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3 Simple Ways Renting Shipping Containers Benefits Your School

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If your school is struggling with space constraints, renting shipping containers are an affordable, simple way of expanding, without the expense and hassle of building additions to your campus.

Limited budgets make it hard to accommodate the growing number of students enrolled at your school. Not only can it lead to cramped classrooms, but it also limits the amount of space you have to educate your students and store items for classrooms, after-school programs and administration.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the simple ways schools benefit from renting shipping containers.

Ways Shipping Containers Help Schools

1. Free Up Space and Preserve Equipment

Space is a hot commodity on quickly growing campuses. When you need to utilize your built-in storage space for your most essential items, it leaves you without a safe, secure place to store your other supplies and equipment. If you don’t find a safe, secure place to store your school’s items, you’re risking theft, costing money and time when you need to replace them later.

If you rent shipping containers for your school from Southwest Mobile Storage, you get a steel container that’s highly secure and wind and water-tight, so your contents are safe from both weather and thieves. Plus, it gives you a secure, safe place to store your school’s extra desks, textbooks, cleaning supplies, classroom supplies and anything else. As a result, you end up with more space inside your school for storing valuables or essentials.

Equipment Room for Grace Brethren HS

Renting shipping containers for your school gives you a convenient, affordable way to keep your school’s extra inventory safe and onsite for easy access.

2. Enrich Your Students’ Education

School closures, social distancing and overcrowded classrooms are all obstacles to your students’ education. For low-income and rural students having access to adequate technology on campus is essential, as many of your students may not have access to reliable internet connections or devices required to complete schoolwork at home.

These students benefit from having an area to work on projects at school by giving them the ability to complete their schoolwork and further their education. Mobile offices, also known as portable offices, are repurposed shipping containers designed to be an indoor workspace, including air conditioning and heating, lighting and internet jacks.

Renting shipping container offices to create workspaces, such as science labs or study rooms, gives you the ability to enrich your students’ education without the need for constructing additional buildings or renovating your current ones.

3. Adapt to Changing Educational Settings

As we saw with the onset of the 2020 pandemic, educational settings can change at the drop of a hat. The pandemic changed how schools and educators learn and teach, which may shape educational practices at your school for years to come.

Education is a crucial step in childhood development. Worldwide school closures have caused experts to worry about students not receiving the same quality education as they would have before. Shipping container classrooms can be the difference between students receiving an education and not receiving one as many students may not have access to technology they need to learn from home.

If your school is struggling to balance social distancing with in-person learning or to accommodate hybrid learning, renting portable offices gives you additional space to conduct class while maintaining social distancing.

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