What are Some Shipping Container Uses [Infographic]

What are some shipping container uses?

Shipping containers have become very popular being used as other things.

Everything from schools to container farms to even movie theaters.

Check out some of the ways shipping containers are being used in the inforgraphic below.

what are some shipping container uses infographic
what are some shipping container uses infographic


Shipping containers continue to be a versatile product, created by one man in order to provide more efficiency in the transporting process.

Shipping containers came into the forefront in the late 1950s, when Malcom McLean came up with the concept after being frustrated with shipping cargo. Since then, containers have enjoyed a long tradition of moving merchandise, food, medicine, and more across the sea.

Starting around the 1980s, shipping containers began a life as possible housing alternatives, creating the container and tiny home trends we’re seeing now. And it’s only grown!

Now you can find shipping container hospitals, schools that have been made from shipping containers, restaurants and bars made from shipping containers, even entire shopping malls have used shipping containers!

As of this article, the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has effected all business industries, especially that of hospitals and health care facilities. Shipping containers are now being used to help creating additional space for patients and testing facilities.

Using shipping containers also helps provide a sustainable option for those who are looking for eco-friendly materials and recycling or repurposing efforts. They also provide low-cost options to traditional building materials.

Malcom McLean created something in response to what he saw as a slow procedure. He may have never guessed his creation would end up becoming so much more.