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Why Custom Storage Containers Are the Best Way to Solve Piping and Cord Challenges on Your Construction Site

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Storing your materials, tools and equipment on the construction site is essential for your business and using secure, custom storage containers you can take with you from site to site keeps your work at peak efficiency.

Some essential conduit and piping are 20 feet long, making them just barely too long to fit into a 20-foot storage container. You could size up to a 40-foot container, but you may not have the capability to transport a container that’s double the length.

When it comes to challenges like this, your construction company can benefit from using modified storage containers, specifically one that is customized to 24 feet and outfitted with special racks for keeping everything in place and organized.

Southwest Mobile Storage provides unique steel container solutions to a variety of electric and plumbing contractors, so we know the challenges of trying to keep your piping, cords, tools and other equipment in one central location that’s convenient and easy to get to. In this article, we’ll look at custom 24-foot storage containers specially built to solve challenges for electricians and plumbers.

Solving Construction Challenges with a Custom Storage Container

Doubling your storage container size from 20 feet to 40 feet solves the problem of not being able to fit your 20-foot-long materials, but you can’t transport a 40-foot container loaded, forcing you to have to load and unload it every time you need to move it. Plus, on construction sites with limited space, a 40-foot container might not even fit on site.

The ability to store all your piping and conduit lines in one place while still being able to transport it loaded from site to site makes 24-foot storage containers ideal for your business.

The extra four feet of length delivers 241.5 more cubic feet of storage space than a standard 20-foot container. This not only allows you enough room to store your longer pipes and materials, but also provides enough space for shelves and racks to hold your essentials in place.

At this size, the storage containers can still be moved from job site to job site loaded too, so you don’t have to worry about loading and unloading between projects, saving you precious time and money.

Having a 24-foot-long Conex box is only as good as your construction company’s ability to use it effectively and efficiently. Disorganization hinders your employees’ ability to get the tools and equipment they need quickly, wasting time and decreasing productivity.

Organizing your 24-foot cargo container with specialty racks helps you maximize your storage space while boosting productivity.

Cord Ideas for Custom Storage

Modify your storage container to include gorilla racks, open pipe racks and closed pipe racks for holding conduit, pipes and other materials to give them a designated location within the container that you and your crew can easily access. Having specific areas for certain tools and equipment in your freight container reduces clutter for a more productive and accessible work environment you only have to set up once.

Rather than open and close the large, heavy cargo doors every time you need access, you can make it even easier and faster to retrieve and store items in your construction company’s custom storage container.

Install custom doors to make moving conduit, cords, pipes, large equipment and everything else in and out of your container easier.

Going from the heat of the outdoors to the inside of a metal container that’s been baking in the sun is a recipe for heat-related illnesses at your construction site. Adding insulation, HVAC units, vents and wind turbines to your custom storage container can make all the difference in the safety of your crew when entering your container.

The options when using a 24-foot modified storage container for your construction business are endless and can be customized to fit any needs required further your success. Learn more about customizing shipping containers for construction.

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