Product Spotlight: 10 ft’ Shipping Containers

What are 10 ft’ shipping containers? What can you do with one?

When considering using ISO steel containers, the most common sizes are either 20 ft’ or 40 ft’ containers.

However, 10 ft’ containers can offer a lot of use, especially for smaller projects that don’t need the larger sized containers.

In this article, we’ll spotlight 10 ft’ shipping containers, what they are, and what you can use them for.

Product Spotlight on 10 ft’ Shipping Containers


Before we get started with what you can use a 10 ft’ conex box for, let’s look at what a 10-foot container actually is.

So what is a 10-foot shipping container?

Southwest Mobile Storage 10 ft' Shipping Container Delivery

In general, when speaking about a shipping container, most people are describing an ISO steel container.

ISO steel containers are built to withstand shipment, storage, and handling when traveling across the ocean on container ships.

Shipping containers are also called:

  • Intermodal freight containers
  • Cargo containers
  • ISO containers
  • Conex box
  • Sea can

As mentioned earlier, there can be several different sizes when picking and choosing a container. There are three standard sizes, which are:

  • 10-foot
  • 20-foot
  • 40-foot

20-foot and 40-foot containers are usually the ones chosen for larger projects, but 10-foot containers are perfect for smaller projects.


At 10-feet, just how big are these shipping containers? How much can they hold?

Measured as 10’ x 8’ x 8.5’, these conex boxes can hold about 80 square feet or 680 cubic feet.

To put that in perspective, a 10 ft’ shipping container can hold about 20 55’ gallon oil drums. It can hold enough for a studio or a small one bedroom apartment.


All containers, regardless of their size, are assigned grades. Container grades denote the condition of a shipping container.

This is usually done for used containers, but new or ‘one-trip’ containers are also given grades.

In most cases, 10 ft’ shipping containers are designated new or ‘one-trip’ because of how they are used when transporting cargo.

Seabox 10 ft' Quadtainer

When used in shipping, 10 ft’ containers are actually joined together to create what is known as a ‘quadcon’. This is four 10 ft’ containers connected.

There are also ‘tricons’ which are three 10 ft’ shipping containers connected.

After these containers have been used, they are separated into their original 10 ft’ container designation.

While 10 ft’ conex boxes will often be sold as new or one-trip, as they are only used in their tri or quadcon structures, you can buy used 10 ft’ containers.

What Can 10 ft’ Shipping Containers Be Used For?


Now that you’ve learned what 10 ft’ containers are, how big they are and what they can hold, and how they are rated, let’s look at what you can use them for.


Guard/Security Shack

Guard shacks or security booths are popular additions to any business that needs to check personnel and guests onto the property.

Conex Box Security Post

10 ft’ shipping containers can be modified to fit a business’ preferences, as seen with the image above.

These high security portable offices allow for security guards to do security checks at the front of a business, as well as operate during perimeter checks.


Concession stands

If your business needs to sell tickets to an event or selling food during an event, a 10 ft’ shipping container is a low cost alternative to a new building space.

Much like the guard shack above, these small containers are able to be fitted to what the businesses needs are.

The best part is that these stands can be moved. Like all shipping containers, 10 ft’ container stands are portable and can be moved to other locations.

Custom Pop Up Shipping Container

This is especially great for outside events, like concerts or fairs.

And depending on the size of the event, your business could continue the use of the quadcon design, creating a row of food or merchandise vendors.



The US labor force is made up of 63% Americans.

71% of adults reported at least one symptom of stress, like headaches, feeling overwhelmed, or feeling anxious.

The last decade has brought up mental health issues for employees and employers all around the world.

A 2014 poll done by Mind revealed that 95% of employees took time off for workplace stress. None of the respondent felt comfortable to state the reasons to their employer.

Because of this, businesses are looking to provide services, programs, and areas for employees to take a break and reduce their stress and anxiety.

Breakrooms, for instance, are great places for employees to destress.

