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4 Uses for Shipping Containers in Retail

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If your retail store is overwhelmed with excess inventory or lack of space with your storefront, buying a shipping storage container can be a great way to store your items and use it for advertising your business. Lack of space can reduce the square footage of your store, creating a disorganized and unprofessional look to customers. It also makes it hard for you to find items and can even cut off additional rooms that could be used for fittings or office space.

A shipping storage container purchase gives your building extra storage space for your inventory, clearing your backrooms of clutter. But a purchased storage container can help promote your business, either while on-site or during an exhibition and puts your brand in the mind of potential customers.

From inventory storage to pop up shops, here are 4 uses for shipping containers in retail businesses.


4 Uses for Shipping Containers in Retail Businesses

1. Shipping Storage Containers for Excess Inventory

Retail businesses routinely receive incoming inventory, whether it’s the latest style of clothing or the newest toy on the market. In many cases, there’s more inventory than actual space.

Keeping your inventory in store, as mentioned, can create clutter. However if you’re storing at an offsite warehouse, you now have to spend the time and money to travel back and forth for anything you need or place something. Depending on the warehouse hours, you might not be able to visit before or after hours, meaning you have to go during your business hours.

Purchasing a storage container can provide quick and easy access, on-site, to your inventory. Instead of driving offsite, your storage container can sit near your store, cutting the drive time (and bypassing rush hour traffic) to nothing. And because you purchased your container, you have a wide variety of customizable features.

Retail Inventory Sale
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2. Pop Up Shops from Shipping Storage Containers

In an ever growing digital landscape and changing customer preferences, your retail store might be struggling to attract new customers or keep current ones. Promoting your business is a must, especially online, but advertising can be an expensive avenue.

Custom containers have become a trendy tool that help to heighten a brand’s presence in an affordable way. The easiest way is placing your business’ logo or painting your storage container in your business’ colors. But you can even further than that with the use of a pop up shop.

Pop up shops are temporary retail store fronts, usually done to highlight a brand launch, new item, or an event. Online retail businesses take advantage of pop up shops.

Not only will you be giving current customers the opportunity to browse in a physical location, but you can also gain the attention of potential customers.

But don’t think pop up shops can only be used by online businesses.

Physical retail businesses can use pop up shops to help announce new product lines or even partnerships.

Companies like Nike, Adidas, and others have used pop up shops for special promotions, product launches, and marketing purposes.

3. Mobile Satellite Offices out of Shipping Storage Containers

Your retail business might be small now, but you’re probably looking towards growing your business past your current location. While exciting, there are still challenges, such as finding a building for your new location and any rental agreements for its use.

Mobile office containers make perfect satellite offices as they cut down on building expenses, while also providing an additional location for your growing retail business.

4. Shopping malls/marketplaces

Taking pop up shops to a more permanent level, shopping malls and marketplaces have been created out of shipping containers as well.

London’s Boxpark, for example, was the first pop up shopping center created with shipping containers. It’s made from 60 standard containers, stacked two stories high and are 5 rows across.

Revolutsia was the first shopping mall in Wichita created with shipping containers, using 36 containers to also create a two-story development.

Purchasing a shipping storage container for your retail business can open up different opportunities, from storing large quantities of inventory and growing your business to other locations to using a pop up shop to promote your business brand.

If you’d like to know what other ways businesses have used shipping containers, check out our gallery of happy customers.

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