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Southwest Mobile Storage is a family-owned shipping container business founded in 1995. Our strength for more than 25 years comes from the specialized knowledge and passion of our people, along with serving over 24,000 commercial, construction and residential customers. Our 90,000 sq. ft. facility and expertise in maintaining, manufacturing, and delivering corrugated steel containers are unrivaled in the industry.

While the rental side of our business is regional, with branches throughout the Southwest, our container sales and modification operations are nationwide and becoming global. Palmdale, CA, offers a wide selection of portable offices and mobile storage containers you can rent, buy or modify.

Our experts in container rental, sales and customization are committed to providing you with the highest quality and best experience from service to delivery - our reputation depends on it.

Whether you need shipping containers for storage, office, moving, multi-purpose or custom use, we've got your back.



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When you choose mobile storage containers over traditional storage facilities, you get more space for less, plus the convenience of onsite, 24/7 access to your valuables. And if you can't keep a container at your location, we offer you the flexibility to store it at our place instead. Rest assured, our high-quality storage containers will keep your items safe from weather, pests and break-ins. When you need to rent, buy or modify mobile storage containers in Palmdale, CA, look no further than Southwest Mobile Storage.

Our certified experts modify containers to fit any of your business needs or events.

Our shipping container modifications can help improve or expand your business. We can customize containers to any size you need, so you can rest easy knowing you have enough space for your inventory, documents, equipment or services.

Here's why you should choose us for your container modifications:

  • We offer the highest quality modifications on the market.
  • Our certified fabricators have years of combined experience in container modifications. No other company in the industry matches our expertise.
  • We have modified thousands of containers over the past 25 years for foreign and domestic clients.
  • Our certified weld and quality control inspectors ensure everything is structurally sound and built to your specifications through every step of the process.
  • We can build multiple projects simultaneously in our 90,000 sq ft fabrication facility with consistent quality and a fast turnaround.
  • Most of our competition outsources their modifications, so you don’t know who is doing the work or how much markup is involved.
  • Even after your custom container has been delivered, we still have your back. Our full-service staff can provide maintenance and quick modifications at your location.
Storage Containers Palmdale, CA
Southwest Mobile Storage


 Rent Storage Containers Palmdale, CA


When you own a business or manage one, it's crucial to have efficient, affordable ways to store inventory and supplies, whether it's to grow your business or adapt to changes in the market. Renting or buying storage containers to keep at your business eliminates the cost and hassles of sending your staff to offsite storage facilities. If you're in need of a custom solution, we'll modify shipping containers into whatever you need to grow your business. Whether it's new paint with your branding, a durable container laboratory for scientific research, or mobile wastewater treatment units,our unrivaled fabrication facility and modification expertshave you covered.



We know how important it is for your construction company to have reliable, secure storage and comfortable office space at your jobsite. All our storage containers for rent in Palmdale, CA, come standard with first-rate multi-point locking systems, so you can rest assured your tools, equipment and materials are safe and secure. We also understand that construction can run long or finish early. We'll accommodate your schedule, even on short notice, and will prorate your rent after your first 28 days, so you don't have to pay for more than you actually need. With us, you also won't have to deal with the hassle of a large call center. Instead, you'll have dedicated sales representatives who will work with you for the entirety of your business with us.

 Storage Containers For Rent Palmdale, CA
 Mobile Storage Containers Palmdale, CA


Get 24/7 access to your personal belongings without ever leaving your property. Whether you need short-term storage during home renovations or to permanently expand your home's storage space, our shipping containers for rental, sale and modification in Palmdale, CA, are the most convenient, secure solution. With our first-rate security features, using a storage container for your holiday decorations, lawn equipment, furniture, and other items will keep your contents safer than if you used a shed. Don't have room on your property? We also offer the option to keep your container at our secure facility. Our experienced team is here to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.



Our ground-mounted mobile offices provide comfortable, temperature-controlled workspace without the extra expenses associated with portable office trailers, like stairs, metal skirting or setup and removal fees. Whether you only need one workspace, storage to go with it, or separate rooms in one container, we've got you covered. With our 500 years of combined container fabrication experience, rest easy knowing your mobile office is of the highest quality craftsmanship when you choose Southwest Mobile Storage.


