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Southwest Mobile Storage is a family-owned shipping container business founded in 1995. Our strength for more than 25 years comes from the specialized knowledge and passion of our people, along with serving over 24,000 commercial, construction and residential customers. Our 90,000 sq. ft. facility and expertise in maintaining, manufacturing, and delivering corrugated steel containers are unrivaled in the industry.

While the rental side of our business is regional, with branches throughout the Southwest, our container sales and modification operations are nationwide and becoming global. Oceanside, CA, offers a wide selection of portable offices and mobile storage containers you can rent, buy or modify.

Our experts in container rental, sales and customization are committed to providing you with the highest quality and best experience from service to delivery - our reputation depends on it.

Whether you need shipping containers for storage, office, moving, multi-purpose or custom use, we've got your back.



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When you choose mobile storage containers over traditional storage facilities, you get more space for less, plus the convenience of onsite, 24/7 access to your valuables. And if you can't keep a container at your location, we offer you the flexibility to store it at our place instead. Rest assured, our high-quality storage containers will keep your items safe from weather, pests and break-ins. When you need to rent, buy or modify mobile storage containers in Oceanside, CA, look no further than Southwest Mobile Storage.

Our certified experts modify containers to fit any of your business needs or events.

Our shipping container modifications can help improve or expand your business. We can customize containers to any size you need, so you can rest easy knowing you have enough space for your inventory, documents, equipment or services.

Here's why you should choose us for your container modifications:

  • We offer the highest quality modifications on the market.
  • Our certified fabricators have years of combined experience in container modifications. No other company in the industry matches our expertise.
  • We have modified thousands of containers over the past 25 years for foreign and domestic clients.
  • Our certified weld and quality control inspectors ensure everything is structurally sound and built to your specifications through every step of the process.
  • We can build multiple projects simultaneously in our 90,000 sq ft fabrication facility with consistent quality and a fast turnaround.
  • Most of our competition outsources their modifications, so you don’t know who is doing the work or how much markup is involved.
  • Even after your custom container has been delivered, we still have your back. Our full-service staff can provide maintenance and quick modifications at your location.
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When you own a business or manage one, it's crucial to have efficient, affordable ways to store inventory and supplies, whether it's to grow your business or adapt to changes in the market. Renting or buying storage containers to keep at your business eliminates the cost and hassles of sending your staff to offsite storage facilities. If you're in need of a custom solution, we'll modify shipping containers into whatever you need to grow your business. Whether it's new paint with your branding, a durable container laboratory for scientific research, or mobile wastewater treatment units,our unrivaled fabrication facility and modification expertshave you covered.



We know how important it is for your construction company to have reliable, secure storage and comfortable office space at your jobsite. All our storage containers for rent in Oceanside, CA, come standard with first-rate multi-point locking systems, so you can rest assured your tools, equipment and materials are safe and secure. We also understand that construction can run long or finish early. We'll accommodate your schedule, even on short notice, and will prorate your rent after your first 28 days, so you don't have to pay for more than you actually need. With us, you also won't have to deal with the hassle of a large call center. Instead, you'll have dedicated sales representatives who will work with you for the entirety of your business with us.

 Storage Containers For Rent Oceanside, CA
 Mobile Storage Containers Oceanside, CA


Get 24/7 access to your personal belongings without ever leaving your property. Whether you need short-term storage during home renovations or to permanently expand your home's storage space, our shipping containers for rental, sale and modification in Oceanside, CA, are the most convenient, secure solution. With our first-rate security features, using a storage container for your holiday decorations, lawn equipment, furniture, and other items will keep your contents safer than if you used a shed. Don't have room on your property? We also offer the option to keep your container at our secure facility. Our experienced team is here to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.



Our ground-mounted mobile offices provide comfortable, temperature-controlled workspace without the extra expenses associated with portable office trailers, like stairs, metal skirting or setup and removal fees. Whether you only need one workspace, storage to go with it, or separate rooms in one container, we've got you covered. With our 500 years of combined container fabrication experience, rest easy knowing your mobile office is of the highest quality craftsmanship when you choose Southwest Mobile Storage.


