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Everything You Need to Know about Temporary Workspaces

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If your business has had to reduce capacity due to the coronavirus or you’re an employee that needs a temporary workspace while you remote, renting a mobile office container might provide your business and your employees a productive space to work. The global pandemic changed many of the ways we work and go to school – your business location may have shutdown, causing employees to work from home.

Many business leaders and employees found the transition to work from home difficult, mostly due to not having a dedicated space to work and having to share that space with spouses who were also working from home or with children attending classes. Temporary workspaces emerged due to changes in how people and businesses do work, not just because of the global pandemic, but with the rise of the internet and online software that allows collaboration or video conferencing.

Mobile offices allow for businesses to reduce their building rental costs and still provide an office environment for their employees; for remote workers, a mobile office container gives them a quiet, productive space without the high cost of travel, professional workspace fees, and constant coffee shop attendance.

Whether you’re a WFH/remote employee, freelancer, start-up company, SME, or a multinational corporation, temporary workspaces provide benefits for each business model. Here are just a few of the benefits of temporary workspaces.

Temporary Workspace Portable Container Office

The Benefits of a Temporary Workspaces

Even before the global pandemic of 2020, temporary workspaces were a liberating change when compared to traditional building environments. Often these spaces have costly building rental fees, with long-term contacts, high utility and networking fees, and space restrictions.

If you run a small business, your current location might lack the space to hire on more employees or store more inventory; if you’re running a larger enterprise, you may be paying more for extra building square footage that you aren’t using. With a mobile office rental, not only do you get an affordable office space, but also the flexibility to choose the size of portable container that best fits your workforce, as well as the ability to move the container to another location if needed.

The portable office containers at Southwest Mobile Storage are all equipped with a storage area for any tools or office materials that need to be stored, but also close at hand. We also have add-ons like desktops and filing cabinets so you can easily recreate your office setting. Our larger combination offices also have conference rooms so you can hold meetings with staff or clients.

What Businesses Use Mobile Office Container Rentals?

Freelancers and Using a Mobile Office Container

Freelancers have the freedom to work anywhere in the world, however it can be difficult to meet with clients at your home or avoiding the loud background noise and distractions at a coffee shop.

With some coffee shops, their availability for in-person dining may have been reduced or eliminated in the aftermath of the pandemic, with no current word on when they might feel safe to bring back that aspect. A temporary workspace, like a mobile office container, can give you the professional office environment to hold meetings, interviews, and work productively without the distractions of home or an outside location.

This can be a great solution for beginning and advanced freelancers, as it helps to reduce financial strain with a low-cost alternative to renting out building space.

Startup Companies

If you’re running a startup company, you’re trying to stretch your dollar as far as it’ll possibly go. You want to see look at low-cost operations, while still being flexible and growing opportunities.

If you’ve just started your company, a building lease agreement may be out of your budget and not offer the flexibility of leaving before a year or two. Renting a mobile office handles those hurdles, with an affordable option to traditional building leasing, while also giving you the advantage of growing your office environment.

For instance, if you hire more employees, you can move to a larger mobile office, like a combination office.

Mobile Office Container for Small to Medium Enterprises

Small to medium enterprises or SMEs often struggle to keep up with larger companies due to cost. Like startup companies, SMEs want to look ahead to growing the business without having to spend or go over their monthly or yearly budgets.

Again, temporary workspaces help to offset the costly amount of renting a traditional building or making an addition to your office location. And in the case of building construction, like remodels or renovations, a temporary workspace gives you and your employees the ability to continue working without distraction.

Multinational Companies

Multinational companies will often expand their business into different sectors, but securing a building requires leasing agreements or in the case of building a new office, permits as dictated by that particular area or country. This can sometimes create delays for business openings or deployments.

With a temporary workspace, your multinational company can have a temporary office space for employees to work while your office location is being built. You can also use these workspaces as satellite offices, eliminating the need for construction and lowering the cost for an office building. Using a mobile office rental as a temporary workspace gives your business a low-cost option that won’t hurt your budget, while also providing a professional work space for employees and clients alike.

The portability of these offices also gives you the flexibility of moving to a new location if needed. Now that you know what a temporary workspace is, see what other types of projects could use temporary storage.

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