10 ft' Shipping Container Bbreakroom

And with a 10 ft’ ISO steel container, your small business or startup can deliver a place for employees to relax.



Sometimes, small and startup businesses have to work in tight quarters.

As they begin to get their name and business out into the world, they may not have the budget to rent or buy a larger space or building.

Temporary workspaces and mobile offices are great for small businesses, startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

10 ft' Shipping Container from Southwest Mobile Storage

10 ft’ conex boxes can work great as either a small office addition to a home or business. In fact, many construction sites use these as mobile offices onsite.



One of the most common uses for shipping containers is storage.

As we mentioned earlier, 10 ft’ storage containers can fit items from a studio or a small one bedroom apartment, which makes them great for moving.

Storage containers also work for businesses. Excess inventory, tools, equipment, supplies, canned goods, and more can be stored for later use.

An example of this goes with the concession stand we stated above.

A 10 ft’ storage container next to the concession stand provides a quick and easy access to extra supplies while the stand runs throughout the day.

A 10 ft' Shipping Container Storage Room

Telecom shelters

With the need for technology increasing, now more than ever, the data that travels from cell towers, cables, and routers need somewhere to pass through.

This is what telecom shelters are.

These small sheds are usually housed under each cell tower to help with processing and routing incoming and outgoing data.

In most cases, the equipment for this process is behind a simple fence, but more and more companies are looking for more secure measures to protect the equipment inside.

Base Transceiver Stations, or BTS, are enclosures that help to protect telecom equipment from the elements and unauthorized outsiders.

A 10 ft’ shipping container is a fantastic alternative to traditional concrete BTS housings because of their portability, security, and easy set up.

Century Link Telecom Housing

Now that you know what 10 ft’ containers are being used for, let’s look at the different business industries that are using them.

Industries Using 10 ft’ Shipping Containers


We noted earlier that businesses that make use of 10 ft’ containers in a variety of ways, from storage to mobile offices.

But that’s not all they can be used for. 10 ft’ containers are useful in any and all industries, such as…


At the time of this writing, the world is still suffering the affects of the corona virus pandemic that began towards the end of 2019.

Hospitals, urgent cares, doctor’s offices, and other medical clinics are one of the hardest industries hit by the pandemic.

ICUs have reached or gone over capacity, causing near shortages of beds, while testing centers have slowly rolled out in order for people to get tested for symptoms.

Container hospitals have began to see another resurgence, giving medical professionals the ability to meet and treat patients in hard to reach areas.

Southwest Mobile Storage Medical Clinic

They are also being used for medical clinics, patient rooms, and testing labs. 10 ft’ mobile units are helping to extend medical services.



We mentioned the use of concession stands earlier, which can be used at fairs, public events, and concerts.

10 ft’ shipping containers are also used in the retail industry.

Inventory is the most common use, helping to expand a retail store’s space for incoming and current stock.

But another hidden gem for 10 ft’ containers is that of the pop up shop. Pop up shops are temporary store fronts with limited time frames.

Many big name stores like Adidas, Nike, Third Love, and more have created these temp store fronts in order to showcase new items or gain new customers.

We go more in depth with pop up shops in our ultimate guide.



Like healthcare, education has also been hit hard by the corona virus, with parents, schools, and students struggling to find ways to continue their schooling.

For low income students or those in rural parts of the country, getting adequate internet access is challenging.

We’ve showcased different container schools and how campuses are using shipping containers to bring the classroom to students.

Vissershok Primary Container School

10 ft’ containers can easily work as either mobile classrooms, testing rooms, classroom labs, or record storage.

In this blog, we looked at 10 ft’ shipping containers, what they are and what they’re made of. We looked at what they can be used for and industries that can use them.

10 ft’ containers are just one of the many different sizes that can been used by businesses and individuals.

If you’re looking to use 10 ft’ shipping containers or are interested in learning more about this standard size, give our offices a call at 800.686.9114.

Our container experts can help you pick the right sized mobile unit or conex box that will fit your organization’s project.

Call us or fill out the contact form below.


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