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Southwest Mobile Storage is a family-owned shipping container business founded in 1995. Our strength for more than 25 years comes from the specialized knowledge and passion of our people, along with serving over 24,000 commercial, construction and residential customers. Our 90,000 sq. ft. facility and expertise in maintaining, manufacturing, and delivering corrugated steel containers are unrivaled in the industry.

While the rental side of our business is regional, with branches throughout the Southwest, our container sales and modification operations are nationwide and becoming global. Scottsdale, AZ, offers a wide selection of portable offices and mobile storage containers you can rent, buy or modify.

Our experts in container rental, sales and customization are committed to providing you with the highest quality and best experience from service to delivery - our reputation depends on it.

Whether you need shipping containers for storage, office, moving, multi-purpose or custom use, we've got your back.



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When you choose mobile storage containers over traditional storage facilities, you get more space for less, plus the convenience of onsite, 24/7 access to your valuables. And if you can't keep a container at your location, we offer you the flexibility to store it at our place instead. Rest assured, our high-quality storage containers will keep your items safe from weather, pests and break-ins. When you need to rent, buy or modify mobile storage containers in Scottsdale, AZ, look no further than Southwest Mobile Storage.

Our certified experts modify containers to fit any of your business needs or events.

Our shipping container modifications can help improve or expand your business. We can customize containers to any size you need, so you can rest easy knowing you have enough space for your inventory, documents, equipment or services.

Here's why you should choose us for your container modifications:

  • We offer the highest quality modifications on the market.
  • Our certified fabricators have years of combined experience in container modifications. No other company in the industry matches our expertise.
  • We have modified thousands of containers over the past 25 years for foreign and domestic clients.
  • Our certified weld and quality control inspectors ensure everything is structurally sound and built to your specifications through every step of the process.
  • We can build multiple projects simultaneously in our 90,000 sq ft fabrication facility with consistent quality and a fast turnaround.
  • Most of our competition outsources their modifications, so you don’t know who is doing the work or how much markup is involved.
  • Even after your custom container has been delivered, we still have your back. Our full-service staff can provide maintenance and quick modifications at your location.
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Southwest Mobile Storage


 Rent Storage Containers Scottsdale, AZ


When you own a business or manage one, it's crucial to have efficient, affordable ways to store inventory and supplies, whether it's to grow your business or adapt to changes in the market. Renting or buying storage containers to keep at your business eliminates the cost and hassles of sending your staff to offsite storage facilities. If you're in need of a custom solution, we'll modify shipping containers into whatever you need to grow your business. Whether it's new paint with your branding, a durable container laboratory for scientific research, or mobile wastewater treatment units,our unrivaled fabrication facility and modification expertshave you covered.



We know how important it is for your construction company to have reliable, secure storage and comfortable office space at your jobsite. All our storage containers for rent in Scottsdale, AZ, come standard with first-rate multi-point locking systems, so you can rest assured your tools, equipment and materials are safe and secure. We also understand that construction can run long or finish early. We'll accommodate your schedule, even on short notice, and will prorate your rent after your first 28 days, so you don't have to pay for more than you actually need. With us, you also won't have to deal with the hassle of a large call center. Instead, you'll have dedicated sales representatives who will work with you for the entirety of your business with us.

 Storage Containers For Rent Scottsdale, AZ
 Mobile Storage Containers Scottsdale, AZ


Get 24/7 access to your personal belongings without ever leaving your property. Whether you need short-term storage during home renovations or to permanently expand your home's storage space, our shipping containers for rental, sale and modification in Scottsdale, AZ, are the most convenient, secure solution. With our first-rate security features, using a storage container for your holiday decorations, lawn equipment, furniture, and other items will keep your contents safer than if you used a shed. Don't have room on your property? We also offer the option to keep your container at our secure facility. Our experienced team is here to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.



Our ground-mounted mobile offices provide comfortable, temperature-controlled workspace without the extra expenses associated with portable office trailers, like stairs, metal skirting or setup and removal fees. Whether you only need one workspace, storage to go with it, or separate rooms in one container, we've got you covered. With our 500 years of combined container fabrication experience, rest easy knowing your mobile office is of the highest quality craftsmanship when you choose Southwest Mobile Storage.


