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Southwest Mobile Storage is a family-owned shipping container business founded in 1995. Our strength for more than 25 years comes from the specialized knowledge and passion of our people, along with serving over 24,000 commercial, construction and residential customers. Our 90,000 sq. ft. facility and expertise in maintaining, manufacturing, and delivering corrugated steel containers are unrivaled in the industry.

While the rental side of our business is regional, with branches throughout the Southwest, our container sales and modification operations are nationwide and becoming global. Vail, AZ, offers a wide selection of portable offices and mobile storage containers you can rent, buy or modify.

Our experts in container rental, sales and customization are committed to providing you with the highest quality and best experience from service to delivery - our reputation depends on it.

Whether you need shipping containers for storage, office, moving, multi-purpose or custom use, we've got your back.



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When you choose mobile storage containers over traditional storage facilities, you get more space for less, plus the convenience of onsite, 24/7 access to your valuables. And if you can't keep a container at your location, we offer you the flexibility to store it at our place instead. Rest assured, our high-quality storage containers will keep your items safe from weather, pests and break-ins. When you need to rent, buy or modify mobile storage containers in Vail, AZ, look no further than Southwest Mobile Storage.

Our certified experts modify containers to fit any of your business needs or events.

Our shipping container modifications can help improve or expand your business. We can customize containers to any size you need, so you can rest easy knowing you have enough space for your inventory, documents, equipment or services.

Here's why you should choose us for your container modifications:

  • We offer the highest quality modifications on the market.
  • Our certified fabricators have years of combined experience in container modifications. No other company in the industry matches our expertise.
  • We have modified thousands of containers over the past 25 years for foreign and domestic clients.
  • Our certified weld and quality control inspectors ensure everything is structurally sound and built to your specifications through every step of the process.
  • We can build multiple projects simultaneously in our 90,000 sq ft fabrication facility with consistent quality and a fast turnaround.
  • Most of our competition outsources their modifications, so you don’t know who is doing the work or how much markup is involved.
  • Even after your custom container has been delivered, we still have your back. Our full-service staff can provide maintenance and quick modifications at your location.
Storage Containers Vail, AZ
Southwest Mobile Storage


 Rent Storage Containers Vail, AZ


When you own a business or manage one, it's crucial to have efficient, affordable ways to store inventory and supplies, whether it's to grow your business or adapt to changes in the market. Renting or buying storage containers to keep at your business eliminates the cost and hassles of sending your staff to offsite storage facilities. If you're in need of a custom solution, we'll modify shipping containers into whatever you need to grow your business. Whether it's new paint with your branding, a durable container laboratory for scientific research, or mobile wastewater treatment units,our unrivaled fabrication facility and modification expertshave you covered.



We know how important it is for your construction company to have reliable, secure storage and comfortable office space at your jobsite. All our storage containers for rent in Vail, AZ, come standard with first-rate multi-point locking systems, so you can rest assured your tools, equipment and materials are safe and secure. We also understand that construction can run long or finish early. We'll accommodate your schedule, even on short notice, and will prorate your rent after your first 28 days, so you don't have to pay for more than you actually need. With us, you also won't have to deal with the hassle of a large call center. Instead, you'll have dedicated sales representatives who will work with you for the entirety of your business with us.

 Storage Containers For Rent Vail, AZ
 Mobile Storage Containers Vail, AZ


Get 24/7 access to your personal belongings without ever leaving your property. Whether you need short-term storage during home renovations or to permanently expand your home's storage space, our shipping containers for rental, sale and modification in Vail, AZ, are the most convenient, secure solution. With our first-rate security features, using a storage container for your holiday decorations, lawn equipment, furniture, and other items will keep your contents safer than if you used a shed. Don't have room on your property? We also offer the option to keep your container at our secure facility. Our experienced team is here to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.



Our ground-mounted mobile offices provide comfortable, temperature-controlled workspace without the extra expenses associated with portable office trailers, like stairs, metal skirting or setup and removal fees. Whether you only need one workspace, storage to go with it, or separate rooms in one container, we've got you covered. With our 500 years of combined container fabrication experience, rest easy knowing your mobile office is of the highest quality craftsmanship when you choose Southwest Mobile Storage.


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Shipping container rentals

Up to six points for adding locks to your shipping container, including a high-security slide bolt for puck locks.

