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Do You Need to Add Ventilation to Your Storage Container?

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If you already have vents on your storage container, you may wonder whether it needs additional ventilation. While these pressure vents help to circulate air, proper ventilation is still needed if you’re storing anything that could be damaged by heat or moisture.

Adding ventilation to your storage container keeps the container and your belongings safe from damage caused by weather, rust and more.

In this article, you’ll learn about when to add ventilation to your storage container and the different options you have.

When You Should Add Ventilation to a Storage Container

Oftentimes whether you need to add ventilation to your storage container depends on the climate you live in.

In extreme humid climates, not having proper ventilation may make the interior of your shipping container susceptible to a few different issues, such as condensation, mold, airborne illnesses and rust.

Condensation occurs in humid climates or when the outside air heats up faster than the metal of the container. It may sometimes lead to mold, which is expensive to remove if left untreated and can cause airborne illnesses. Rust is also caused by long periods of condensation, and it can damage the container and any metal items inside of it.

When you store outdoor equipment, such as tools or sports gear, you probably don’t need ventilation in your container. That’s because these items are not sensitive to outside temperatures, so they won’t be affected by temperature too much.

However, if you store anything inside your storage container that is temperature or moisture sensitive, such as photographs, fabric and wooden furniture, then adding ventilation to your storage container is crucial.

If you buy a shipping container to use as a shed, ventilation will help keep your stored items safe from damage caused by changing seasons, heat, cold and condensation.

A Residential Shipping Storage Container

If buy a steel container to use for a home gym, art studio or office, you’ll want to have vents to help maintain the airflow within the container. So, your container will  be comfortable enough for you to work inside of it.

Types of Storage Container Ventilation

There are three types of ventilation that can be added to your storage container: wind turbines, fixed louvers and exhaust fans.

Wind turbines are a popular choice for storage containers. They are easily mounted on the roof and don’t require power to operate, so they are a great choice if you don’t want to add electricity to your storage container. Plus, they help keep temperature consistent to protect temperature sensitive items.

We can add wind turbines to any storage container, and they will be professionally mounted and inspected by our team of expert welders.

Fixed louver vents allow air to pass through, while keeping out dust, water and pests. They come in different sizes and are often installed alongside exhaust fans. Exhaust fans are usually placed on top of a container, like a wind turbine, but are generally smaller.

Adding ventilation when you buy a storage container, keeps your belongings safe from damage and your container in great condition. In addition to ventilation, you can also add insulation to your shipping container. Learn which insulation is best for shipping containers.

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