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Shipping container rentals

Up to six points for adding locks to your shipping container, including a high-security slide bolt for puck locks.

Extra-long lockbox to ensure you always have at least one lock keeping your mobile storage container safe from break-ins.

Shipping container Security
Southwest Shipping container rentals

No holes to ensure your rental shipping container is wind and watertight.

Our 14-gauge corrugated steel containers are stronger than other storage solutions like pods.

Shipping container 4 Guage steel
Southwest Shipping container


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Shop and compare. When it comes to quality, delivery, security and service, you won't find a better value.

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 Portable Storage Containers For Rent Scottsdale, AZ

High security, multi-point locking systems come standard on all our rental containers at no additional cost.

Shipping container First-Rate-Security
 Storage Container Rental Scottsdale, AZ

90,000 sq ft indoor fabrication center and certified experts with more than 500 years combined experience in customized container modification.

Shipping container unrivaled expertise
 Shipping Containers For Rent Scottsdale, AZ

One reliable point of contact, seamless delivery and dependable service you can trust every step of the way.

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In a few short minutes, our helpful staff can answer all your questions.

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Latest News in Scottsdale, AZ

Homeowners file restraining order after HOA issues outlandish neighborhood-wide fine: ‘This has been a nightmare for 3 years’

Homeowners in Scottsdale, Arizona, had to resort to drastic legal action when their local HOA, called DC Ranch, refused to stop removing their beloved Sissoo trees, 12News reported.There are hundreds of Sissoo trees in the Silverleaf Arcadia neighborhood. As homeowner...

Homeowners in Scottsdale, Arizona, had to resort to drastic legal action when their local HOA, called DC Ranch, refused to stop removing their beloved Sissoo trees, 12News reported.

There are hundreds of Sissoo trees in the Silverleaf Arcadia neighborhood. As homeowner Paul Petelin told the news station, “Everybody knew this was the tree neighborhood.”

Another resident, Barry Chasse, agreed. “That’s why our family moved here,” he said.

But according to a third homeowner, Tom La Porte, DC Ranch disagreed — and has been trying to remove all the trees since 2020. “This has been a nightmare for three years,” La Porte told 12News.

As La Porte explained, the HOA’s issue was the trees’ roots. Sissoo trees have a reputation for damaging pavement and plumbing, which are expensive to fix.

However, DC Ranch’s extreme reaction — removing all of the trees — didn’t sit well with many residents. As La Porte pointed out in a lawsuit he filed last year, the shade-giving, air-purifying, and valuable trees were part of the neighborhood’s original development plan.

La Porte also alleged that the HOA had failed in its duty to maintain the trees — one possible explanation for any damage the roots might be causing now.

Despite the ongoing resistance from many residents, DC Ranch pressed forward with removing the trees. Even when the parties were in negotiation to reach a middle ground, the trees were still being cut.

To put a stop to the destruction until a final decision could be reached, La Porte and others filed a temporary restraining order against DC Ranch. Under the terms of that order, the HOA couldn’t remove any more trees unless the owner of each individual tree agreed to it.

That worked until DC Ranch assessed a $3,000 fee for each of the community’s homeowners to pay for tree removal. The assessment included all of the owners who hadn’t had a tree removed and didn’t want to.

The La Portes planned to fight the charge with another lawsuit.

“I didn’t take my trees out. I don’t know why I should have to pay for anybody else.” Juli La Porte told 12News. “For me to have to pay for that is just not right.”

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Construction underway at TPC for 2024 WM Phoenix Open

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ — It's now less than four months until the 2024 Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Event organizers and safety officials said preparations are well underway for the upcoming 89th installment of the "Greatest Show on Grass."

"Fingers crossed, everything's going great," said chairman George Thimsen. "Our team is very experienced out here."

Preparations really have been underway since the end of the last Open.

"As soon as that last ball drops on that Super Bowl Sunday, we're already thinking about, what can we do to improve on this next year?" Thimsen said.

That's a similar mindset for Scottsdale safety officials too.

"It's probably back to business as usual," said Scottsdale Fire Department Captain Dave Folio. "We really ramped it up last year because of the Super Bowl."

Folio said they're always working to make the massive event safer and more efficient for everyone year after year.