Extra-long lockbox to ensure you always have at least one lock keeping your mobile storage container safe from break-ins.

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Southwest Shipping container rentals

No holes to ensure your rental shipping container is wind and watertight.

Our 14-gauge corrugated steel containers are stronger than other storage solutions like pods.

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Shop and compare. When it comes to quality, delivery, security and service, you won't find a better value.

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High security, multi-point locking systems come standard on all our rental containers at no additional cost.

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90,000 sq ft indoor fabrication center and certified experts with more than 500 years combined experience in customized container modification.

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 Shipping Containers For Rent Vail, AZ

One reliable point of contact, seamless delivery and dependable service you can trust every step of the way.

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Latest News in Vail, AZ

New development set for Vail near Las Plazas

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VAIL, Ariz. (KGUN) — In between large plots of unkempt land, over 600 young gymnasts head into Springs Gymnastics each week.

“We have kids that come from Sierra Vista which is an hour south of us, we have kids from Sahuarita and with have kids from inside Tucson too,” Shelly McNulty, the manager and director of Springs Gymnastics, said.

Since McNulty moved to the area three years ago and took over leadership at the gym, she has seen the community change.

"We’re a growing community which is great that obviously helps us and hopefully we expand too,” she said.

And now the change is landing right outside her gyms parking lot in the form of the 43.11 acres of barren land, which was recently sold for $4.4 million. Diamond Ventures bought the land a few weeks ago. It's the same company that owns the 118 acres across the street, which contains TJ Maxx, Ross, Petco and Northwest Emergency Center.

"It would likely be an industrial use," Bill Kelley, the CFO of Diamond Ventures, said. "It would likely be a manufacturing facility or distribution facility.”

This project is just one of many that the company has completed in the area from Target to TuSimple Campus. It's in early stages of planning but he said the project will begin soon and continue over the next two years.

——-Tina Giuliano is a reporter for KGUN 9. She is a native Arizonan and grew up in Scottsdale. Tina is passionate about storytelling and is excited to work telling Tucson's stories. Share your story ideas and important issues with Tina by emailing or by connecting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Pima County solves road dispute in Vail by upgrading route

The county has finished improvements to a disputed stretch of road along the east side of Pantano Wash, which area residents had used and maintained for years before learning last year that it could be closed for good.Property records showed the rural neighborhood’s preferred route was actually a sewer easement ac...

The county has finished improvements to a disputed stretch of road along the east side of Pantano Wash, which area residents had used and maintained for years before learning last year that it could be closed for good.

Property records showed the rural neighborhood’s preferred route was actually a sewer easement across private land, not a designated road. Then construction began on a pair of new tract-home developments in the area, threatening to erase the path altogether and leaving homeowners and visitors to the 109-year-old Leon Ranch Cemetery with a steep, single-lane track as their only access.

The road closure would have impacted about two dozen homes, but the graveyard is what drew the county into the dispute. More than 150 people — most of them Hispanic — from some of Vail’s earliest families have been buried in the small, desert plot since 1913.

Developers Pepper Viner Homes, Richmond American Homes and the Estes Company eventually agreed to donate the necessary land for the road and the county agreed to upgrade it, after a lobbying effort by nearby homeowners and the stewards of the cemetery. The county will also handle maintenance of the road from now on.

That $233,000 project was completed last month, just in time for family members to make their annual pilgrimage to the modest burial ground to clean and decorate their loved ones’ graves ahead of Día de los Muertos.

“It was great to see the road done. It really met my expectations,” said Sarah Mayer Hiteman, whose great-grandparents and other relatives are buried at the cemetery. “I’m grateful to everyone who was involved in getting it done.”

Mayer Hiteman singled out now-former County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry for recognizing the need to preserve access to the neighborhood and its historic cemetery.

She was also glad to see the removal of a gate that was used to close the road a number of times since early last year.

“I think the next step is to see that the road is named,” she said.

Right now, it still appears on Google Maps under two different names: Monthan Ranch Road and Pugly Lake Drive.

As far as Mayer Hiteman is concerned, the whole three-quarters-of-a-mile-long stretch should be called Leon Ranch Road. She hopes to see a street sign or two out there some day to “honor the pioneer families of Vail,” she said.

