Why You Should Use Shipping Containers for Storage

With shipping containers growing in popularity, now is a great time to use them for all manner of projects! Which is why you should use shipping containers for storage!

Why You Should Use Shipping Containers for Storage

But why should you use shipping storage containers?

There are several benefits and advantages for using storage containers and in this blog, we’ll look at 6 reasons why you should use shipping containers for storage.

Why You Should Use Shipping Containers for Storage


#1. Convenience

What if you could walk out your door and go directly to your storage unit?

Storage containers are a great way to keep your items close by while you’re renovating or remodeling a business office or even a home.

That’s just one of the convenient advantages to using shipping storage containers.

Why You Should Use Shipping Containers for Storage - Convenience

Many industries have used storage containers for this exact purpose. Construction, for example, have used storage containers and mobile offices on their sites.


#2. Moveable

Shipping containers are portable, meaning they can be moved from one location to another. As we mentioned earlier, you can move a container anywhere!

When used for storage, shipping containers can load multiple items from one location or items from multiple locations.

Again, construction is a great example, as moveable storage containers go from one site to the next. These storage containers often hold equipment and tools.

But construction isn’t the only industry that uses shipping containers.

Retail, food & beverage, even healthcare use storage containers to help organize inventory, provide additional space, or even the basis of their business.

The concept of pop-up shops adds to the portability of storage containers. Retailers use their temporary stores to showcase new and current inventory.


#3. Economical

A common question people ask is if using shipping containers for storage economical.

And the answer is YES!

Why You Should Use Shipping Containers for Storage - Cost
Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

Compared with renting a monthly storage unit, using a shipping storage container can save money in the long run.

Consider the money spent when using a local storage unit:

  • Cost for monthly storage unit space (depending on your area)
  • Cost for driving to storage unit

While these might not seem like a lot in the short term, those costs do add up. And that doesn’t even include the cost of your time.


#4. Durable

Shipping containers are durable. But what does that mean?

Built for overseas travel aboard cargo ships, shipping containers are constructed to withstand the harsh conditions of these trips.

Shipping Containers are Durable

This means storage containers are perfect for areas and locations that are hit hard by harsh weather, such as storms, fires, and floods.

Storage containers can also last for an extremely long time, with many lasting for around 20 to 25 years.

And because they’re moveable, you can bring your container with you in the case you need to relocate or return.


#5. Secure

Earlier, we talked about the cost factor involved in using a storage container versus a storage unit.

A local storage facility may have a secure lot, complete with secure gating and security features. Many do, but some do not.

Using shipping containers for storage means, first and foremost, the container is on your property.

If you already have a secured lot, adding a container to your property not only keeps your items safe, but you can also add extra protection to the container.

Containers do come with standard locking features, but you can also add extra security. These include slide bolt locking systems and code protected locks.


#6. Sustainable

Why You Should Use Shipping Containers for Storage - Sustainability

If you’re someone who cares about the environment, then you’ll be happy to know that shipping containers are very eco-friendly.

Repurchasing and recycling is a main reason why containers have become so popular.

As with other products, being able to repurpose instead of disposing or destroying creates smaller footprints environmentally.

This makes using shipping containers a great step in being sustainable, with the effort of being green.

What Types of Storage Can Be Created?


A lot!

For many people, storage entails just having a place to put items that aren’t being used for the moment, but storage is far more essential than just that.

Yes, storage containers can hold belongings for a long time, but they can also be used for regular item storage.

We looked at using shipping containers for car storage, with the idea of creating a container garage.

A Container Garage Made from 24' Shipping Containers

Containers make great alternative garages, especially when a home or business doesn’t come with one. As with any garage, you can keep items close at hand when needed, but put away when not.

In this article, we looked at some of the reasons why you should use shipping containers for storage.

We discussed the convenience of their location, as well as the ability to move them to the destination of your choice.

We looked at their low-cost points, their durability and security, and how they promote sustainability.

Lastly, we looked at how storage containers can be used for more than just storing items away.

If you’re looking to use shipping containers for storage, give us a call at 800.686.9114 or fill out the contact form below!


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