Should I Buy or Rent a Shipping Storage Container?

Should I buy or rent a shipping storage container?

This is a common question we get here at Southwest Mobile Storage, especially from businesses who are looking or need extra storage, but aren’t sure which is the better option for them.

There are several different reasons why businesses either buy or rent a shipping container for storage — some businesses may only need the container for a short period of time, while others need it for a long-term project.

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If you aren’t sure which option your business should take, read on as this article will help to answer the question of should I buy or rent a shipping storage container?

Why You Should Buy

Let’s first look at the reasons that a business may want to buy a shipping storage container.

Depending on your business, you may find the need to buy a storage container. A common rule for deciding if you need to purchase a shipping storage container include:

  • Needing the container for more than two years
  • You have a long-term need for a storage container
  • You’re using the storage container for commercial or residential use

An example of this is a construction company. These businesses normally run several different projects at the same time, so they will often have a need for portable shipping storage containers.

This will enable them to store and secure their tools at the job site and move it to the next project upon completion.

Construction projects can sometimes take years to finish, so purchasing a container can be a better long-term option than renting.

Another example would be a restaurant. Restaurants can use shipping containers for storing kitchen equipment, even produce and other food items through refrigerated containers.

Some restaurants are even made and operate from shipping containers!

In these cases, buying a container makes a more feasible choice because these containers are in continuous use.

Why You Should Rent a Shipping Storage Container

Now that we’ve seen the reasons for buying a shipping storage container, let’s look at situations in which you might want to rent a storage container instead.

What types of businesses would need to rent a shipping storage container? Retail businesses, for example, may need to rent a container if they receive a large shipment of inventory, but don’t have room within their store.

Another case for just renting would be commercial businesses, like an office building or complex. Using a storage container may fill a temporary need, maybe as a mobile office while doing minor repairs or remodeling or even as portable bathrooms in the case of a piping problem.

In both cases, renting is more ideal because its use is only temporary and not long term. When considering renting, consider these options:

  • Your container needs are temporary
  • You don’t want to have a big capital expense at one time with a purchase.
  • You don’t own the land where the container will be placed

As we’ve outlined, renting a storage container depends on your business and its needs. If your business needs include having a permanent storage location, then you should consider buying instead.

If your business only needs a temporary storage, then renting is probably the right choice. The answer to the question is a yes to both, but it all depends on what your business needs are.

In this article, we answered the question “should I buy or rent a shipping storage container?” by looking at the different situations where either option would work for a few businesses.

If you’re still wondering which option would be better for your business, don’t hesitate to call at 1.800.686.9114 and one of our dedicated shipping container experts will help you choose the right decision!