Man involved in zip-tie incident at Arizona school convicted

The principal of Mesquite Elementary School said three men came to her office last year and threatened to arrest her over COVID-19 protocols.TUCSON, Ariz. — Editor's Note: The above video is from an earlier broadcast.One of the men who made national news last year after threatening to zip-tie an e...

The principal of Mesquite Elementary School said three men came to her office last year and threatened to arrest her over COVID-19 protocols.

TUCSON, Ariz. — Editor's Note: The above video is from an earlier broadcast.

One of the men who made national news last year after threatening to zip-tie an elementary school principal in Vail over COVID-19 protocols was found guilty in court this week.

In September 2021, Kelly Walker and two other men showed up at Mesquite Elementary School to zip-tie the school's principal, Diane Vargo, after one of the men's children was told to quarantine due to potential COVID-19 exposure.

According to the VUSD officials, the decision to place the child under quarantine was made per state policy, citing that when a school in Arizona experiences a positive case of COVID-19, it is required to report the case to its county health department - in Vail's case, Pima County Health Department.

As heard in the video live-streamed on the business owner's Instagram page, the student's parent reportedly told the principal that quarantining would force his child to miss a school field trip. The principal said one of the individuals was carrying “military, large, black zip tie" during the discussion.

"They were telling me that they were going to arrest me and my assistant. And I was scared,” Vargo said last year.

Kelly was found guilty of two charges of disrupting an educational institution. He's scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 17.

RELATED: Arizona principal seeks restraining orders after men with Zip-Ties threatened to arrest her at school

RELATED: Arizona mom arrested for allegedly assaulting teacher in classroom

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Fact Check-Parents did not replace school board in Vail, Arizona

Correcting video duration on second paragraph, adding link on third paragraphA widely shared video showing an apparent vote to “elect” a new school district board in Vail, Arizona, and to eliminate mask mandates in schools has caused confusion on social media. The claim made online that the parents elected themselves to their local school board to overturn mask mandates is untrue. While a planned meeting to discuss face-covering guidance on April 27 was canceled in response to protesters’ disruption, the “vote&...

Correcting video duration on second paragraph, adding link on third paragraph

A widely shared video showing an apparent vote to “elect” a new school district board in Vail, Arizona, and to eliminate mask mandates in schools has caused confusion on social media. The claim made online that the parents elected themselves to their local school board to overturn mask mandates is untrue. While a planned meeting to discuss face-covering guidance on April 27 was canceled in response to protesters’ disruption, the “vote” conducted by protesters was not official and therefore not legitimate, according to a spokeswoman of the Vail unified school district.

Most iterations feature a 2:20 minute video ( here , here , here ) extracted from an hour-and-a-half Facebook live by a user who identifies themselves as StevenTyler Daniels and describes himself as a chairman at the Patriot Party of Arizona on his social media profile here .

A longer version ( here ) shows a crowd of protesters who are mostly unmasked. Some are holding “anti-masks” signs. “So, agenda, new board members, how many do we need?” a male voice can be heard asking at the beginning of the clip. “I hear they’ve all resigned,” he later says. Protesters then conducted a “vote” and selected five individuals to be the “new board members” who subsequently presented and voted in favor of a “motion” that declared that “the entire Vail school district will be free of mask policy” (see around timestamp 4:10 here).

A video by the Arizona Daily Star captures the same moment from another angle here (around timestamp 1:19).

The scene prompted social media posts that mistakenly echoed the claim that the school board members had “quit” in response to the demonstration and those protestors had validly elected a new board here , here . In a tweet here , Tim Swain, a U.S. Senate candidate from South Carolina, alleged parents “took over the school board - all according to the rules”. Screengrabs of this tweet have been shared on Facebook at least 2,100 times ( here , here , here )

At least a hundred protesters rallied at Vail Education Center on April 27, as reported by local media here and here to make the school’s district board lift the mask mandate. Officials eventually decided to cancel their planned meeting before it began, according to KVOA here .

Days earlier, Arizona Governor Doug Dacey announced it would be up to school districts to decide whether to require face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 ( here ) .

Darcy Mentone, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Vail Unified School District, confirmed to Reuters that the vote shown in the video is not official and dismissed the claim that the legally-elected governing board had quit their roles.

The current board has “not resigned and can only be removed through an official recall election”, she clarified in an emailed statement. Mentone further explained that the election of board members must be done through an official and legal election process as with any other process for electing officials.

