Residential Container Modifications

If you can dream it, our container fabrication experts can build it.

From tack rooms to home gyms or she-sheds, we can convert containers into anything you desire. We can build a custom container of your dreams, so you can get the extra space you need without the cost and hassle of building permits and adding to your home. The corrugated steel of containers is very different than typical home building. It requires special tools, jigs and expertise to get it done right.

Whatever your need, we’ve got the experience and resources to make it happen.
Here’s why you should choose us to construct a customized container for your home:



Provide Your Design & Specifications

Ensure that your design includes all specifications you need and everything else you want. It’s easier to start with as many features you want and narrow down the list as you go through the process, than it is to add to the list later.

Make a Deposit

We require 50% of the total cost of your container modification before starting construction on it.

Delivery & Setup

Whether you need us to deliver and set it up for you, or just need our help loading it up on your trucker of choice to set it up yourself, we can accommodate whatever works best for you.

Get an Initial Quote & Timeframe

We’ll provide an initial ballpark quote to see if your current design will be within your budget. If not, we can always sharpen our pencils and get into the details to figure out the best way to meet your needs and your budget.

We Build It with Quality Control

For your peace of mind, our certified weld inspectors and quality control inspectors inspect all work on your modified containers every step of the way, ensuring your build is of the highest possible quality.


Approval Process

Finalize your specifications and sign off on final quote.

Pay Your Remaining Balance

The final 50% of your custom container is due before shipment.

Residential Containers to Modify

The possibilities are endless. We can modify containers into any size and custom build anything you need. You get the choice between cargo-worthy or one trip (new) containers for your custom container project. Cargo-worthy containers are wind-resistant, water-tight and typically spent 10 years carrying cargo. One trip containers have only made one cargo trip in their lifetime and are the newest possible option, as ISO shipping containers are not made in the US.

Standard Storage Containers for MODIFICATIONS


We’ve modified thousands of shipping containers for more than 25 years, and no two custom containers look exactly alike. Some modifications are small and simple, like adding doors or windows, while others are so complex that they turn the containers into multistory structures with electricity and plumbing. The possibilities are endless.

No matter what you need, our certified container fabrication experts can make your ideal custom container a reality.

Food & Beverage

Typical Applications

Container Events Bar
Mobile Coffee Outlet
Outdoor Catering
Pop-up Restaurant


Typical Applications

Exhibition Unit
Sales Office
Construction Site Office


Typical Applications

Car Dealerships
Pop-up Retail Shop
Auto Shop
Event Merchandising Stall
Barber Shop

Custom Use

Typical Applications

Confined Training
Garden Room
Bird Hides
Art Installation
Large Multiple Unit Container

Fire Training

Typical Applications
Customized fire training structures fabricated to meet the specific needs of the fire service industry, both domestic and international.

Container Farming

Typical Applications

Fully assembled and automated vertical, hydroponic farms built in 40 ft. insulated shipping containers.

FRequently asked questions

You will need to provide a basic design, so we have an idea of what you want. We can draft the rest of your design based on any changes you request. If your design needs state approval, we can send it off to the state’s agency for you.

Yes. Our certified engineers will provide drawings for you when you work with us to build your custom container.

We use cargo-worthy and one-trip containers, based on your choice and budget.

We require 50% deposit upon order. The other 50% is due before delivery of your customized container.

How delivery Works


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