Product Spotlight: 20’ Storage Containers

What can you do with 20’ storage containers?

One of the standard sizes of shipping storage containers, 20’ containers are perfect pieces for businesses or homeowners.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at what 20’ storage containers are, what you can use them for, and how they’ve become increasingly popular.

Product Spotlight: 20’ Storage Containers

20' Storage Containers from Southwest Mobile Storage

So, what exactly are 20’ storage containers?

Generally speaking, storage containers are often used interchangeably with shipping containers, but they actually describe the same thing.

Both of these are ISO steel containers that have been built to withstand all manner of storage and handling when travelling on cargo ships.

20’ storage containers are the popular choice when choosing ISO steel Conex boxes because of the ample amount of space.

These containers hold roughly around 160 square feet or 1,360 cubic feet of space. In terms of items or equipment, they can about:

  • 100 washing machines or
  • 400 flat screen televisions

20’ storage containers are great for homeowners with two-bedroom homes.

Like with other shipping storage containers, 20’ containers are assigned grades based on their condition.

These grades are usually done for used containers, but they are can be given to new or ‘one-trip’ containers as well.

What Can You Do With 20’ Storage Containers?


What can you do with 20’ storage containers?

A lot!

As we mentioned in our product spotlight of 10 ft’ shipping containers, shipping containers can be used for a variety of projects.

20’ storage containers are by far the most used for storage, by both businesses and homeowners.

Providing extra storage, these containers allow for renovating or remodeling businesses and homeowners store items while working.

Residence Using 20' Storage Container

The construction industry has long been using storage containers, not only for storage but mobile offices as well.

This makes the perfect combination when on-site and away from the primary office.

But storage isn’t the only thing you can do with this size of container.

Because storage containers are so cost-effective, as well as being eco-friendly, many businesses and industries have been using containers as buildings.

Probably the one thing that people think of when considering shipping container building design are container homes.

However, container homes are just a few of the things that can be built using shipping storage containers.

Market 707 Shipping Container Mall in Toronto, Canada

We’ve written several blogs that spotlight these creative designs, including:

We’ll talk more about these creative architecture designs next.

The Rise of Cargotecture


We mentioned above how businesses and other industries are using storage containers for more than just storage.

Using storage containers for building materials is called shipping container architecture or cargotecture. We wrote an ultimate guide on the topic, which you can read here.

A report from Allied Market Research in 2020 showed the shipping container market could reach $12 billion dollars by 2027.

While the term ‘cargotecture’ was coined in 2003, the movement of building with storage containers didn’t really take off until 2010.

Recycling and repurposing ISO steel containers creates sustainable practices that provide environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Doing so can actually be 30% more cost-effective than using traditional construction methods.

Southwest Mobile Storage Customized Portable Storage Container

The concept of cargotecture allows businesses to create and design their own buildings, making them more customized.

Customizing and modifications can be as basic as adding a door or window, to unique creations like shopping malls or even entire apartment complexes.

In this blog, we looked at 20’ storage containers and what they can do.

20’ storage containers are very popular for many things and in many ways.

The space inside these Conex boxes is large enough to keep items stored and secured.

But they can also be used as alternative building materials.

This is can be a crucial component for areas where traditional building construction can’t be done.

If you’re interested in using a 20’ storage container for your business project, get in contact with us!

Our storage container experts can answer any question you might have and can provide guidance on which container is right for you.

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