"We always learn some stuff, like, if you noticed this year, that front entrance got really congested, so you'll probably see a wider entrance," he said.

His department's engineers are now out making sure the "city within a city," that TPC Scottsdale is commonly referred to as during the Phoenix Open, is going up structurally sound.

"We as a fire department have to be able to know where to stage equipment, know that we have large cooking facilities at [the 16th hole] where there's ten thousand people [near] cooking oils and propanes," Folio said.

Several announcements have been made regarding entertainment at the 2024 WMPO.

The lineup for the Coors Light Bird's Nest is starting to take shape.

Country music stars Hardy and Bailey Zimmerman will hit the stage Wednesday, February 7. Hip-hop artist mike. will open the show.

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OneNeck IT Solutions Receives 2023 Best of Scottsdale Award

MIDDLETON, Wis., Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- OneNeck IT Solutions has been selected for the 2023 Best of Scottsdale Award in the Computer Support and Services category by the Scottsdale Award Program.Each year, the Scottsdale Award Program identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make...

MIDDLETON, Wis., Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- OneNeck IT Solutions has been selected for the 2023 Best of Scottsdale Award in the Computer Support and Services category by the Scottsdale Award Program.

Each year, the Scottsdale Award Program identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Scottsdale area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2023 Scottsdale Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Scottsdale Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Scottsdale Award Program

The Scottsdale Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Scottsdale area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Scottsdale Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community's contributions to the U.S. economy.

About OneNeck IT Solutions

OneNeck IT Solutions LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc., employs nearly 450 people throughout the U.S. The company offers multi-cloud solutions, combined with managed services, professional IT services, hardware and local connectivity via top-tier data centers in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon and Wisconsin. OneNeck's team of technology professionals manage secure, world-class, hybrid IT infrastructures and applications for businesses around the country. Visit

Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. [NYSE: TDS], a Fortune 1000® company, provides wireless; cable and wireline broadband, TV and voice; and hosted and managed services. TDS has approximately six million connections nationwide through its businesses U.S. Cellular, TDS Telecom, OneNeck IT Solutions LLC and TDS Broadband Service. Recently, TDS has been named to three Forbes lists: America's Best Employers for Diversity, Best Large Employers, and Best Employers for Women. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Chicago, TDS employs 9,600 people. Visit

SOURCE OneNeck IT Solutions

PopStroke Opens Newest Location In Scottsdale

Tiger Woods is a partner in the golf entertainment enterprise.What is it? Many things to many people.A visit to any PopStroke location brings to mind the parable of the blind men and an elephant. Each man feels just one part of the elephant’s body and then describes the animal based on his own experience. Not surprisingly, each description is different.The PopStroke “elep...

Tiger Woods is a partner in the golf entertainment enterprise.

What is it? Many things to many people.

A visit to any PopStroke location brings to mind the parable of the blind men and an elephant. Each man feels just one part of the elephant’s body and then describes the animal based on his own experience. Not surprisingly, each description is different.

The PopStroke “elephant” is actual putting outdoors on two, 18-hole courses; music; food and beverage; playground; event space; table tennis, cornhole and foosball; sports bar; and even an ice cream parlor. Guests all describe it differently, depending on the experience(s) they select.

Make no mistake – PopStroke is definitely not mini-golf, rather an elevated, sophisticated adventure on professionally-designed, proprietary synthetic turf courses, complete with “bunkers,” undulations, breaks, rough and dastardly fringe.


ByCassidy HortonContributor

PopStroke Scottsdale (AZ) recently opened, becoming the newest location and second in Arizona (Glendale). According to Founder and CEO Greg Bartoli, the strongest venues to date have been Houston, Glendale and Tampa. With a large, four-acre site just off highway 101, close to the Salt River Fields stadium (home to spring training and Arizona Fall League), and in close proximity to numerous hotels and resorts, it will surprise nobody if Scottsdale leapfrogs to the top of the list.

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“Opening week was fantastic!” said Bartoli enthusiastically. “We were thrilled to open our doors in Scottsdale with a line of guests waiting at noon. It was wonderful to see so many families and groups come out to join in the opening weekend festivities."