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24' Double Door Container
30' Double Door Container
40' Double Door Container

Standard Storage Containers for Rent

10' Open Bay Offices
20' Open Bay Offices
40' Open Bay Offices
40' Office with Split Rooms
20' Office/Storage Combo
24' Office/Storage Combo
40' Office/Storage Combo


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Southwest Mobile Storage
Southwest Mobile Storage


Shipping container rentals

Up to six points for adding locks to your shipping container, including a high-security slide bolt for puck locks.

Extra-long lockbox to ensure you always have at least one lock keeping your mobile storage container safe from break-ins.

Shipping container Security
Southwest Shipping container rentals

No holes to ensure your rental shipping container is wind and watertight.

Our 14-gauge corrugated steel containers are stronger than other storage solutions like pods.

Shipping container 4 Guage steel
Southwest Shipping container


 Rent Shipping Containers Palmdale, CA

Shop and compare. When it comes to quality, delivery, security and service, you won't find a better value.

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 Portable Storage Containers For Rent Palmdale, CA

High security, multi-point locking systems come standard on all our rental containers at no additional cost.

Shipping container First-Rate-Security
 Storage Container Rental Palmdale, CA

90,000 sq ft indoor fabrication center and certified experts with more than 500 years combined experience in customized container modification.

Shipping container unrivaled expertise
 Shipping Containers For Rent Palmdale, CA

One reliable point of contact, seamless delivery and dependable service you can trust every step of the way.

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In a few short minutes, our helpful staff can answer all your questions.

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Latest News in Palmdale, CA

5 Things You Need to Know about CA Labor: JUNE 2023

Brothers and Sisters,Here it is. The 5 things you have to know affecting the California Labor Movement!First Unionized Amazon Drivers on Strike (and Need Your Help!)Eighty-four drivers and dispatchers at Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner BTS in Palmdale, CA, organized with the Teamsters in April and negotiated a collective bargaining agreement that raises pay to $30 per hour and guarantees their right to refuse unsafe work. Despite the absolute control it wields over working conditions and over the...

Brothers and Sisters,

Here it is. The 5 things you have to know affecting the California Labor Movement!

First Unionized Amazon Drivers on Strike (and Need Your Help!)

Eighty-four drivers and dispatchers at Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner BTS in Palmdale, CA, organized with the Teamsters in April and negotiated a collective bargaining agreement that raises pay to $30 per hour and guarantees their right to refuse unsafe work. Despite the absolute control it wields over working conditions and over the contractor BTS, Amazon has refused to recognize or honor the union contract. Instead, Amazon has engaged in dozens of unfair labor practices in violation of federal labor law.

In Palmdale, summer temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees. To work safely in that heat, workers need reduced quotas, plenty of water, and access to cool spaces to rest. But for years, Amazon has refused to even fix the air conditioning in their vans and rationed how many bottles of water the workers can take on their routes. The workers also have to deliver packages on unsafe, unpaved roads or to homes with aggressive dogs.

These workers are not backing down in the face of Amazon’s threats, but they need financial support so they can continue to take care of their families as they fight back against Amazon. Can you make a donation to support these brave workers?

Organize California Institute Coming to a Location Near You

As you may know we are doubling down on building organizing capacity in California’s labor movement. One of the ways we are doing it is by holding 3-day Organizing Trainings in communities throughout California. We had a very successful Institute and Drive in San Diego in February. We will be in Oakland later this week and in August 18-20, we will be bringing the OCI to the Inland Empire! If you or your union is interested in participating in the Inland Empire training (or a future one near you) please register here or email

Hot Labor Summer Is On!

The Writers Guild has been on the picket line for 7 weeks, SAG-AFTRA voted overwhelmingly (97%) to strike if necessary, Teamster UPS drivers also delivered a 97% strike authorization vote if their contract is not settled this coming month, UNITE HERE Local 11 hotel workers in Los Angeles authorized a strike at 100 properties this summer, and SEIU LOCAL 1000 is escalating their actions for a fair contract.