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Up to six points for adding locks to your shipping container, including a high-security slide bolt for puck locks.

Extra-long lockbox to ensure you always have at least one lock keeping your mobile storage container safe from break-ins.

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No holes to ensure your rental shipping container is wind and watertight.

Our 14-gauge corrugated steel containers are stronger than other storage solutions like pods.

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High security, multi-point locking systems come standard on all our rental containers at no additional cost.

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90,000 sq ft indoor fabrication center and certified experts with more than 500 years combined experience in customized container modification.

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Latest News in Oceanside, CA

Oceanside Theatre Co. gala receives ‘unprecedented’ support

OCEANSIDE — Nearly 300 people attended Oceanside Theatre Company’s first annual fundraiser since 2019 at The Seabird Resort, raising over $130,000 for the company’s music series, mainstage productions, youth education and outreach programs.The Sept. 16 gala had 275 guests in attendance, including long-time supporters Jay and Julie Sarno as the event’s honorary chairs, who presented the Lifetime Theatre Achievement Award to Kathy Brombacher on behalf of ...

OCEANSIDE — Nearly 300 people attended Oceanside Theatre Company’s first annual fundraiser since 2019 at The Seabird Resort, raising over $130,000 for the company’s music series, mainstage productions, youth education and outreach programs.

The Sept. 16 gala had 275 guests in attendance, including long-time supporters Jay and Julie Sarno as the event’s honorary chairs, who presented the Lifetime Theatre Achievement Award to Kathy Brombacher on behalf of OTC, the resident theatre company of the historic Sunshine Brooks Theater

Brombacher felt honored by the award.

“Thank you so much for this enormous and appreciated honor,” she said. “The memories will be carried with me always, and the friends who responded to the event were so lovely… We’re all proud to have been part of such a successful event.”

Performances included Bets Malone, Rudy Martinez, Heather Megill and OTC’s Youth Outreach actors, while the Gary Banks Trio and singer Deja Fields provided ambient music throughout the event. Funds to support OTC’s mission were raised through a silent auction, live auction and paddle raise, the latter two of which were run by Managing Director Alex Goodman.

“It was an unforgettable night for Oceanside,” Goodman said. “OTC saw unprecedented support from the community, guests got to enjoy a phenomenal entertainment experience at the beautiful Seabird Resort, and we were able to celebrate and honor the remarkable lifetime of contributions that Kathy Brombacher has made to the North County San Diego theatre community. It was a magical evening.”

Over 60 local businesses contributed to the event through donations or in-kind contributions with Visit Oceanside as gold and The Seabird Resort as silver sponsors.

OTC’s neighbor, Petite Madeline, provided desserts, One Hope Winery donated wine and !mprov Booze-Free Cocktails served mocktails. Highlights of the live auction included a 10-person dinner at Monserate Winery’s soon-to-open restaurant and a dinner-for-six at Oceanside’s Curry & More’s “Beat Bobby Flay” by Chef Obi.

Local business owners and community members like Rushell Gordon of Bliss Tea and Treats, Quantal Langford of Langford Designs and The Creative Brew podcast, and Kristi Hawthorne of Oceanside Historical Society supported the event in person.

The OTC Board was in full attendance with Board President John McCoy and Soiree Chair Gloria Banks leading the festivities. As part of the paddle raise, OTC’s Vice President, Leann Garms, and partner David Gulling kicked off the fundraising with a generous donation of $10,000 to sponsor the upcoming production of “Welcome to Sleepy Hollow,” which begins performances Oct. 6 and runs through Oct. 29.