In Scottsdale, great attention has been paid to every detail . For example, four big screen televisions are strategically placed around the two courses. Whether playing the Black Course or the more challenging Red Course (both between 640-650 feet in length) guests won’t miss a play when their favorite teams are on.

Other amenities include drink holders at every tee box, along with purse hooks (thank you!) and benches. Order drinks from the mobile app and they will be delivered to you on the course. Bring your own putter or enjoy complimentary use of a PopStroke putter. For an extra $10, guests can rent a TaylorMade Spider, and everyone who golfs takes home a co-branded golf ball.

Bartoli values the guest experience and stresses that anyone can enjoy PopStroke regardless of age or gender.

“It’s affordable, and it’s a way for people who are frankly not even golfers to just come out, listen to some music, have a few drinks and play,” he said in Scottsdale.

Research demonstrates that consumers are thirsty for this type of golf activity. A 2022 study by the National Golf Foundation reported that while 26.5 million people over the age of six played on a golf course, an additional 15.5 million participated exclusively in off-course golfing activities, including driving ranges, simulators and golf entertainment venues.

Bartoli understands this and created the PopStroke experience for those who don’t have 4½ hours or more to spend on a golf course. And some guests don’t even want to putt. Anyone can access the games, playground, ice cream parlor and restaurants. Thus the motto “Eat. Putt. Drink.”

How it started

This golf entertainment concept was the brainchild of Bartoli, a former Wall Street executive with an unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit.

After relocating from New York to Jupiter, FL with young children, he was troubled by the lack of fun outdoor family activities available in the area. So he created Lighthouse Cove Adventure Golf, a traditional mini-golf course.

Thinking it would be a “one off,” Bartoli was surprised when his concept exploded in popularity and was wildly successful right out of the gates.

Two more Lighthouse Coves followed and, from that, PopStroke was born. He incorporated some of his original mini-golf amenities like well-designed landscaping, a sports bar, playground and ice cream parlor, and added proprietary technology to the mix.

“And then in 2018 I was like you know, we can really modernize this, bring in a bunch of technology, liven up the atmosphere, make it a little more elevated and get rid of the caves and the waterfalls,” he said of the concept development.

The first PopStroke opened in 2019. The next year, 15-time Major golf champion Tiger Woods became a partner in the PopStroke Entertainment Group, and TaylorMade Golf Company signed on as a national sponsor.

Woods’ TGR Design company is involved in course design and each course is unique, with no two locations featuring the same course layout.

Building out a PopStroke is a pricey undertaking. Bartoli breaks down the costs as the building, the land, the golf course, and all the equipment and technology, from kitchen and bar equipment to the technology around the infrastructure.

Some of the land occupied by PopStroke is wholly owned, some leased. The Scottsdale location, for example, encompasses four acres of ground lease on Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Reservation land.

How it’s going

Currently, eight PopStroke locations are in operation across Florida, Texas, and Arizona, with 13 additional venues under development. Those include Las Vegas, Austin, Palm Beach, Dallas and the first fully-enclosed location in Nashville.

The indoor Nashville location is being created in a 90,000 square foot building with a retractable roof and garage doors, and will feature 36 holes inside and an additional 18 outside.

Explained Bartoli, “Nashville gets very cold in the winter. So we wanted to make sure it would be accessible year-round. As we get into the Northeast and the Midwest, this prototype of 36 holes indoors and 18 outdoors will be our standard.”

The PopStroke primary core demographic is golfers in age buckets 3-18, 19-45 and 60 and over.

“Our business is the everyday customer base that we have that comes Monday through Sunday. Families, seniors, young professionals, moms and dads, kids, everything in between depending on the time of day. The unique thing about putting is everybody can do it.”

Bartoli is pleased that the TaylorMade partnership has proven beneficial to all parties.

“We’re bringing millions of new people to the brand and also to the game of golf. We’ve been very fortunate to have the amount of traffic we have.”

Guests can engage with TaylorMade through the PopStroke mobile app that takes them directly to the company’s ecommerce sites and discount offerings. PopStroke locations also have QR codes prominently displayed with ways to purchase TaylorMade products.