In every industry, every union, we are seeing workers saying enough is enough to wages that can’t pay the bills and bosses who have profited off their hard work. And the world is taking notice. You can read stories about all the bubbling labor activity here or here. See you on the picket line!

Julie Su Does It Again! (Now confirm her already!)

No one in the California worker movement needs to be reminded why Julie Su is the most qualified candidate we may have ever had for US Labor Secretary. Her decades of work in the Golden State are beyond comparison. But, as Acting Secretary of Labor, she showed us once more. She helped mediate a contract between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and the Pacific Maritime Association. Her incredible work helped avoid a shutdown of our California Ports and will keep Port workers on the job. Now, we are patiently awaiting her confirmation.

In Solidarity,

Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher

Rare Footage Shows 'Invisible' Nuclear Bomber Flying in California

Footage has emerged of the first reported flight of the U.S. Air Force's new nuclear stealth bomber.The Northrop Grumman B-21 "Raider" was captured on video flying outside an aircraft manufacturing plant in Palmdale, California, on Friday. T...

Footage has emerged of the first reported flight of the U.S. Air Force's new nuclear stealth bomber.

The Northrop Grumman B-21 "Raider" was captured on video flying outside an aircraft manufacturing plant in Palmdale, California, on Friday. The test flight comes less than a year after the Raider was introduced to the public and less than a month after it was seen carrying out taxi tests on a runway.

On its website, the U.S. Department of Defense wrote the B-21 Raider "is expected to serve within a larger family of systems for conventional long-range strike, including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; electronic attack; communication; and other capabilities."

The Pentagon noted the design of the nuclear-capable aircraft allows it to be manned or operated remotely, and it is capable of employing "a broad mix of stand-off and direct-attack munitions."

Perhaps most notable about the B-21 Raider is that it's considered a "stealth" aircraft, which are often referred to as being "invisible" due to the bombers being hard for adversaries to detect on radar.

Reuters reported there are six test B-21s in production now, and the Air Force is expected to buy at least 100 of the aircraft to replace B-1 and B-2 bombers.

The Raider's maiden flight on Friday was not announced by the Air Force, but spectators on the ground captured it in the air and posted images and videos on social media.

Among those that recorded the Raider was Matt Hartman, a freelance photojournalist, who posted a clip on X (formerly Twitter) of the B-21 soaring overhead.

Moshe Schwartz, a reporter for the website Yeshiva World News, also posted a clip on X of the B-21 flying near Palmdale.

"The B-21 Raider is in flight testing," Ann Stefanek, a U.S. Air Force spokesperson, told Newsweek in a statement. "Flight testing is a critical step in the test campaign managed by the Air Force Test Center and 412th Test Wing's B-21 Combined Test Force to provide survivable, long-range, penetrating strike capabilities to deter aggression and strategic attacks against the United States, allies, and partners.

Newsweek reached out to Northrop Grumman via email for further comment.

When the Raider was unveiled in a December 2022 ceremony, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin delivered remarks about the new bomber.

"It can handle anything from gathering intel to battle management to integrating with our allies and partners," Austin said. "And it will work seamlessly across domains, and theaters, and across the joint force."

Speaking about the Raider's stealth capabilities, the defense secretary said that "fifty years of advances in low-observable technology have gone into this aircraft, and even the most sophisticated air-defense systems will struggle to detect a B-21 in the sky."

Austin added: "The B-21's edge will last for decades to come."

Update 11/13/23 11:40 p.m. ET: This story has been updated to include a statement from a spokesperson for the U.S. Air Force.

Trader Joe’s to build massive distribution center in Palmdale

Trader Joe’s will begin construction later this year on a 1 million-square-foot food assembly and distribution center in Palmdale that’s expected to employ 800 to 1,000 workers.The 104-acre project site, at the southeast corner of Avenue M and 10th St. West, will include three buildings — an 827,000-square-foot “hub” building, a 211,000-square-foot freezer facility and a 6,000-square-foot accessory building.Construction of the 1.03-million-square-foot logistics center is scheduled to begin in Decem...

