 million ($169,231/unit) sale of Sahuarita Mission, a 52-unit, apartment community located at 1091 W. Beta Street in Green Valley, Arizona. Northmarq’s Investment Sales team brokered the transaction for the Phoenix-based seller, Sahuarita Mission Owner, LLC (FSO Capital Partners.)Northmarq&rs...

Northmarq Phoenix’s Investment Sales team of Trevor Koskovich, Jesse Hudson, Ryan Boyle and Logan Baca brokered the $8.8 million ($169,231/unit) sale of Sahuarita Mission, a 52-unit, apartment community located at 1091 W. Beta Street in Green Valley, Arizona. Northmarq’s Investment Sales team brokered the transaction for the Phoenix-based seller, Sahuarita Mission Owner, LLC (FSO Capital Partners.)

Northmarq’s Debt and Equity team of Bryan Mummaw, Bryan Liu, Brandon Harrington, Christopher Gitibin, Brad Burns and Tyler Woodard provided financing for the buyer, WNC Apartment Ventures, LLC from Cypress, California, through its relationship with Freddie Mac securing a $5.93 million loan.

READ MORE: 50 commercial real estate companies to watch in 2023

“The buyer saw the opportunity for future revenue growth with 90 percent of the units now able to be rented at market rate as the property recently completed it’s 3-year deregulation period,” said Hudson. Built as an affordable community in 2000, 47 of the units are now able to be leased at market rate rents, with five units reserved for state HOME units with 50 and 60 percent AMI restrictions through July 2030. “Given our strong relationship with Freddie Mac and more specifically, the Targeted Affordable Housing programs, we were able to deliver very competitive terms to the borrower and push leverage in a choppy lending environment,” said Mummaw.

Sahuarita Mission was built in 2000 as an affordable community with four buildings, two- and three-story, on 2.88-acres. The previous owners recently invested over $350,000 in capital expenditures for improvements to roofs, HVACs, and both interior and exterior improvements to the community. The fully leased property includes two- and three-bedroom units that range in size from 822 sq. ft. to 1,013 sq. ft. The property includes a community clubhouse, children’s playground, picnic area with grill, laundry facilities and on-site leasing office. The units feature walk-in closets, balcony or patio, plush carpet and automatic dishwashers.

“There is additional opportunity for the buyers to increase revenue by implementing an interior renovation program to the units as well as adding income producing features like in-unit washers and dryers,” explained Hudson.

Sahuarita Mission is located in Green Valley, Arizona, located in Pima County and approximately 25 miles south of Tucson. The overall vacancy rate in the Tucson multifamily market was 7.4 percent at yearend 2022. Click here to read the full fourth quarter 2022 Tucson Multifamily Market Insights report.

Cedar Creek Fire contained at 106 acres




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Updated at 10:44 a.m.

The Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management is reporting Wednesday's Cedar Creek Fire is now fully contained after spreading 106 acres.

#CedarCreekFire is 100% contained at 106 acres. Crews continue to strengthen line & mop up any remaining interior hotspots. #AZFire #AZForestry

— AZ State Forestry (@azstateforestry) June 1, 2023


Updated at 9:45 a.m.

The Department of Forestry and Fire Management said someone who lives in the area was welding around 2 in the afternoon and that’s how they fire started. They said the fire burned at least 100 acres but said the fire isn’t spreading.

They said right now it’s at least 80 percent contained and said by tonight they’re expecting it to be fully contained.

As for any houses or buildings, they said those weren’t affected by the fire and said there were no evacuations.

They said crews will be working to put out hot spots tonight and tomorrow too.

__ __ __

Updated at 7:20 p.m.

Crews continue to work on controlling the fire and will remain doing so through the night and into tomorrow.

———Updated at 3:30 p.m.

The Cedar Creek Fire is moving north due to the wind covering about 30 to 40 acres.

———The Green Valley Fire Department is responding to a brush fire on West Hardscrabble Road and South Cedar Creek Road, south of Green Valley.

The Pima County Sheriff's Department advised through its Twitter feed that residents should be alert and prepared for an evacuation.

"Please take all necessary precautions and remember, if evacuation is implemented, DO NOT forget critical items such as medications, proper clothing, phone charging equipment, etc," PCSD said.

Stay with KGUN 9 for further updates.

——-Bivian Contreras is a real-time editor for KGUN 9. Bivian graduated from the University of Arizona School of Journalism with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Broadcast and is currently pursuing a degree in Broadcast Operational Meteorology. Share your story ideas and important issues with Bivian by emailing or by connecting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


This website publishes news articles that contain copyrighted material whose use has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. The non-commercial use of these news articles for the purposes of local news reporting constitutes "Fair Use" of the copyrighted materials as provided for in Section 107 of the US Copyright Law.