Should I Rent a Portable Shipping Container?

Should I rent a portable shipping container is a common question we get here at Southwest Mobile Storage.

Depending on the project or use you plan on using your shipping container for, renting a portable shipping container might fit your needs and budget, however there are some reasons and situations where purchasing a container is a much better choice.

Should I Rent a Portable Shipping Container from Southwest Mobile Storage

This article will help to answer the question should I rent a portable shipping container, as well as providing a few different scenarios where renting is the best way to go, and a few scenarios where purchasing would be the right choice.

Renting a Portable Shipping Container

There are many reasons to rent a portable shipping container, which all depend on your business or individual needs.

For example, if you or your business is moving locations, renting a portable shipping container is a perfect solution. You can use the container to help move larger items or even store any items that may not be needed for the moment.

Southwest Mobile Storage Portable Shipping Container

Another example is an upcoming business event, one that will be happening at several different locations. Your business could use a portable shipping container as a pop-up shop, emergency medical facility, or even a concert trailer.

When your event is over, you can move the portable shipping container to another location or use it for another upcoming event.

You or your business should consider renting a portable shipping container if:

  • Your container needs will not be permanent
  • You aren’t sure how long you will need the container for
  • You’d like assistance in delivery and removing the container once finished
  • You don’t want to purchase a container

Businesses that would benefit from renting a portable storage container include:

  • Retail stores
  • Subcontractors (HVAC, electrical, or plumbing)
  • Landscapers

Purchasing a Portable Shipping Container

Now that we’ve looked at reasons why renting a portable shipping container is the best move for both businesses and individuals, let’s look at reasons why you might want to buy a portable shipping container.

Purchasing a container is similar to renting, however the difference is that the portable shipping container would belong to you or your business. As with renting a portable shipping container, you’ll need to determine the size, type, and condition of the container you need; unlike renting, this is a crucial decision as you want to make sure you’re choosing the right container.

We have an article that goes over how to pick the right shipping container for your business.

So what kind of scenarios would you need a portable shipping container? Mobile offices, for instance, are perfect for businesses that have expanded but may not have the space to hold equipment or even employees. These mobile offices use portable shipping containers to move to different locations, giving your business the ability to travel to areas when a larger office may not be able to be built.

A great example of this is Starbucks, who have been using shipping containers to create up pop up shops in areas where building one of their larger stores would be unfeasible.

Mobile hospitals or medical facilities are also great examples, especially in times of emergencies or natural disasters. Using portable storage containers, these setups can be deployed in areas that may be too far away from a hospital.

Other businesses that make use of buying portable shipping containers include:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Car dealerships
  • Governments and municipalities
  • Military

You or your business should consider purchasing a portable shipping container if:

  • Your need for the container extends past 2 years
  • You have a long term need for the container
  • You want to refurbish the container or sell it at a later point
  • You plan to use the container for permanent commercial or residential use

As with anything else, you’ll want to do some research to compare different pricing based on the type and size of the portable shipping container you’re looking for.

We’re a little bias, but Southwest Mobile Storage offers the most affordable, high-quality, and service-driven shipping containers of all sizes and types!

In this article, we answered the question of should I rent a portable shipping container by looking at the reasons for renting, the reasons why you might want to purchase, and the different scenarios and businesses that are doing both.

If you’re looking to rent a portable shipping container or you’d like more information on which portable shipping container is the right choice for you, give our award-winning team of experts a call at 800-686–9114 today.