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Our moving containers make it easy to fit moving your home into your busy schedule. Rather than making multiple trips and rushing to load, move and unload a rental truck in a few hours or hiring an expensive full moving service, residential moving containers let you take as long as you need to pack your container in the way you see fit, while maintaining constant access to your belongings. You also avoid the hassle of taking multiple trips. Plus, we offer you the option to store your shipping container at one of our secure facilities while you wait for your remodeling to finish or your move in and move out dates are not the same from your old to your new home.

When it comes to residential moving, we’ve got you covered. Our branches in Arizona, California and Colorado will provide you the highest quality and best experience from service to delivery. Our integrity depends on it. Here’s how:


We take care of the driving, so there is no need for you to make multiple trips across town or rent a large, awkward truck you may not be used to driving.


All our moving containers are wind and watertight (WWT), so you can rest assured your belongings stay dry and intact during your move.

Built-in Storage

A moving container keeps your items secure while you pack and unpack, and we give you the option to store it at our place or yours – whichever works best for you.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer easy month-to-month rental and prorating by the day after the first 28-day billing cycle. So, the only schedule you follow is your own. Just let us know when to pick up and deliver your moving container.

Complete Control

You have total control over all aspects of your move, from who has access to your belongings to how and when your container is packed and unpacked.

Vault-Like Security

High-security dual-locking systems come standard when you rent our moving containers to ensure your contents are safe.

We provide MORE EASE & CONVENIENCE than other moving solutions.

& Benefits
Southwest Mobile Storage White Logo On Your
a Truck
Non-ISO Containers
like PODS
Vault-like security with
complete control over who has access
to your belongings and when.
Sits on the ground,
so you don’t risk your safety
lifting items onto a truck.
Flexibility to pack, load
and unload as your
schedule allows.
Easily store and access
your stuff before, during
and after your move.
Built-in ability to store
during temporary relocations.
Transparent pricing with
no additional costs every
28-day billing cycle.
Dedicated expert and
support specialist through
your rental.

What size moving container do you need?

Typically, furniture and boxes in your home are spread out across the floor. In a shipping container, you pack from floor to ceiling. So, think of the square footage of your home as the equivalent to the cubic footage of one moving container.

NOTE: Due to Department of Transportation weight restrictions and precautions, only 20ft shipping containers or smaller can be transported on roadways. This is why it’s an industry standard that extra large homes need two 20ft containers versus one 40ft container for residential moves.

Home Type Home Size Need Container Size Container Capacity Weight Limit
400-600 sq. ft.
10' L x 8' W x 8.5' H
680 cu. ft.
2,000 - 5,000 lbs.
1 - 2 BR
600 - 1,200 sq. ft.
15' L x 8' W x 8.5' H
1020 cu. ft.
2,500 - 6,000 lbs.
2 - 3 BR
1,200 - 1,600 sq. ft.
20' L x 8' W x 8.5' H
1,360 cu. ft.
3,500 - 6,000 lbs.
4 BR
> 1,600 sq. ft.
Extra Large
Two 20' L x 8' W x 8.5' H
2,720 cu. ft.
22,500 lbs.

Looking for MORE container types?

Residential moving solutions. Southwest Mobile Storage.


No matter your home moving need, we put you first. When you rent, buy or modify a residential moving container, we’ll deliver the highest quality, most secure containers with the best value, service and expertise – along with transparent pricing you can trust.

We’ve got your back every step of the way. So, you can rest assured, saving time, money and energy.