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How to Setup a Temporary Workspace

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If you’ve become a remote or work from home employee in the last year, setting up a temporary workspace gives you the private, constructive, and convenient work environment from your home.

Even before the global pandemic, office renovations or remodeling could disrupt employees from being productive, creating high noise levels or unsafe environments around the building.

When COVID-19 began to affect business industries, companies either moved their employees to remote or had shut down completely.

temporary workspace can improve productivity without the stresses of daily rush hour traffic, loud coffee shops, or unbalancing your home/work life.

In this post, we’ll look at how to setup a temporary workspace without unnecessary building additions.


Setting Up a Temporary Workspace

1. Choose your workspace

As a general concept, temporary workspaces can be anywhere, however there can be some challenges in the location you choose.

If you’ve been working from home since last year, you’re probably feeling the lack of a home/work life balance. This causes stress and frustration because your home is now your work or classroom.

And though coffee shops have routinely been places where many people work, the noise levels can get distracting, not to mention that several coffee shops have retained their closed dine-in policies due to COVID-19.

Shipping containers make fantastic temporary workspaces and are often used as mobile offices for businesses.

You can choose from single mobile offices to double offices, which include a conference room for meetings.

Temporary Workspace Mobile Office Container

2. Choose your location

Benefits to being remote is the lack of the daily commute and avoiding both morning and evening rush hour, which is often stressful, especially on long commutes.

Mobile office containers, like those offered by Southwest Mobile Storage, are moveable, so you can place them anywhere on your property.

There are a few important things to remember when choosing a location for your workspace:

  • Ensure the area is big enough for the temporary office. Depending on the office size, you’ll want to make sure you have enough room for your employees to come and go.
  • Make sure that the temporary office is near any electrical hook ups so that you’ll be able to operate the office (lights, AC/heating, Internet/Wi-Fi, etc.)

Check out our How Delivery Works infographic on height, width, and container info to plan your container placement.


3. Choose your time frame

Temporary workspaces are just that – temporary, but temporary could mean a day or two to a year or more. Many companies have decided to go completely remote, while others have offered hybrid offices.

The length of time that you’ll need your temporary workspace will be based on what your company decides, as well as what your decision will be.

Whether you decide to stay remote or go with a hybrid model, your temporary mobile office container rental gives you a separate work environment to remain productive.

And when you’ve decided to go back into the office full time, all you need to do is cancel your rental period.


4. Choose your add-ons

You’ve chosen the type of temporary workspace container, you know the location of where it’s going to go, and you know the time frame for you using it.

Now it’s time to decide what you want to have within the workspace.

Mobile office containers can be customized with doors, windows, AC/heating units, shelving, desks, storage, and more.

Our mobile office rentals are AC/heating capable and come with security windows and doors. We also offer accessories like desktops, filing cabinets, and shelving so you can create the perfect office environment that works for you.

Larger temporary office workspaces allow for two separate offices and a large meeting area for group collaborations or client meetings.

Temporary workspaces are great in-between options for work at home employees, giving you a separate area to work and still maintain your work/home balance. Already know you’ll be a full time WFH employee? Then learn how to setup a mobile office!

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