Esteemed guests from the theatre community included Steve Glaudini, artistic director of Moonlight Productions; Jennifer Bradford, executive director of the Moonlight Cultural Foundation; Mike Bradford, managing director of Moonlight Productions; actors Ralph Johnson from OTC’s “Lucky Stiff” and Susan Clausen from “Good People;” BJ Robinson, co-founder of Loud Fridge Theater Company; Dina Poellnitz and Margaret Hernandez, co-founders of The Hill Street Country Club; as well as OTC’s Artistic Director Ted Leib and Associate Artistic Director Kevin “Blax” Burroughs.

Additionally, actors from all over the United States made video tributes to Brombacher congratulating her on the honor and thanking her for the impact she made on their lives.

OTC unveiled a commissioned portrait of Brombacher at the theatre painted by Christina Rosenthal based on a photo by Christine Alford. The portrait will hang in the lobby of the Brooks Theater. Ralph Johnson also presented Brombacher with artwork – a large portrait in Broadway caricature style by Justin “Squigs” Robertson representing many of the shows of which she’s been a part. Artists Cheryl Ehlers and Doriana Sinnett also contributed pieces to the auction.

North County Report: Let’s Get Into the Housing Battle

We’re only a few days away from Politifest, our annual public affairs summit that brings politicians, policy experts, journalists, authors, and activists to you – our readers.This year is all about water and housing and will feature panels, discussions and interviews with a variety of water and housing experts. It will be at the University of San Diego on Saturday, Oct. 7, so get your tickets here if you haven’t already....

We’re only a few days away from Politifest, our annual public affairs summit that brings politicians, policy experts, journalists, authors, and activists to you – our readers.

This year is all about water and housing and will feature panels, discussions and interviews with a variety of water and housing experts. It will be at the University of San Diego on Saturday, Oct. 7, so get your tickets here if you haven’t already.

I’ll be moderating a panel about an issue I’ve been following for a while, and if you’ve been following this newsletter, you know that North County’s small coastal cities are a key player in this discussion.

It’s called Sacramento v. Small Cities: The Housing Battle, and it will feature a robust discussion with four panelists: State Sen. (and former Encinitas mayor) Catherine Blakespear, Encinitas Mayor Tony Kranz, Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey and Executive Director of the Local Initiatives Support Council Ricardo Flores.

Some background: Amid a statewide housing crisis, California lawmakers have passed laws that attempt to hold cities accountable for not allowing development and, in some cases, allow builders to circumvent local restrictions.

Housing Laws and Policies We’ll Be Talking About

These laws, along with the housing goals that each city must meet, aim to increase housing development, whether cities want to or not. Many small cities argue that the state is taking away local control, that the housing goals are unrealistic and that they don’t have enough land to plan for so much new housing.

It’s safe to say that there’s some tension between small cities and the state when it comes to housing.

A Few Examples

Del Mar: A couple months ago, I reported on Seaside Ridge, a proposed housing project in Del Mar.

The development would be located on an ocean bluff site near Del Mar’s Dog Beach. It proposes 42 low-income units, 43 moderate-income units and 174 market-rate units.

Del Mar isn’t on board with it. City officials argue they would have to rezone the site, or parcel of land, to even consider moving forward with the project. And they say they already have enough sites identified in their Housing Element to meet their state-mandated housing goals.

But the developers argue that the city has no choice in the matter because at the time they submitted their application to the city, Del Mar’s Housing Element hadn’t been approved by the state. In fact, it had been rejected by the state three times.

They’re applying the Housing Crisis Act, which says cities can only rely on rules that were in place at the time the developer’s preliminary application was submitted when they’re reviewing a development project.

The developers and the city are still going back and forth about the project. Del Mar officials have now asked the developers to resubmit their application four times and have repeatedly said they don’t agree with the developers’ “legal theories.”

Encinitas: Last year, I wrote about a warning Encinitas received from the State Attorney General about a housing project the City Council had rejected. Encinitas had violated state law, according to the warning letter sent by California Attorney General Rob Bonta.