Competitive November

PGA TOUR players, celebrities and qualified golfers nationwide will descend on PopStroke Scottsdale this fall for a team event on November 12 and 13. They have the opportunity to face off in four rounds, with top teams earning a cash prize,

Obviously, there’s room for everyone in the world of golf entertainment, whether it’s PopStroke, mini-golf, TopGolf, or Putting World. The consumer appetite for entertainment and, especially access to golf in all its forms, will continue to grow.

Concluded Bartoli, “Our goal is to just continue to what we're doing - connecting with our guests in a meaningful way.”

November jazz shows slated at The Ravenscroft

Posted Tuesday, October 17, 2023 7:19 am The Ravenscroft in Scottsdale, 8445 E. Hartford Drive, has announced a variety of performances, including a special Veterans Day show with the United States Army Field Band.Jazzbird Nights – Every Friday evening at RavenscroftKyle Nasser and Simona Premazzi Quintet – 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 3New York City-based artists Simona Premazzi and Kyle Nasserhave played together for nearly a decade, but in late 2021, they hatched the idea...

Posted Tuesday, October 17, 2023 7:19 am

The Ravenscroft in Scottsdale, 8445 E. Hartford Drive, has announced a variety of performances, including a special Veterans Day show with the United States Army Field Band.

Jazzbird Nights – Every Friday evening at Ravenscroft

Kyle Nasser and Simona Premazzi Quintet – 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 3

New York City-based artists Simona Premazzi and Kyle Nasserhave played together for nearly a decade, but in late 2021, they hatched the idea to start a collaborative group, each doing half the writing. The group has played frequently around NYC at venues such as Smalls, Lunatico, Bar Bayeux, and Cellar Dog and have toured the Midwest and New England. They bring frequent collaborators Noah Garabedian on bass and Jay Sawyer on drums and feature local standout trumpeter Kenji Wagner.

The United States Army Field Band Jazz Ambassadors – 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 10

The Jazz Ambassadors is the official touring big band of the United States Army. Formed in 1969, this 19-member ensemble has received great acclaim at home and abroad performing America’s greatest original art form, jazz. Concerts by the Jazz Ambassadors are programmed to entertain all types of audiences. The band’s diverse repertoire includes big band swing, bebop, Latin, contemporary jazz, standards, popular tunes, Dixieland, vocals and patriotic selections, many of which are written or arranged by members of the Jazz Ambassadors.

Elaine Dame Featuring The Beth Lederman Trio – 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 17

Dame’s illustrious career has seen her grace legendary stages such as the iconic Rainbow Room and 54 Below in the bustling heart of New York City. Her performances have also lit up the Chicago Jazz Festival, leaving her mark in 2015 and 2017. From headlining at Herb Alpert’s acclaimed Vibrato Jazz Grill in the vibrant hub of LA to delivering virtuosic interpretations of vintage vocal classics and contemporary standards.

Ravenscroft Concert Series

Chamber at Ravenscroft: Inspiration – 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 4

The second season of the Chamber @ Ravenscroft series opens with Inspiration, featuring musical masterpieces composed by Brahms, Higdon, Mahler and Martinů. The program will feature four leading, creative artists from around the globe, grouped together in contrasting ways, offering different instrumentations and fresh soundscapes throughout the evening.

Myron McKinley – 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 18

Myron McKinley is a recording artist, pianist, producer, songwriter, programmer and film score composer. Born and raised in Los Angeles and a University of Southern California alumni, McKinley began studying jazz and classical piano at the age of three. McKinley has toured with Grammy award winner Whitney Houston (World Tour), Kenny Lattimore (For You, World Tour), Stanley Clarke, En Vogue (World Tour), and has toured as the Musical Director for Philip Bailey (Japan Tour), Cherokee (Polo Tour), Doc Powell (Smooth Jazz Tour) and Shai (World Tour). He serves as the Musical Director for Grammy award winners and pop music giants Earth, Wind and Fire while touring with his own band, The Myron McKinley Trio.

Jazz For The Soul

Alice Tatum – 6 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 26

Alice Tatum is an award-winning and critically acclaimed singer who has been a fixture on the Phoenix music scene for more than 30 years. She is a jazz vocalist, excelling in pop music genres, and has performed with Michael McDonald, Tom Scott, The Righteous Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Alice Cooper and Nancy Wilson. She has sung on national commercials, television, and film and three of her own CD projects.

Visit for more information and too purchase tickets.

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