If a new board or member were to be validly recalled, a resident must apply for a “recall petition and collect signatures” of at least 25% of eligible voters, she said. If this signature requirement is met, the recall question “can be voted on in the next general election”.

School board elections are part of the general election, the Arizona School Boards Association states here . Special elections can be called during the term to fill “unanticipated vacancies”.

As for the mask mandate in Vail’s school district, it “is still in place” and can only be overturned by the legally-elected governing board, Mentone concluded. According to local outlet KVOA, district leaders planned to send parents a letter to reiterate this ( here ).

Newsweek reported on the failed school district “coup” here .


False. Protesters did rally against a mask mandates outside the site where an Arizona school district’s board was going to hold a meeting, but the vote they conducted on video was not official or legal, according to a spokeswoman for the school district.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. Read more about our work to fact-check social media posts here .

Guide to 16 Restaurants in Vail & Rita Ranch

There was a time in Vail when residents were ecstatic that a Dairy Queen opened near the local church and post office. Within the last ten years, however, Vail and the Rita Ranch area has expanded.Where there was once miles of raw desert now stands a vibrant community, including new and exciting Vail and Rita Ranch restaurants like Serial Grillers and ...

There was a time in Vail when residents were ecstatic that a Dairy Queen opened near the local church and post office. Within the last ten years, however, Vail and the Rita Ranch area has expanded.

Where there was once miles of raw desert now stands a vibrant community, including new and exciting Vail and Rita Ranch restaurants like Serial Grillers and Bowld.

Here's a list of local favorite Vail and Rita Ranch restaurants to try.

Guide to 16 Restaurants to in Vail & Rita Ranch

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16251 S. Houghton Rd.

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A post shared by Lorena Garnsey (@lrgarnsey)

While closer to Corona de Tucson, Argenziano’s was the first Italian restaurant all Vail citizens went to for birthdays and special occasions. They offer both pizzas both classic — like the margherita —and inventive — like the taco pizza.

The menu features Italian-American favorites, including meatballs and stuffed shells.

Keep up with Argenziano's on Facebook.

Arizona Pizza Company

13190 E. Colossal Cave Rd., 160

Huge pizza slices, subs, and calzones... it's comfort food that satisfies.

End your meal with a bite of sweetness in cannolo form and delight in the fact that they deliver to Vail residents.

Keep up with Arizona Pizza Company on Facebook.



Bowld restaurant and meal prep opened in March 2019.

The counter-service restaurant features a menu focused on a variety of bowls and “rowls,” which are items rolled in ham, breaded and fried or griddled.

Keep up with Bowld on Facebook.

Civano Coffee House

5278 S. Civano Blvd.

Tucked away in the Civano neighborhood, the Civano Coffee House is a hidden gem. Whether you’re stopping by for an espresso in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening, the cozy atmosphere invites you to stay and relax.

Or, take your coffee to go and walk around the beautiful Civano Nursery.

For more information, visit

Hacienda Del Lago

14155 E. Via Rancho del Lago

It might be surprising to learn that there is a golf course and club in Vail, but soon you’ll be looking for reasons to go play a round or two.

The Hacienda del Lago is both the clubhouse and the restaurant. Sit on the patio and enjoy the Campfire, a comforting stack of hash browns, eggs, and gravy, or stop by for a pint of beer as a celebration after hitting a hole in one — the bar is open until 9:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

For more information, visit

El Coronado Family Restaurant

7385 S. Houghton Rd.

El Coronado Family Restaurant has been in operation since 1983. The staff is friendly and helpful and the servings, generous.

Standard Mexican fare is served, including enchiladas, tacos, fajitas, and combination plates served with beans and rice. Try the Menudo and Shredded Beef Enchilada with green sauce.

Weekly specials take place on Tuesday for Taco Tuesday and Saturdays for Margarita Specials.

For more information, visit

Happy Wok

9040 E. Valencia Rd.

Tucked in a strip mall and labeled as a "dine in and carry out Asian Bistro," Happy Wok offers Chinese and Asian-fusion appetizers; soups; noodle dishes; Chow- and Lo Mein; fried rice; meat, vegetable, and shrimp plates; and Egg Foo Young.

The Chef Specials feature Hot & Spicy Shrimp & Chicken, Hunan Triple Delight, Kung Pao Combo, and Coconut Shrimp, to name a few.

