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What is a Portable Pantry?

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Using a portable pantry storage container can give your restaurant the efficiency it needs to meet customer demand. Time is literal money in the food and beverage industry, where the more time your customer has to wait for their food, the less likely the chance they may return. Time is wasted when kitchen staff have to search for ingredients, causing preparation and serving to be delayed.

Renting a portable pantry storage container increases the storage capacity of your restaurant, giving staff a quick and convenient way to restock ingredients and giving you more square footage to hold dry goods and other inventory.

If your business is in food and beverage, portable pantries expand your business space and provide a variety of options for storing, whether it be dry goods, inventory, supplies, and more.

In this post, we’ll look at how your business can use a portable pantry and what other industries are using them.

Using a Portable Pantry Storage Container

Your restaurant or store might be using a store room to store your dry goods, dry foods, or inventory. But excess supplies can create clutter which can fill up your store room. This makes finding specific items or adding new items difficult. And if you have multiple locations, sharing inventory may mean having to constantly driving back and forth between stores to deliver items.

Portable pantry storage containers are ISO steel shipping containers that have been repurposed into storage containers. Regardless of size, these mobile containers offer ample space that fits into any budget. Four major benefits of using a portable pantry include:

  • Organization
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Portability

Using shelving units inside a mobile storage container rental helps keep items off the floor and dedicated sections, helping staff know exactly where a particular item is. This also helps employees or janitorial staff can easily clean. You can also add custom doors, such as roll up doors, that allow for easy access for both employees and distributions.

Our conex boxes all come with our dual locking system and lockboxes, giving your portable pantry high vault security to keep your goods and inventory safe.

If you run more than one restaurant or food store, a portable storage container rental can be used between those locations. This can also aid in any type of event, like a fair or cook off, as you can have your ingredients at arm’s length. And with your logo or business colors, you get the extra benefit of promoting your restaurant.

Other Uses for Portable Pantry Storage Containers

Storage container rentals aren’t just limited to storage, especially in the food and beverage industry. Mobile offices, for instance, are used to extend office space without having to build an addition. Another use is with a container farm.

Vertical container farms are vertical environments that allow food to grow, creating greater yields than traditional farming.

Customer awareness of where their food comes from has grown exponentially, with many wanting to ensure that their meals and food are locally grown, as well as shifting appetites to eating healthier. Restaurants and other eateries can use these container farms to grow their herbs, spices, leafy greens, and fruits, delivering a healthier and fresher menu for their customers.

Custom containers have also proven to be very popular for restaurants and bars, who have used them to create their business location or using them as pop up shops to travel to different areas and catering to different customers.

Renting a portable pantry storage container is a great low-cost and flexible option for your restaurant or eatery, with ease of access and convenience. Ready to get started? Get your free quote now! Interested in seeing how other restaurants are using containers? View our gallery or learn more about container modification.

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