When Encinitas rejected the project, it violated the Housing Accountability Act and the Density Bonus Law, the letter said, meaning the project met the necessary standards to be approved, but the city turned it down anyway.

The city also violated its obligation to create more fair housing, Bonta wrote, as it effectively blocked the creation of 41 low-income housing units.

That wasn’t the first time the city has caught the attention of state officials. A few years ago, Gov. Gavin Newsom and the State Attorney General warned Encinitas about its failure to complete its Housing Element.

In 2020, Encinitas tried to exempt itself from the state density bonus law, and has faced multiple lawsuits over the years for trying to get around the density bonus law by creating policies that would make it harder for developers to consider it as an option.

Encinitas, again: More recently, Encinitas was in danger of triggering the state’s No Net Loss law, which says the assumptions cities make in their Housing Elements must reflect what gets built.

That’s because Encinitas wasn’t keeping up with the affordable housing units it promised in its Housing Element.

When crafting its Housing Element, the city identified 15 sites, or parcels of land, available and suitable for residential development. Those sites would offer affordable housing.

But when the city first identified the 15 sites for low-income housing it assumed 100 percent affordability on all of them, meaning it predicted that all 15 sites would be made up entirely of low-income units.

Of the 15 sites, none of them have been 100 percent affordable so far.

Inclusionary housing requires developers to set aside a certain number of units as low-income. Cities implement these policies to ensure that affordable housing units are produced along with market-rate units.

In Encinitas, the inclusionary housing requirement is 15 percent for very low-income and 20 percent for low-income units.

Because developers aren’t obligated to create more affordable housing than is required of them by this policy, all the sites approved so far have fallen short of 100 percent affordability by a lot.

The city had to then identify more sites to reach their state-mandated affordable housing goals. According to Kranz, the city plans to move forward with a new development that will be 100 percent affordable and will allow it to reach its goal.

But, that’s not all: There are a lot more housing and water issues we’ll be covering this year at Politifest, including SB 10, homelessness, rent prices, the Colorado River, sea-level rise, cost of water and more. Attorney General Bonta is also joining us for a live podcast discussion at the end of the day.

View the full lineup of events here.

In Other News

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California’s Newest Up-And-Coming Vegan City Isn’t Where You Think

Welcome to a coastal California gem that’s making waves as a thriving plant-based travel destination. Oceanside, once considered merely a stop en route to San Diego, has blossomed into a bona fide hotspot for conscious travelers seeking more than just pristine beaches. With an explosion of hip coffee shops, a vib...

Welcome to a coastal California gem that’s making waves as a thriving plant-based travel destination. Oceanside, once considered merely a stop en route to San Diego, has blossomed into a bona fide hotspot for conscious travelers seeking more than just pristine beaches. With an explosion of hip coffee shops, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and a burgeoning vegan dining scene that has SoCal locals buzzing, Oceanside is a paradise for plant-based adventurers.

The top places for plant-based finds in Oceanside, CA

Israel Palacio

1Oceanside’s crown jewel

The Plot has quickly become one of the most adored vegan restaurants in California. If you’re fixing for brunch, the Sausage & Biscuits is a delicious surprise with its huge slab of succulent breakfast sausage atop a cheesy country gravy-slathered biscuit—especially when paired with a chicken nugget-topped Bloody Mary. For dinner, don’t miss the tempura-fried Chronic sushi roll made with lion’s mane crab and spicy tuna … and enjoy it outside! Outdoor dining is plentiful with tables set around vegetable beds.

Leo CabalLeo Cabal

2Elevated vegan Japanese

The vegan tasting menu at fine-dining Japanese restaurant Matsu is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Esteemed Chef William Eick transforms seemingly simple vegetables into plant-based masterpieces in Matsu’s omakase (roughly translating to “I leave it up to you”) style of dining. The 10-course meal of chef-selected bites—which can range from tempura carrot with Dynamite sauce to the signature charred cabbage-skin dumpling filled with cabbage pulp in a cabbage dashi—is a commitment, but it’s worth every bite for those with an appreciation for the art of dining.