Try the Hunan Triple Delight, specific to the Hunan region of China, which features chicken, beef, shrimp with broccoli, carrot, bell pepper, water chestnut, bamboo, and onion in a spicy Hunan sauce.

For more information, visit

Luckie’s Thai Asian Cuisine

8110 S. Houghton Rd., Ste. 186

Luckie’s is the quintessential takeout spot, perfect for stopping by after doing your grocery run.

The menu includes Thai classics like papaya salad, pad Thai, and larb, and also includes other favorites like Vietnamese pho and Chinese egg foo young.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, Luckie’s will provide it both quickly and deliciously.

For more information, visit

Montgomery’s Grill & Saloon

13190 E. Colossal Cave Rd., Ste 190

A classic neighborhood bar, Montgomery’s offers staples like burgers, wings, and sandwiches, as well as a wide-ranging drink menu.

The atmosphere is welcoming and family-friendly, a perfect place to stop for lunch on the way to local landmarks like Colossal Cave.

Find menus and more at

Papa Locos Tacos & Burgers

8201 S. Rita Rd.

Despite the name, Papa Locos is known for more than just their tacos and burgers—though those alone are worth a visit.

The menu is full of creative dishes, like the breakfast enchiladas filled with eggs, or the Enchi-Locos Platter, featuring fresh corn masa filled with meat and fried.

They also feature both Sonoran and LA-style hot dogs to satisfy your cravings.

Keep up with Papa Locos Tacos & Burgers on Facebook.

Rancho Rustico

Ever had a molcajete?

Rancho Rustico specializes in the traditional Mexican dish, where sizzling hot meat and vegetables are served inside a stone bowl.

The menu also offers Tucson classics like chimichangas, and plenty of seafood to remind you of a trip to Rocky Point.

For more information, visit

Sa-Ing Thai Cuisine

9136 E Valencia Rd., Ste 100

Named one of Tucson’s most underrated restaurants by Maynards Market & Kitchen executive chef Brian Smith, Sa-Ing features a vibrant menu of classic and craveable Thai dishes.

Everything on the menu is sure to please, from curry to stir-fried noodles. Pair the spicy food with a creamy, smoky Thai tea, and you’ll be able to imagine you’re far away from the Tucson fast-approaching summer heat.

For more information, visit

Serial Grillers

7585 S. Houghton Rd.

Serial Grillers expanded southeast with its third location.

This location seats 282 people — double what the second location can hold, and triple the size of the first location on Speedway Boulevard.

Although the local chain is known for its pizza and sandwiches, it also features 65 taps that include both beer and wine.

Get the signature Bone Collector pizza with mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, boneless wings, scallions, ranch, and buffalo sauce and wash it down with a beer from their extensive selection.

For more information, visit Keep up with Serial Grillers on Facebook.

Tay's BBQ

16461 S. Houghton Rd.

Earlier this year, Tay's Brew House expanded to include a barbecue restaurant (with a bar) on site.

The menu features Meat Plates (choice of one to three meats and two sides), Sandwiches, Kids Meals, Family Ranch Packs, or individual meat servings — brisket, pulled pork, and pulled chicken.

Be on the lookout for weekend drink specials and have fun outdoors with games, such as bowling and cornhole.

Keep up with Tay’s BBQ on Facebook.

Viva Coffeehouse

9136 E. Valencia Rd., Ste. 160.

This specialty coffee house has a family focus and is supplied by local company, Presta Coffee Roasters.

Viva features a variety of drinks and treats in addition to activities like story time, monthly book club, and family game night.

For more information, visit

Wings on Fire

9040 E. Valencia Rd.

This hot, new wings spot offers regular or boneless wings in a variety of flavors. There are 11 flavors, including their fiery house sauce, Buffalo Hot, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Mustard, and Chile Lime.

In addition to wings, you'll find Appetizers, Chicken Tenders, Buffalo Shrimp, Combos, Fries and Sides, Hot Dogs, Salads, and Sandwiches on the menu.

They're open daily with the option of take out.

Keep up with Wings on Fire on Facebook.

Have any suggestions for additional Vail and Rita Ranch restaurants to try? Let us know below.

[This article was originally written on June 20, 2018, and most recently updated on May 14, 2019. Kate Severino contributed to this article.]


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