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Shipping Container Delivery

Forklift lifting container - Southwest Mobile Storage

What To Expect on Delivery Day

We give you a 2-hour window upon scheduling delivery and call 30 minutes before our driver arrives. You don’t need to be there for delivery as long as you’ve cleared the area and we know where to place your steel container.

Door Direction

To ensure your ISO container’s doors can open, tell us which direction you need the doors to face. The direction of the doors when the steel container is loaded onto the truck will determine the direction they face when unloaded.

Red container with windows and HVAC. Southwest Mobile Storage.
Truck unloading container. Southwest Mobile Storage.

Before Placing Your Container

If your surface is not level or you’re concerned about damage, our drivers will put down wood dunnage blocks to protect your surface from scuffs and provide a sturdy, level foundation for the container.

Placing Your Container

Delivering containers requires precision and specific expertise. You can rest assured our drivers are the best in the business.

Truck delivering storage container. Southwest Mobile Storage.
ISO container on truck. Southwest Mobile Storage.

Picking Up & Relocating Your Containers

We can store your freight container at one of our branches or bring it straight to your desired destination. You must be present at pick up to unlock your storage container so we can ensure there are no prohibited items and everything is securely packed for transit.