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Why You Should Use Only One Shipping Container Vendor on Your Construction Sites

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As the general contractor of a construction project, you know how inconvenient it can be to try to control traffic on your jobsite when all the various subcontractors are using different shipping container vendors for their onsite storage.

Your construction site is already busy with vehicles coming and going, so there’s no reason to make it harder to control by allowing every contractor to use a different vendor. Heavy vehicle traffic caused by vendors coming and going creates bottlenecks, puts the safety of your personnel at risk and increases project costs.

Having only one storage container vendor for your construction project decreases the amount of vendor traffic, increases site and worker safety, and saves your company money on delivery and pickup, which increases your profits.

In this article, we’ll look at the advantages of having a dedicated shipping container vendor on-site and how it impacts both you and your subs.

One Construction Shipping Container Vendor for Everyone

At the start of any construction project, each subcontractor may already have a Conex box vendor that they use, which adds up fast, leading to a host of different companies on one site. Coordinating delivery and pickup for each storage container is time consuming, especially since you can’t always control when the company will show up.

So, you may not get a container picked up when you need it, taking up valuable space on your site, or it may not be delivered on time. Both of which can cause delays as your subcontractor waits for it to arrive or waits for the company to retrieve a container before another sub can place theirs.

Having a dedicated vendor for your shipping containers puts more site control management back into your hands as the general contractor. With one vendor, you control the placement and movement of your storage containers and leases can be transferred between subcontractors without having to relocate the container, removing the bottleneck of delivery and pick up traffic and saving you and your subcontractors money in delivery and pick up fees.

SMS Shipping Container Vendor on a Construction Site

Another factor of having a dedicated vendor is having a committed account manager. While we provide one dedicated point of contact for each customer, other shipping container companies use call centers, so you never get the same representative when you call, creating miscommunications and misquotes that waste time and money.

Each of our branch locations gives you one dedicated account manager that stays with you throughout your current construction project and beyond. When you call your account manager, you will get the same person, every time, who is keenly aware of your project scope and business needs.

Your construction project will always be active with the number of workers and equipment on-site, but that activity shouldn’t be hindered by having multiple vendors for your steel storage containers. Having only one shipping container vendor eliminates unnecessary traffic, makes delivery and pick up simpler and reduces costs for everyone involved.

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