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Expanded or shortened sizes, including double-wide units
Roll-up doors, cargo doors, personnel doors, and sliding doors
Storage cabinets, tool cribs, racks, and shelving
Custom Work Spaces
Custom work areas and partitions
Stairs, ladders, platforms, and ramps
Vents & wind turbines
Vents and wind turbines
Skylights and windows
Skylights and windows
Lights, electrical, and communications
Lights, electrical, and communications
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
Specialty painting and signage
Specialty painting and signage

World-Class Fabrication &
Welding Facilities


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Reviews from our happy customers

David Qualls

“Great team. The Southwest Denver team worked closely with us on a custom design and the product turned out just as expected. Would use them again for sure. Everything was great from design to delivery.”

Michael Allison

“Good location easy to deal with modified container with good strong looking mechanism water tight delivery man well mannered good place.”

Mluzmar Mluzmar

“Awesome place to get custom orders the way you want.”

Ready for Your Container? Here's How to Prepare...


  • What barriers to entry will we encounter? (e.g. locked gates)
  • What are the road conditions like? (e.g. unpaved or hills)
  • Which direction should the container doors face?
  • Do you need pad or puck locks?


  • Delivery hours are Monday through Friday, 6am to 2pm.
  • Accommodations can be made
  • Ensure you have enough clearance space for your containers, including along the path to your chosen drop off spot. See the graphic for more details.
  • If your surface is unlevel, our drivers can place wood dunnage under your container to do a rough level. This ensures your containers’ doors open and close correctly. If you need us to relevel the container, we can do so at no extra charge.

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The Basics

Choose the Right Container for the Job

Do I need a design or drawing for my modified container?

You will need to provide a basic design, so we have an idea of what you want. We can draft the rest of your design based on any changes you request; however, we don’t correspond with zoning and/or permitting departments. 

Do you require a deposit for custom containers?

We ask that you pay 50% of the total cost of your container modification before we start construction on it. The final 50% is due before we ship it to you.

I have a large project in the pipeline. Would you be able to handle it?

Our 90,000 sq ft fabrication facility has an extensive staff of certified welders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, engineers, painters and fabricators that frequently handle multiple container modification projects at a time. With such a large in-house staff and indoor facility, we’re able to provide you with precise, consistently high quality custom shipping containers no matter the size of your project. 

Do you offer a guarantee for modified shipping containers?

Modified containers come with an industry standard one year warranty.

Do you buy back containers that have been modified?

We may buy back a custom container, depending on the type of modifications, the condition of the container, our current inventory and market conditions. 

Do you have engineers on staff that can provide drawings?

We have engineers on staff who can provide basic drawings in the process of building your custom container; however, we don’t provide engineered or CAD drawings. 

What types of containers do you use for your construction?

We use ISO standard containers in varying condition for modifications. Choose from wind and weathertight (WWT) or one-trip containers, based on your needs and budget. 

What size containers do you modify?

We can custom build anything and modify containers to any size that you need. Whether you need an extra wide container or a multistory structure, the possibilities are endless.