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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Portable Container for Your Business

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When you buy a portable storage container for your business, you get an affordable, fast way to keep your growing inventory close at hand, while keeping your costs low and providing a quick way to market your business’s products and services to customers.

You need to be able to keep your products on hand to quickly fill orders for your customers. If you can’t, you might end up having to get rid of excess inventory, but this makes you lose revenue and forces you to purchase it again later when you actually need it.

If you decide to store your items at an offsite self-storage facility, you end up having to spend additional time and money to pay an employee to retrieve and store your items, putting you at risk of liability if anything happens on the way.

Buying a storage container for your business is an affordable, easy way to increase revenue and productivity, while saving money, time and stress. Learn 7 reasons why you should buy a portable container for your business.

7 Reasons to Buy a Portable Container for Your Business

1. Affordability

Off-site storage costs don’t just include facility fees. It also includes the cost of driving back and forth between two locations. Plus, many of self-storage facilities are only open during standard business hours, preventing before or after-hours drop-offs and pickups.

Not to mention that buying storage container gives you more storage space and a permanent solution that you only have to pay for once, costing your business less money per cubic foot than an offsite public storage unit.

Buy a portable storage container for your business for a long-term storage solution that gives you and your employees quick access to your inventory and equipment for a smaller price tag.

2. Efficiency

Going with the above, the ability to easily access items on-site creates better efficiency with employees. Having to drive across town to retrieve items or having to look for items can take time, cutting into valuable working hours.

Having an on-site portable container is convenient, only taking a few minutes or less to reach, and finding supplies or materials is simple when keeping an organized space. You can also add roll up doors to your storage container to make accessing your stored inventory even easier, boosting efficiency and productivity.

Buy a portable storage container with roll up doors to make your business operations more efficient.

Lock Box and Slide Bolt from Southwest Mobile Storage

3. Security for a Portable Container

Protection from thieves, unauthorized personnel and even weather is crucial for any business, especially considering how much it costs to repair or replace your inventory, equipment, tools and other valuables.

When you buy a portable container for your business, you need to be sure that the contents will be safe and secure. Luckily, Southwest Mobile Storage’s shipping containers for sale all come weatherproof and with a high-security dual-locking system, which makes it extremely difficult for intruders to break into our storage containers or mobile offices.

Choose a shipping container for sale that comes wind and water-tight and with high-security locks, so you won’t ever have to stress about the safety of your business’s valuables.

4. Mobility

When you have the need to expand your business by moving to a larger location, it can be a pain to pack up your current place, transport it and unpack it.

As the name suggests, portable containers are portable. This means you can simply transport your already loaded container to your new location – no packing required. Plus, you can store items for ongoing use at the location during the moving process so that you never lose access to what you need.

If you think you’ll need to relocate your container later, buy a storage container that’s 20 feet long or smaller so you can move it loaded.

5. Versatility

So far, we’ve mentioned using portable containers for storage, but storage is just one of the many possible uses. You can use portable containers that have been converted into mobile offices as breakrooms, guard shacks, traffic control booths and more.

Using portable containers as a workspace gives you the ability to solve your business needs for additional structures, without having to spend the time, money and energy it costs to renovate or build on your property.

Buy a portable container for your business with windows, electricity and more to avoid undergoing the costs of construction.

6. Portable Container Customization

If you have a unique business need, such as an experiential event display, shipping containers can get the job done.

Customizing portable containers to your exact specifications gives you a one-of-a-kind solution to your needs, helping you further your business. They can be modified into virtually anything. For example, your container can be turned into a pop up shop to display new products and services at exhibitions, trade shows and other events. These temporary storefronts cut down on costs for renting booths at a show, while also standing out against the competition to help you get more customers.

Buy a modified shipping container for your business and get the exact structure you need to expand your business.

7. Sustainable

If your business is invested in sustainable efforts or wants to incorporate more eco-friendly practices, buying shipping containers rather than alternatives can help you in your sustainability mission.

Shipping containers are manufactured for transporting goods all over the world for global trade. Once they’ve circulated for about 10 years, they’re either dropped into the ocean or sold for repurposing. This means that any shipping container you buy helps sustainable efforts by not polluting the ocean.

The more portable containers you buy for your business, the bigger positive impact you’ll have on the environment.

From storage to offices to pop up shops and more, buying portable containers gives you creative flexibility to use or build whatever you can think of. Learn more about how you can use storage containers for sale to expand your business.

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