Trader Joe’s will begin construction later this year on a 1 million-square-foot food assembly and distribution center in Palmdale that’s expected to employ 800 to 1,000 workers.

The 104-acre project site, at the southeast corner of Avenue M and 10th St. West, will include three buildings — an 827,000-square-foot “hub” building, a 211,000-square-foot freezer facility and a 6,000-square-foot accessory building.

Construction of the 1.03-million-square-foot logistics center is scheduled to begin in December and be completed in the fourth quarter of 2024. It will support Trader Joe’s stores throughout Southern California.

The city included several conditions of approval for the project, including the widening of Avenue M and 10th St. West, construction of a sidewalk, curb and gutter, installation of a 12-foot bike path along Avenue M and 10th St. West and the installation of traffic signals at the 14 freeway/Ave M off ramps.

The project, which gained Planning Commission approval at a January 2022 meeting, lies within the Antelope Valley Business Park Specific Plan and is covered under the plan’s Environmental Impact Report, which was approved in 1992.

“We are thrilled that Trader Joe’s has selected Palmdale as a destination to expand their business with their new food assembly and distribution facility,” Mayor Laura Bettencourt said in a statement.

Bettencourt said the project aligns with the city’s “commitment to economic vitality, innovation and job creation,” and will likely spur additional industrial development in Palmdale. It will also bring more property tax revenue to the city.

City officials said it will be Trader Joe’s first distribution center in Los Angeles County and the company’s largest logistics facility in California. The company operates additional distribution facilities in Fontana and Stockton.

Representatives with the Monrovia-based retail chain could not be reached to comment on the cost of the project, but the city placed its value — counting construction and improvements — at more than $150 million.

City Councilman Austin Bishop said the new jobs will be welcome, as the region has more than 70,000 commuters who often make their way into Los Angeles and surrounding areas on clogged freeways.

“The idea of providing opportunities for our residents to work closer to home and spend less time commuting so they can free up their time to spend with family contributes to the overall well-being of our community,” he said.

Trader Joe’s didn’t say what jobs will be available at the new facility or what the wages will be. But data from show packers at Trader Joe’s warehouses in California average $18.33 an hour, while forklift operators make $18.96 an hour and order pickers average $23.93.

The Trader Joe’s distribution complex will be Palmdale’s third largest facility, behind Northrop and Lockheed’s operations at Air Force Plant 42, city officials said.

The project will also include a 12.2-acre Joshua tree preservation area. Placards will be placed at various locations surrounding the area to identify western Joshua trees with information concerning the importance of their conservation.

Founded in 1967 in the L.A. area, Trader Joe’s has since expanded to include more than 500 stores in 42 states and Washington, D.C.

July Fireworks Fest & Concert 2023: Amphitheater, Palmdale

Fireworks Celebration & Platinum Groove ConcertSaturday, July 1, 2023 Palmdale Amphitheater, 2723 Rancho Vista Blvd., Palmdale, CAFrom Palmdale Amphitheater, Palmdale Parks & Recreation an...

Fireworks Celebration & Platinum Groove Concert

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Palmdale Amphitheater, 2723 Rancho Vista Blvd., Palmdale, CA

From Palmdale Amphitheater, Palmdale Parks & Recreation and City of Palmdale:

"Back by popular demand, The Platinum Groove will kick-off the evening's festivities with a live super show of platinum rock, soul, pop, dance, and oldies hits.

"An amazingly colorful fireworks show choreographed to a wide variety of music sure to appeal all music lovers follows the concert.

"A celebration of the beginning of Independence Day week, this visually spectacular event is sure to delight attendees of all ages.

"Gates open at 6:00 p.m.; concert begins at 8:00 p.m. Firework show begins at sundown.

"Event is CASH FREE. Only Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted.

"Children 12 and under are admitted free with a complimentary reserved ticket. An adult must accompany children.

"Chairs not provided. Festival-style seating; bring a lawn chair or blanket.

"Food and snack vendors will be on-site for your convenience; No outside food or beverages allowed.