Eris Vegan Food Co.

3Good smoothies, good coffee, better bites

For a no-frills, casual vegan eatery with top-notch local kombucha on tap, pop into Eris Vegan Food Co. If you can’t choose between lighter fare or a more indulgent dish, try the Triple Taco Combo, featuring adobada seitan, sweet potato-pepper jack, and coconut fish tacos. After you nosh, take the short walk west to stroll along the oceanfront boardwalk. Or hit up the light and bright Communal Coffee for an iced blueberry-Earl Grey oat milk latte before you head to the beach.

The Privateer Coal Fire Pizza

4Not just vegan pizza

For a hyper-local and lively atmosphere, The Privateer Coal Fire Pizza should top your dining list with its large menu chock-full of vegan options (the OKC Pie with green romesco sauce, cashew mozzarella, sunflower sausage, roasted shallot vinaigrette, and Brazil nut parmesan is a winner). If you happen to be in Oceanside on Tuesday, check out the free comedy night which has a rotating roster of comics doing short sets in the evening. Go early to get a seat, order a couple of vegan potato tacos and a drink, and prepare to be entertained.

Dija Mara

5A Balinese culinary experience

For Balinese-inspired fare, Dija Mara will spin your taste buds into a tizzy. Don’t let its laid-back vibe and industrial setting fool you—the numerous vegan options and drinks are first-rate and packed with flavor. The Charred Eggplant is easily veganized and accompanied by a smoked tomato sambal and fried shallots, while the tofu-and-tempeh rendang served with pickles, peanut sauce, and fragrant coconut rice perfectly balances savory, tangy, sweet, and salty flavors. And don’t forget to ask for the perfect pairing with a selection from the natural wine list.


6Michelin-starred Mexican

The beachfront Mission Pacific Hotel has a few attractive offerings for your itinerary. Your first stop should be The Rooftop Bar, boasting one of the city’s best ocean views. By sunset, it evolves into a sexy and sophisticated lounge replete with live DJs, cocktails, and poolside lounging. Next, head to your special vegan reservation at Michelin guide-honored, fine-dining hot spot Valle, which transforms its standard Baja California-inspired meals into a next-level plant-based night of eating that’s completely worth the splurge for a special occasion.

Rafikiz Foodz

7Farmers’ market must-tries

Don your walking shoes, because downtown’s Thursday night, year-round food and music street fair, Mainstreet Oceanside Sunset Market, sprawls along several fun-filled blocks. Stop by vegan-friendly Rafikiz Foodz for wholesome, flavorful Kenyan dishes, like black-eyed peas, coconut rice, and collard greens with a homemade kachumbari sauce. Or try Pacific Island fare done vegan-style from Teif’s Pacific Island Grill. Artisanal goods and crafts vendors will satisfy your shopping fix while a live band provides the soundtrack for your perfect night out.

Choice Superfood Bar & Juicery

8Rejuvenating juice

Trek down Coast Highway from Oceanside into the neighboring city of Carlsbad to visit one of the region’s most popular healthy joints, all-vegan Choice Superfood Bar & Juicery. The fresh juices and smoothies are abundant (and varied, ranging from an ultra-green spinach-broccoli-ginger juice to a PB&J smoothie with raspberry-chia jam), but that’s only the beginning—all of the grab-and-go salads, artisanal toasts, and superfood banana bread muffins are delectable. Hunker down in the kid- and dog-friendly courtyard with a coconut bacon cobb salad to fuel an afternoon of boutique exploration in nearby Carlsbad Village.

Bliss Tea & Treats

9Fancy tea service goes vegan

Back in Oceanside, you may not expect to find a high-tea parlor in this laid-back beach town, but Bliss Tea & Treats is a welcome surprise with its bright and joyful teatime experience. On the main downtown stretch of Mission Avenue, this Black-owned tea parlor has a vegan tasting that pairs tea with goodies like cream cheese-and-cucumber sandwiches on housemade focaccia, along with a seriously delightful apple and cookie butter finger sandwich.

