Welcome to our video library

Welcome to the Southwest Mobile Storage video library. Here, you can learn things to consider when renting, buying or customizing a storage container and information on what to expect when ordering a container from us. These helpful videos answer many of the questions we get asked regularly and should help you find a suitable shipping container for your needs. For more information, please select a video below or contact us!

What To Know Before Delivery

Here’s everything you need to know before your container delivery arrives from one of our branch locations.

What To Know Before Pickup

Here’s how to prepare your Southwest Mobile Storage container for pickup once you’re done using it.

How to clean your air filters

Discover the finer points of cleaning and replacing the air filter in your customized shipping container.

Customizing a 20' foot
shipping container

Explore all the customizations and fabrications you can do with one of our 20-foot shipping containers.

How to connect power to
your mobile office

This video show how to connect electrical power to your Southwest Mobile Storage mobile office.

How to open your shipping container

Learn how to properly open and close the doors on your shipping container from Southwest Mobile Storage.

How to Modify Shipping Containers
the Right Way

There’s a right way and a wrong way to modify a shipping container. This video explains how we do it correctly.