"Beer and wine will be available for purchase from local vendors including Lucky Luke Brewing, Bravery Brewing, and Thief & Barrel Winery.Additional information can be found on the House Rules & Code of Conduct page.

"Limited parking, arrive early. On-site parking will be very limited. Alternative transportation and ridesharing is encouraged.

"Visit for more information.

"Additional parking is available at the following locations (approximately 20 minute walk):• The Highlands Christian Fellowship, 39625 20th St. West• Highland High School, 39055 25th St. West

"What should I do if I live near the Amphitheater and have pets?

"On July 1, take extra precautions between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. The firework show is approximately 17 minutes.

"If you'd like to shelter your animal in your vehicle or trailer, you are welcome to park in the parking lot at Pelona Vista Park, 37720 Tierra Subida Ave. Animals must never be left unattended. Only dogs and cats are allowed in the park on a leash, all other animals must remain in vehicle or trailer."


--Image via Mark Nero/Patch


The 11th Annual Tequila & Taco Music Festival to bring two days of the finest in tequila, tacos, and entertainment for the 1st time to the Antelope Valley August 11-12th, 2023Palmdale, California --News Direct-- 500NewsWirePalmdale, California, July 20, 2023 (500NewsWire) – ...

The 11th Annual Tequila & Taco Music Festival to bring two days of the finest in tequila, tacos, and entertainment for the 1st time to the Antelope Valley August 11-12th, 2023

Palmdale, California --News Direct-- 500NewsWire

Palmdale, California, July 20, 2023 (500NewsWire) – Tequila & Taco Music Festival will mambo right into the Antelope Valley August 11-12 at the Palmdale Amphitheater. Festival goers will be able to enjoy tequila sampling, live entertainment, delicious street tacos, craft beer, refreshing margaritas, and an artisanal craft market while listening to both great Latin music and 90’s sensation Baby Bash.

A variety of over 20 top-shelf tequila brands will be participating in the festival’s Friday night and Saturday tequila tasting, and delicious margaritas and other beverages will be available for purchase. Attendees will also be able to enjoy delicious gourmet street tacos from a range of over 15 popular food vendors and over 40 different variations of tacos.

Friday night Sambada, the original Brazilian-reggae-funk band with open the show and charm fans with their unique sounds, stage costumes, and dance moves. Headlined by 90’s superstar Baby Bash. Fans most notoriously know Baby Bash for his first solo album, Savage Dreams, which was released in 2001. In 2003, Baby Bash’s first album on a major label, entitled Tha Smokin’ Nephew, went Gold. He followed it up with Super Saucy in 2005, which spawned the hit single, Baby I’m Back. He is known for his numerous collaborations and songwriting for top talent.

Saturday fans can get their salsa on with Latin Selena cover band Adelaide followed by Vilma Diaz Y La Sonora (Vilma Diaz the former singer of the world-famous tropical band La Sonora Dinamita) Internationally recognized, Vilma signed a record contract at the age of 20 and has since performed for the King of Spain & President of El Salvador. She continues to sing with passionate vocals, vibrating percussion, and deeply sensual horns and rhythm.

The will take place on Friday and Saturday, August 11&12, from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Friday; 1:00 to 9:00 pm on Saturday. Tequila sampling tickets are $39.99, and tequila tasting takes place on both Friday and Saturday. General admission tickets are $14.99 for both days. All ages are welcome but to purchase or consume alcohol, individuals must be 21 years of age or older with a valid ID. Tickets can be purchased online in advance and will also be sold at the door the day of the event while supplies last. For more information, to see the full music lineup and to purchase tickets, please visit .

In 2020, launched the first drive-in, live, theatre-in-the-round-style and socially distanced entertainment experience in California – Concerts In Your Car. They continue to lead the pack with their new music and food festival series, Surfers Point Live! bringing top name talent to their stage at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. From their legendary Boots & Brews Country Music Festivals to Tequila & Taco Festivals, Winter Wine Walks and more, CBF’s visionary events have been on the forefront of the food/drink and music festival circuit for over 14 years.

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