California Surf Museum

10Don’t forget the culture

As one of California’s 14 designated Cultural Districts, Oceanside’s burgeoning arts and culture scene deserves as much shine as its cuisine. For museum hoppers, the California Surf Museum offers a deep dive into SoCal surf culture, while the Oceanside Museum of Art hosts international exhibits and coffee and conversation events with local artists. Wind down by catching a local production at Star Theatre or Sunshine Brooks Theater—or both, they’re only a block apart.

For more on vegan restaurants, read:

Anna Keeve is a Southern California-based freelance writer on a mission to keep people’s veg-friendly living informed and inspired.

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​SD Official Bemoans Migrant Drop-Offs In Oceanside

SAN DIEGO, CA — Supervisor Jim Desmond Sunday complained about U.S. border agents' continuing practice of dropping off migrants from the Mexico border in the San Diego County area."This morning, I visited the Oceanside transit station and witnessed Border Patrol officials drop off over 20 migrants. Nearly 7,000 migrants have been dropped in San Diego in the past 10 days alone. The County of San Diego can only do so much, and our resources are stretched to their limits," Desmond wrote on X (formerly Twitter).&quo...

SAN DIEGO, CA — Supervisor Jim Desmond Sunday complained about U.S. border agents' continuing practice of dropping off migrants from the Mexico border in the San Diego County area.

"This morning, I visited the Oceanside transit station and witnessed Border Patrol officials drop off over 20 migrants. Nearly 7,000 migrants have been dropped in San Diego in the past 10 days alone. The County of San Diego can only do so much, and our resources are stretched to their limits," Desmond wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

"I want to thank our local non-profit organizations for stepping up to help process and assist them on their journey, but our immigration system is broken. Dropping people at various transit stations without resources is neither humane for San Diegans nor the migrants," he continued.

"We need comprehensive immigration reform. Our border is in chaos, and we need a stronger, more humane system."

San Diego's leaders have been speaking out against the policy in recent weeks. The cited cause of the drop-offs is an attempt to clear a space between two U.S.-Mexico border fences where hundreds of migrants, asylum- seekers and refugees had been camping, according to a statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The drop-offs have overwhelmed nonprofits, such as Jewish Family Service, which runs the shelter system for the San Diego Rapid Response Network, a coalition that supports asylum seekers arriving in San Diego.

"Effective immediately and going forward, the shelter will limit arrivals only to the most vulnerable asylum seekers released by DHS, including those with medical conditions, families, pregnant people, LGBTQI, older adults, etc., as space allows," a statement from the nonprofit said earlier this month.

County Supervisor Joel Anderson penned a letter to President Joe Biden asking for assistance.

"Receiving assistance from the federal government to process the asylum seekers entering San Diego and immediately halting the lateral transfer of asylum seekers from other states will allow us to better address this continuing humanitarian crisis without adding to our region's existing homelessness crisis," he wrote.

According to Anderson's letter, the San Diego Rapid Response Network has served more than 157,000 people with shelter and other humanitarian aid since the Department of Homeland Security began releasing hundreds of migrant families onto San Diego's streets in the fall of 2018.

"We expect an unknown number of individuals to be released by DHS directly into our community, left at transit centers throughout the region to fend for themselves," Anderson wrote. "This is neither safe nor fair to San Diego County residents nor to the those seeking refuge in our border county."

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Exploring The Changing Landscape Of Oceanside, California

OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA – Visitors to this southern California seaside town will still find remnants of the days when it was best known as a place for soldiers stationed at nearby Camp Pendleton to blow off steam. There are old-style movie theatres and diners, and a number of small barber shops proudly flying the Stars and Stripes and offering haircuts for as little as $11.Table of ContentsThe Changing Face of Oceanside, CABut things have begun to change in Oceanside. A new ...

OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA – Visitors to this southern California seaside town will still find remnants of the days when it was best known as a place for soldiers stationed at nearby Camp Pendleton to blow off steam. There are old-style movie theatres and diners, and a number of small barber shops proudly flying the Stars and Stripes and offering haircuts for as little as $11.

Table of Contents

The Changing Face of Oceanside, CA

But things have begun to change in Oceanside. A new Wyndham hotel appeared a few years ago by the water. SpringHill Suites by Marriott followed. And then came the Mission Pacific and the Seabird, two sparkling, boutique hotels with rooftop bars that sprung up in former parking lots overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Goodbye, greasy bacon and eggs, hello avocado toast.

“Fifteen years ago, nobody wanted to come downtown,” says Kim Heim of the Oceanside Business Association. “There would be military guys in the bars and fights spilling out in the streets.” (I did a little research on the history of the town and read that there used to be billboards along the highway advising folks to “Tan Your Hide in Oceanside.”)

Oceanside Street Market

Heim decided a street market might bring in folks who’d been hesitant to venture downtown. There were some early clashes, “but eventually the interests of the many outweighed the interests of the few,” he said.

“All of a sudden, it was ‘boom!’ The public adopted the market. And now we get 400,000 people a year.”

During the day, you’ll find vendors selling t-shirts, candles, and California-themed gear. At night, the vendors are supplemented by roughly 100 food trucks, offering everything from Greek food to genuine Thai and thick, rich cream puffs.

Kim shuffles off and comes back with a large plate of southern Thailand-style Pad Thai, which has a hint of coconut and is utterly fabulous.

“I wanted food to be the real focus,” Heim says. “And I wanted it to be authentic. The empanada truck is run by a fellow from Venezuela. The Pad Thai truck is run by a family from Thailand.”

The market was flooded with people from all walks of life on the night we visited. People noshed on ribs, North African-style chicken, and Hong Kong noodles as they walked along the market’s four city blocks, which are closed off to cars. On the edge of the market, a woman of a certain age was sitting alone singing show tunes your grandmother would know. In the middle of the action, a large band was playing the ska tune “Monkey Man.”

“I don’t think this market would work in Del Mar or La Jolla,” both posh suburbs of San Diego. But it works in Oceanside, attracting diverse people from both San Diego County and nearby Orange County.

“People like to rub elbows with other people in an authentic setting,” Heim tells me. “Here you’ll find people who can’t rub two nickels together mingling with millionaires. And you can’t tell them apart.”

The Sunset Market is a terrific spot to mingle with locals, and save on a nice meal. See what’s on at the Sunset Market here.

Flashy Hotels and Rooftop Pools

The most grabby new arrivals are Mission Pacific and Seabird Resort, both flashy hotels with rooftop pools and bars, plenty of colourful local art, and a distinctly youthful feel.

The Mission Pacific has a very nice top floor bar with craft cocktails and fine views of the city and the beach, including Oceanside’s 1,942-foot-long (592 meters) pier, said to be the longest wooden pier on the west coast of the U.S. There’s also a lovely pool.

Seabird Resort is a bit more family-oriented and shows “dive-in” movies at the rooftop pool. You’ll also find a fun games room with pool tables and vivid, primary colours.

“The hotels were game changers for Oceanside,” said Mission Pacific Marketing Manager Alison Norwood. “This was the largest beachfront development in San Diego County in the last 50 years.”

Things to do in Oceanside, California

Resting on the front side of the Mission Pacific is a fine Victorian home that was moved here from another part of town. It was the beach house featured in the original Top Gun movie. The house now offers a place selling ice cream pies and displays memorabilia from the movie.

If you need to work off one of the ice-cream pies, try renting a bike and taking a ride along the city’s paved coastal trail. This coastal trail is an easy cycling path that runs 4.7 miles along the waterfront. The plan is to expand it to 44 miles to run between Oceanside and San Diego.

