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How to Keep Your Storage Container Secure at Your Home

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When you buy a storage container for your home, you want to make sure your belongings will be safe on your property. Storage container security for your home is a vital component to ensuring that thieves are unable to get your items from inside.

Having your property stolen makes you lose more than just money — though it does cost you to replace what was taken — there may also be sentimental value attached to your belongings. In some cases, you’ll never be able to replace what was taken.

In this article, you’ll get tips for securing your storage container on your home property.

Storage Container Security at Your Home

Property crime losses were estimated at $15.8 billion dollars in 2019, with $1.1 million lost in home burglary cases. Burglary is the second most common type of property crime in the United States, right under larceny, also known as theft. Both include taking property belonging to someone else, but burglary involves unlawfully entering a building or structure to do so and theft doesn’t.

Whether you’re going on vacation, to work or anywhere else, it’s important to ensure your storage container is secure while you’re away from home. Getting dual security locking systems, as well as having your home perimeter secured helps to keep thieves away from your stuff.

Most new one trip shipping containers come with a small lockbox, but for a complete secured option, it is best to have a slide bolt system in addition to the lockbox. Lockboxes hide the lock to deter against tampering and picking.

The slide bolt system is designed to use with a heavy-duty puck lock, which the most secure option. It has a hidden shackle to prevent burglars from cutting or prying it open.

At Southwest Mobile Storage, all our containers come with our vault like slide bolt locking system and extra-long lockboxes as a standard feature. The extra-long lockboxes make it harder for burglars to reach the lock to break it. We also offer heavy-duty puck locks for extra security.

Slidebolt Lockbox for Storage Container Security for Your Home

Another deterrent to protect against your container is using security cameras. Depending on the placement of your system, you can have your storage container positioned so that its within your camera’s view. Security signs and security lighting also help prevent theft, giving clear warning to thieves that the area is monitored.

Motion sensors can also help to deter potential thieves, with some of these devices having the ability to send notifications to your smartphone, so you’re aware of what is going on while you’re not at home.

When your storage container is at your home, make sure to lock it up when you aren’t going to be using anything inside. Some crime experts suggest placing any and all valuable items near the back of the container, making it harder to thieves to find and reach.

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