Another great way to work up a sweat is a kayak ride in the tidy Oceanside harbor, where you’ll find everything from humble houseboats to gleaming yachts. The harbor also is home to massive sea lions, who sometimes rest on a raft that was built for them but seem to prefer lounging on the back section of whatever boat tickles their fancy. Take a minute to admire some of the clever boat names as you glide along, including Deep Devocean, Liquid Liability, and Kelpless, which perhaps belongs to a Neil Young fan.

Kayaking: Boats for Rent offers up kayaks for $30 for an hour or $40 for two hours. They also have stand-up paddleboards, electric boats and other rentals. There’s a nice village at the harbor, with a waterfront restaurant, small shops and a coffee place.

Tucked up in the hills you’ll find Mission San Luis Rey, the largest of the 21 missions built by Spanish explorers who were trying to convert local Indians to Christianity (and take their land). It’s a beautiful, white structure with soaring arches and a pretty chapel. There’s also a nice museum that tells the story of the Spanish missions, as well as the indigenous people who have lived here for thousands of years.

Mission San Luis Rey is a great spot for anyone interested in California history. Visit Mission San Luis Rey to help plan your visit.

The Oceanside Pier is a fine place to take in the sunset or watch surfers in action. This popular landmark is one of the longest wooden piers on the West Coast extending 1,942 feet into the Pacific. Take a stroll along this historic landmark that dates back to 1888. It is always buzzing with activity and there are several restaurants and cafes nearby with other amenities including restrooms and fishing gear rentals.

Oceanside Pier has been featured in many Hollywood films and TV shows including Top Gun. See what’s happening at Oceanside Pier.

Back downtown is the fine Oceanside Museum of Art. When we visited we found a wide array of paintings including wild pop art, sunny landscapes, wavy, metallic sculptures, and work by local Black artists. The Oceanside Museum of Art is a bright, compact spot for art lovers. Visit their website for current events and exhibitions

A short walk away is the Oceanside Surf Museum, which displays a monstrous, heavy wood board used by Duke Kahanamoku and the board that legendary surfer Bethany Hamilton was riding in Hawaii when she was attacked by a shark and lost her arm. The store also sells surf books, coffee mugs, and vintage Hawaiian shirts.

The California Surf Museum is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys surfing, or watching surfers in action. Visit their website for more details.

How to Get to Oceanside, CA

One of the big advantages to Oceanside is that it’s located on a train line that connects San Diego with Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. The train station is a couple blocks from the beach and a five-minute walk from the main downtown hotels. A ride from San Diego costs only about $20 USD and takes just an hour. The train also stops in the booming beach town of Carlsbad, which has a fine downtown and a lovely beach.

Where to Stay in Oceanside

The Mission Pacific is a gorgeous boutique property across the street from the beach that’s part of the JDV by Hyatt collection. Most rooms have at least a partial ocean view. The rooftop bar serves up luscious cocktails in a sexy setting. Their Hi-Low restaurant serves up fresh California fare and has a nice outdoor terrace, while Valle features cuisine by award-winning Chef Robert Alcocer. For the rooftop bar, try the Moonlight cocktail with gin, strawberry and hibiscus tea.

Next door, The Seabird Resort, a Destination by Hyatt property, is a little more youthful and flashy, but just as well done. There’s also a lovely spa, and a small kiosk selling Top Gun paraphernalia. Both hotels have tons of local art that’s curated by the Oceanside Museum of Art.

Where to Eat in Oceanside

Craft Coast Tacos and Beer serves up nice, local beers and good tacos. The guacamole could use a boost of spice.

Beach Break Cafe is a great, surf and skateboard-themed breakfast spot in south Oceanside. The avocado omelette appeared to have half an avocado stuffed inside, and the eggs came with a small mountain of potatoes.

The Lab Collaborative serves up everything from burgers and pasta to jerk pork and steak salad. The wine prices were quite reasonable when we visited.

For more information on visiting Oceanside, California check out


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